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Chapter 937: Total Oppression

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Shen Xijun’s facial expression stiffened, and she hurriedly said, “There’s no need to be so polite.”

“You still have something on after recording the show? Then how about we go and record the show now? To prevent us from delaying your time,” Sun Yiwu continued.

1“…” Shen Xijun’s expression became even stiffer. “I don’t care about these 10 minutes. The two of you are tired from rushing over, quickly take a rest.”

“Is it really fine?” Ji Cheng said. “It doesn’t matter to us. If you want to move the filming a bit earlier, then let’s move it. Don’t delay your work.”

Shen Xijun’s face looked extremely fl.u.s.tered.

Originally, before Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng came, she was one of the people with the highest speaking power. She was the senior here, a respected artist.

So, no matter what she said, these people had to listen. She could totally ignore them.

But compared to Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng, she was not good enough.

Now that the two of them were attacking what she said just now, Shen Xijun felt totally embarra.s.sed.

Shen Xijun felt awkward and wished to find some crack in the floor to hide in, angry and stifled in her heart.

There wouldn’t have been any problem if Lu Man had said earlier that she had invited Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng.

She refused to say—did Lu Man want to see them lose face?

What was Lu Man’s intention?!

Was she so great just because she invited Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng?

Before this, when each person had been saying a line just now and attacking Lu Man, was Lu Man mocking them in her heart?!

Keeping her schemes to herself, wanting to see them be embarra.s.sed!

Chi Xingrui hurriedly tried to ease the tension. “Director Sun, Director Ji. You… you two are the mystery guests that Lu Man invited?”

Chi Xingrui really wanted to slap himself!

Look at how embarra.s.sing he was!

Even stuttering when talking!

But how could he not be!

He was very excited!

The show was already in its fourth season, but ever since the show started to broadcast its very first season, they had never managed to invite such a big-shot!

How could he not be excited?

He could already imagine how explosive the viewership ratings would be when this show was broadcasted!

It would totally oppress The Performer!

Being a director, Sun Yiwu had never acted and was always considered to be a G.o.d-level existence. Even during the publicity of the movie, he did not partic.i.p.ate in any variety shows.

It made people think that he had very high expectations.

But now, the Sun Yiwu who did not show his face other than when he was filming a movie was actually here to partic.i.p.ate in their show!

Chi Xingrui was already very fl.u.s.tered, thinking about the publicity motto for this season. No matter what, this was Lu Man’s first variety show, but it was also Sun Yiwu’s first variety show, and it was even Ji Cheng’s first variety show, right?

The h*ck, it was really their first appearance!

How difficult to choose!

Ji Cheng, there was no need to talk about him!

Naturally, he had also never gone on to any variety shows and had properly been an actor.

Later on, when he became a director, Red Tiger did extremely well and became a legend in the audience’s hearts.

Now, Ji Cheng’s popularity could be said to be higher than any currently popular person!

Even if there was no Sun Yiwu or Du Lin, just Ji Cheng alone could make the show explode in popularity!

Yet ultimately, right now, Sun Yiwu was also here, not to mention Du Lin!

Chi Xingrui could not help but have his mouth tremble, his tongue tremble—even his four limbs started to tremble.

Really too exciting!

Was it possible for him not to be worked up?

The three of them added up together!

Chi Xingrui could not help but feel pain.

Wouldn’t it have been good if they were separated!

They could make Cla.s.sic X Files explode in popularity once every episode, but alas, the three of them came together.

Too wasteful!

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