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Chapter 705

Teenage Girl Enforcer(24)

Zhao Quan Sheng and Zhao Xiao Gang escaped there, he didn’t dare to make this woman mad.

Some people are merciless when they go mad.

Shi Sheng is someone like that in Zhao Quan Sheng’s eyes.

The princ.i.p.al looked at Shi Sheng and Xu Shan Shan, left in the office, dumbfounded. For the first time being a princ.i.p.al, he did not know what to say.

Shi Sheng glanced at the princ.i.p.al, “what, are you going to discipline me?”

Princ.i.p.al,” discipline your head!”

The point is there’s no purpose in disciplining her.

“… cough cough, since Zhao Xiao Gang is willing to let go. This matter is settled then.” the princ.i.p.al answered.

Shi Sheng, cold face, “I’m not joking when I say I want him to apologize to Xu Shan Shan in front of the whole school. Is Xu Shan Shan someone he can bully?”

Princ.i.p.al, “…” now you’re going to climb all over my head just because I’m letting you off scot-free?

Can you be a little sensible?

“Miss Yan…”

Shi Sheng waved at the princ.i.p.al, indicating him to stop talking, walked out of the office with Xu Shan Shan swaggeringly.


Zhao Quan Sheng did not dare to trick her, sending her the doc.u.ment rather quickly. Zhao Xiao Gang probably got lectured when he got home, although he was reluctant, yet he still apologizes to Xu Shan Shan during the school a.s.sembly.

Zhao Xiao Gang had bullied a lot of students in school. When he got his karma back, many were clapping their hands and cheering.

More of them were curious about that mysterious sister of Xu Shan Shan.

Someone who can make Zhao Xiao Gang admit defeat, then she must be more powerful than him.

School is a small society. After this incident, Xu Shan Shan became popular. It did not matter what their intention was in the beginning. Xu Shan Shan will definitely have friends after some time.


Shi Sheng did not know where Shang Guan Jiu hid. She was anyhow excited and gloomy at the same time.

She was excited because someone who was not a r.e.t.a.r.d can play with her for a few rounds and gloomy because she has not heard from her Feng Ci.

The male and female lead were missing in action, too, for some reason.

Could it be what happened recently had scared them away?

It can’t be, right?


An email suddenly popped up on Shi Sheng’s computer. She composted herself and read the email.

After reading that email, the corner of Shi Sheng’s lips curled up slightly. You’re not ent.i.tled to be the male and female lead if you don’t know how to create chaos.

These two are getting engaged.

The biggest plot twist is at the moment they’re getting engaged.

The female lead would melodramatically discover that the male lead was her father’s murderer’s son.

How could the female lead accept the fact that she was in love with the son of her dad’s murderer?

Hence, she ran away.

Letting the male lead facing all the jeering and doubts.

It then became all sorts of humiliating the male lead later on. It was so humiliating until Shi Sheng felt terrible for him.

The engagement was next Wednesday.

As his stepmother, of course, Shi Sheng had to attend that engagement.

Although she was not invited, who would stop her if she went back?

Everyone from the mansion was in denial when they saw Shi Sheng. No one wanted to see her.

Leng Yan received the news and ordered someone to catch her. Naturally, they failed to do that. His underlings got beaten up by her horribly.

“Yan Mian, what do you want?” Leng Yan was fl.u.s.tered and exasperated.

Shi Sheng put away her sword slowly, “sonny, is this how you treat your elders by catching them the moment you see them?”

“You deserve to die.” Leng Yan’s hatred was rolling over in his eyes as if they were going to overflow in the next second.

Shi Sheng’s intense curiosity and asked back, “oh? Why should I die?”

Leng Yan only glared at Shi Sheng. He did not respond.

If he could kill people with his stare, Shi Sheng would have died as many times as he would kill her.

The room was silent for about one minute. Leng Yan suddenly sneered, “since you want to come back, come in then.”

Shi Sheng furrowed brows slightly, what is the male lead trying to do?

Why would he let her in so nicely?

I’ve already prepared to kill my way in, but you just let me in?

Mister male lead, you’re not acting according to the script!

Please don’t go out of the script. I’m not smart enough for sudden changes.

Leng Yan walked away after saying that. Shi Sheng stared at his silhouette for some time before jumping over those people crying on the ground and entered the mansion.

The mansion had changed a lot after a few months.

Previously, they were planting Chinese roses, now they have switched to roses.

The roses were blooming, and its scent flow over Shi Sheng’s nose. She pa.s.sed through the roses surrounded path and entered the mansion.

The servants were changed too. They did not recognize Shi Sheng when she walked in. They stared at her, surprised.

Someone went to look for the housekeeper, and he recognized Shi Sheng.

“What’s to worry about? That’s our ma’am.” The housekeeper chided the servant.

“Ma’am?” the servant confused, Young Master Yan hasn’t married Miss An, right? Who’s this ma’am?

“She’s Master Leng’s wife. Since Young Master Yan let ma’am in, then you just do your job and serve her, don’t ask anything that you shouldn’t ask.” the housekeeper ordered them and approached Shi Sheng.

The servant was confused.

Master Leng’s wife?

She only realized after some time that everyone addressed Leng Yan as Young Master Leng. The only person left was Young Master’s father, Leng Yao Tian.

Is this Leng Yao Tian’s wife?

“Ma’am.” the housekeeper greeted, neither servile nor overbearing, “we’ve arranged your room at the villa on the side. Please follow me.”

Shi Sheng did not have many opinions. Living anywhere was the same to her.

The housekeeper had seen Shi Sheng’s recklessness. He was relieved to see that she was being so cooperative now.

This mansion was not the one Leng Yan and Ying Su lived in earlier. It was another one further away from the main house.

There were only two floors, which looked somewhat old, and the outside was full of withered creepers.

As the sky was getting dark, the mansion appeared to be somehow spooky.

“We haven’t cleaned these up. I’ll order someone to clean it tomorrow.”

Shi Sheng looked back and stepped on the staircase.

“Please phone me if ma’am needs anything.” the housekeeper opened the door for Shi Sheng, “inside is all clean. You can live here now. I’ll arrange someone to live here with you.”

“No need.” Shi Sheng waved her hand.

If he arranged someone here, then she had to watch them. This is too troublesome.

The housekeeper didn’t talk much. He left quickly after explaining the rooms of the mansion.

Shi Sheng roamed from the ground floor to the first floor. This mansion seemed to be for ladies. It was filled with women’s grace and delicacy.

However, the lighting was not good. It was rather gloomy.

Leng Yao Tian had so many women who knew who this mansion was for.

In the original host’s memories, it seemed that other than her, none of Leng Yao Tian’s women lived in the main mansion.

After Leng Yao Tian brought the original host to live with him. She had been living in the main mansion. Even when she went out, she would not come somewhere this remote.

Is that why Leng Yan arranged her to live here?

She doesn’t think that the housekeeper was powerful enough to arrange her living s.p.a.ce.

Is he trying to pretend to be a ghost and scare her?

This is too low.

I don’t get scared that easily alright, r.e.t.a.r.d!

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