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The Bankrupt Chairman(15)

Han Xiao did not know who that man was. That time she was at quite some distance away from that man, so she did not hear anything. She only saw those people were agitated.

There was a trace of strangeness flashed over Shi Sheng’s eyes.

Weird things had been happening since the auction.

The man in suit, greeting gift, flowers, and that weird man, until the police officers released her without reason.

The car that picked the man in suit was Li Gong’s car, but Li Gong did not appear to be someone who led a life of dissipation, so he was not the gifter of those flowers…

It must be the Young Master’s car mentioned by the man in the suit.

“Go investigate which company Li Gong’s company is under.” Shi Sheng ordered Han Xiao.

“Eh?” Han Xiao weirded out, “Chairman Li’s company…” she recalled that Li Gong’s company was not under any parent company.

However, Shi Sheng was not in the mood to listen to Han Xiao; she lowered her head and continued pondering.

The only thing she could not figure out was how did she get out from there? And was it related to the handsome man mentioned by Han Xiao? If it was related, could he be the Young Master the man in suit was talking about? If that was true… What was that r.e.t.a.r.d’s intention?

It was so complicated!

She did not want to speculate about it anymore.

I will handle different situations with different actions, I’ll exterminate all r.e.t.a.r.ds!


That’s what I’m going to do!


When she was back in her villa and saw her home was in a mess. She Shing felt terrible.

What on earth, the compensation paid by those r.e.t.a.r.ded officers isn’t even enough for her to buy a new couch.

“Ding dong-”

Shi Sheng and Han Xiao looked at the same time. Was someone looking for them the moment they were back home?

Han Xiao moved to the door while stepping on the gla.s.s shards, took a glance at the person in the intercom; it was someone in an installer uniform.

“Who are you looking for?”

“Is Liu Sheng Ge, Miss Liu here?” the person outside answered quickly.

Han Xiao’s brows furrowed, “yes, who are you?”

“We’re from the An Ju renovation company, the furniture Miss Liu ordered is here. Could you please tell the security so we can bring it in?”

“Chairman Liu, when did you order furniture?” Han Xiao looked at Shi Sheng with shock.

She could not believe that Chairman Liu still had the mood to order furniture when she was in the police station…

“But I didn’t!” Shi Sheng shook her head innocently.

“You didn’t? Did they send it to the wrong person? But he did say your name tho.” Han Xiao confirmed with the person outside, “it’s indeed you!”

Shi Sheng, “…”

Some r.e.t.a.r.d is l.u.s.ting for my beauty, I’m scared!

In the end, those people were chased out by them. She would not accept bribes without merit. Most importantly, she was not short of money; she did not want to receive items that came from nowhere.

The news of Liang Qing’s murdered was out at the end.

Many reporters were following Shan Shui Century closely when the fire broke out after that many cops were going there, strictly prohibited reporters from entering there.

Liang Qing was considered to be a public figure, quite a lot of people were following her news; it was not hard to find out what happened to her.

You need to believe that the power of the ma.s.s should not be underestimated.

The moment Liang Qing’s incident went public, the attention of the ma.s.s was somehow diverted to the bracelet, Lucky.

This bracelet that was made with the same material as the Heart of Angel could it really bring good fortune to the owner?

And the fact that Shi Sheng as the key suspect was dug out by the ma.s.s, some overly agitated fans went to Bai Nian Residence to go on a rampage, and batches of rioters were caught.

Luckily these people could not enter Bai Nian Residence, but the complaints filed by her landlord were unavoidable.

At the main entrance of Bai Nian Residence, there was a group of people in black clothes holding Liang Qing’s portraits, with banners that wanted to claim justice for Liang Qian.

A car drove by the worked-up crowd and entered the underground garage of Bai Nian Residence.

The car stopped its engine silently, someone from afar quickly rushed towards there, his deranged footsteps were extraordinarily striking at the bas.e.m.e.nt, a few people were standing outside the car respectably, “Young Master.”

The car door was opened, but the person that came out was the man in suit.

There was another person in the car, but he did not intend to get down from the vehicle. The lighting of the bas.e.m.e.nt shone on half of his figure with tilts, he raised his fair hand slowly and curled his finger at the outside of the car.

The man in suit moved away and motioned the head of the men outside to get inside the car.

After the man got into the car anxiously, the man in suit shut the door.

The car shook a little then went back to tranquil.

The bas.e.m.e.nt was dead silent, the people standing out stepped away from the vehicle with apprehension.

The car door opened, the man came out rolling and crawling, with his voice shivering, “I’ll do it right away, Young Master.”

As he was about to leave with his subordinates, a voice reached out from the car, “hold on.”

“Anything else, Young Master?” the man bowed with deference as if he was about to get down on his knees.

“Pa.s.s this to her,” the fair hand stretched out from the car, delivering a box.

The man took it with his hand shaking, “yes.”

The man in suit watched those people left. His expressionless face flickered with a hint of sympathy. It would be almost impossible to send Ms Liu the gift based on her personality.

I also have no idea what’s wrong with Young Master, to be interested in that lunatic…

Is it because a mad man finds a lunatic to be more attractive?

The man in suit suddenly felt that his young master was watching him, as he turned around to see him, the Young Master suddenly closed the car door and sped off…

The man in suit, “…”

Young master, even if you leave me here will not change the fact that you’re a mad man!

You should get medication if you’re crazy, I believe that you’re still treatable.


All the fans gathering outside of Bai Nian Residence were chased away, whoever dared to make a scene here, get ready to receive a lawyer’s letter!

Since they could not protest at Bai Nian Residence, they turned to insult Shi Sheng online.

Including how she was kept under by someone, that she was someone’s mistress, that she was shameless…

They would say whatever that was offensive and unpleasant to hear.

Although Han Xiao was mad, she could not do anything because Chairman Liu did not care about it!

Han Xiao would touch her talisman from time to time as she felt eerily ghostly around Chairman Liu…

That man went to send the gift after settling this business, but just like everyone else, not to mention sending the present, he could not even get to meet her.

He must perform whatever the Young Master instructed.

Hence, that man began to wander around outside Shi Sheng’s villa, trying to send her the gift. However, he was too naive.

He never knew that delivering a gift would be so difficult.

You should at least meet me!

Don’t you know it’s rude to straight away reject the gift without meeting me?

The gift at the end did not reach the recipient. When the man returned the present, he got beaten up badly until his face was swollen with a b.l.o.o.d.y nose.

Everyone sobbed with fright when they saw his pitiful look.

Don’t ever try to make young master mad.

That’s too scary!

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