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Horrible Nightmare

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

With the Lunar Scourge and the Yama Curse, Ling Chen had thought that there was nothing that he needed to fear in this world. This was because no matter if it was the Lunar Scourge or the Yama Curse, nothing could resist their powerful effects… but was there really any power in this world that no one could resist? Of course not! Nothing was absolute - guaranteed success was only for beings of the same level. The creatures of the Mystic Moon world and Ling Chen were of the same level, the level of 'humans', so no one in the Mystic Moon world was able to resist the Lunar Scourge and the Yama Curse's power.

"I don't believe it!!" After the Soulstealing Curse was blocked by Qi Xing, Ling Chen suffered recoil that took him a whole 5 seconds to recover from. The Yama Curse, which he could only ever use 3 times, had failed - how could he accept this?

What he couldn't accept wasn't that the Yama Curse had failed, but that his last hope of taking back the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb and Sha Sha was gone.

"Utter Despair Curse!!"

Ling Chen gritted his teeth, enduring the pain that was still in his mind, and used the Feng Chen Curse that had the highest chances of success. Just as he activated it, Qi Xing's eyes once again flashed…


Ling Chen felt as if a ma.s.sive boulder had exploded in his mind, and his vision darkened as he once again screamed even louder from the pain.

"Hmph, what boring resistance. Let's go, Yue." Qi Xing turned around in disdain and lightly drew an arc in the air with her hand. In an instant, a wide door of life appeared before her.

"Alright, but it's rare that you would waste so much time on a human."

"Hmph, he has mental energy that nears the level of True G.o.ds; he's not an ordinary human. However, he's of no threat to us at all, so his existence doesn't matter. Since the G.o.dchild seems to care for him so much, perhaps his existence will make the G.o.dchild more obedient," Qi Xing said calmly as she started to walk towards the door of light.

"Who… allowed… you to leave! Stop!!"

Ling Chen's pained voice sounded out from behind Qi Xing. Qi Xing paused and did not even turn around, pointing backwards at Ling Chen.

"Arghh!" Ling Chen's body, which was just about to stand up, suddenly froze as if he had been sealed by something.

"You overestimate yourself. Thank the G.o.dchild, or you would have stopped existing long ago," Qi Xing said coldly.

At this moment, a light suddenly flashed beside her as a tall man appeared. Qi Xing did not look over as she said calmly, "Rahu, we've found the G.o.dchild, so we should go. Immediately head to the Xiya Star and help Wan Chong with the Burning Heavens Plan so that we can help the G.o.dchild grow. We'll stop the Mystic Moon Plan for now. Based on the G.o.dchild's current growth, the souls of humans with 3 G.o.dly origins should be enough."

"Understood." Rahu respectfully nodded and looked over at the blue crystal ball beside Qi Xing.

"Rahu, have you completed what I told you to do?" Qi Yue elegantly walked over to Qi Xing's side as she smiled.

Rahu nodded and said calmly, "All of the women, as well as their home, have been destroyed. I also left the man behind as per your instructions."

"Very good." Qi Yue nodded in satisfaction before looking over at Ling Chen. "Aiya, Ling Tian, I forgot to tell you something: while you were here, Rahu went over to your home. I couldn't let him go for nothing, so I asked him to… kill all of the women there while he was there."

Ling Chen, who was struggling, froze, and his eyes widened as far as they would go. "What… did you say?! Impossible… Impossible! You're definitely trying to trick me!"

"Hehe, Rahu has killed billions of humans. To him, killing is as normal and easy as breathing, and he would never show mercy because of beautiful women. Aiya, Rahu, he doesn't seem to believe that you killed all of his women. Can you tell him how many women you killed?" Qi Yue said as she smiled.

"11," Rahu expressionlessly replied. Just as Qi Yue had said, killing was incredibly normal to him. No matter how many corpses there were, there would not be a single ripple in his heart. "The one called Fey had some strength, and she should be the most powerful earthling. There was also a little girl called Tian Tian who had a G.o.dly soul from the Skyfall Demon Clan, and she had at least 50% G.o.dhood. However, it was a pity that she had only just awakened, so she was not a threat at all. They're all dead."

Gu Qing Han, Li Xiao Xue, Xuanyuan Dia Wu, Yun Meng Xin, Xiao Qi, Su'Er, Fey, Mu Bing Yao, Chao Ying, Chao Xi, and Tian Tian… 11 of them in total!

"50% G.o.dhood?" Qi Xing glanced over. "Wan Chong mentioned that a person with an unawakened DemiG.o.d G.o.dhood had escaped from the Xiya Star. Could it be that there are at least two other people with DemiG.o.d G.o.dhood in this chaotic s.p.a.ce apart from you?"

Rahu's words sounded like thunder in Ling Chen's ears. An explosion seemed to sound out within his mind, and a look of shock and terror appeared on his face as his pupils contracted. "Impossible! Impossible! How could they be dead… Impossible! Qi Yue, you must be lying to me… there were no grievances between you and them, so you wouldn't kill them… Qi Yue! Hurry up and say that you're lying! You've already lied to me for a whole year, so you must be lying to me this time as well!!"

"Aiya, aiya, don't be so emotional." Qi Yue looked like she was enjoying Ling Chen's savage expression greatly. "I'm really not lying to you this time; I wouldn't use a few measly human lies to tease you. In actuality, the only one who I wanted to kill was Tian Tian because I could tell from a long time ago that she had a G.o.dly soul within her body. Once it awakened, it would be at least 50% G.o.dhood, and that might cause troubles for us. As such, I decided to get rid of her before she awakened. As for the other women, they've gone to accompany her. How can we make a girl with DemiG.o.d G.o.dhood lonely in the afterlife… hehehehe, but don't worry, I especially told Rahu not to harm your body; don't you feel moved?"

"Qi Yue… you… you… you!!!" Ling Chen's face became incredibly pale as his chest heaved violently.

"If you don't believe me, you can go back and look. But then again, when Rahu kills people, he always completely destroys them so that not even the corpse is left, so you won't be able to see them again even if you wanted to. This might leave you with some regrets, but I didn't ask him to destroy your home - that was his decision, so don't sue me for it, hehehehe."

"Hmph! A person with DemiG.o.d G.o.dhood might be one of the reincarnations of a daughter of the Skyfall Demon Clan's Royal Clan. I suppose she was a threat, so it was good to get rid of her. Rahu, Yue, let's go." Qi Xing waved her hand, bringing the crystal ball with her into the light and disappearing.

"Qi Yue!! Don't you dare leave! This isn't true; you must have been lying to me… Don't you dare leave! Don't you dare!!" Ling Chen desperately struggled, wanting to escape from the power binding him, his voice becoming hoa.r.s.e and twisted.

"Goodbye, my once little master. Make sure you live on happily, hahahaha." Qi Yue loudly and enchantingly laughed before she waved at Ling Chen and turned, walking into the door of light.

"QI… YUE!!!!"

Rahu calmly glanced at Ling Chen, wondering why Qi Xing would reveal her true appearance to this human and not kill him. However, he only gave him a glance before following behind Qi Yue and walking into the door of light. Following this, the door of light vanished, and only Ling Chen was left at the summit of the G.o.dchild Peak.

After Qi Xing left, the power binding his body disappeared, and Ling Chen collapsed onto the layer of ice, his body trembling in fear…

"Impossible… it must be fake… it must be fake!!!!" Even despite continuously rea.s.suring and convincing himself that what Qi Yue had said was not true, Ling Chen felt the greatest fear in his life. He shakily stood up and logged off.

The world in front of him changed. Ling Chen immediately opened his eyes, but he did not see any light, and he was instead greeted by darkness. There was a heavy scent of sand and dust in his nose, and there was something heavy weighing down on his body, making it difficult for him to breathe.

What was going on… could it be?!

Ling Chen pushed out with all of his strength and stood up. Immediately, the rubble weighing down on his body was sent flying, and a loud crash could be heard. After standing up, Ling Chen's surroundings were no longer dark, and the scene that greeted him caused him to stand there dumbly, looking as if he had lost his soul.

He was currently standing in the midst of a heap of rubble, and just then, he had been buried beneath the rubble.

This had once been the centre of the Bamboo Sea Wonderland, which had a beautiful villa, a garden, a swimming pool, a pavilion, and a small-scale amus.e.m.e.nt park… but now, all Ling Chen could see was rubble… as far as he could see… the villa was gone, the garden was gone, and the swimming pool was gone… even the surrounding bamboo forest had been destroyed, and not even a single stalk of bamboo was left standing. The jade green colour covering the ground was proof that this had once been a sea of bamboo.

This scene was like a picture of h.e.l.l to Ling Chen.

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