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Chapter 1084: Awoken Through Whispering

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“All hail the Emperor G.o.d!”

Kitagawa Heya greeted obsequiously but softly. He was familiar with this unusual environment and knew not to raise his voice.

“How did the operation go last night? Managed to capture the guy?”

The Emperor G.o.d appeared calm.

“Nikkawa Uchu came begging for help from my Divine Sovereign Sect just for some little Chinese boy. He's behaving more immature as he ages!”

“Emperor G.o.d… I have something to report… The operation last night was a failure… Chen Xiaobei escaped…” Kitagawa Heya replied, his face clouded with humiliation.


The Emperor G.o.d was taken aback at this news.

Raising his voice, he probed, “The both of you created a huge scene and you let Chen Xiaobei slip away? What the h.e.l.l did you guys do?”

Clearly, the Emperor G.o.d felt that sending an entire army for the capture of Chen Xiaobei was completely unnecessary. It should have been an easy job.

He had never thought that Chen Xiaobei would be able to escape this dragnet.

There was nothing else more humiliating than that!

Kitagawa Heya quickly tried to explain, “We've got no idea what Chen Xiaobei used to destroy all ten of the Falcon Fighters. Neither Nikkawa Uchu nor I have a flying Spiritual Item, we had not choice but to only stand there helplessly and watch him escape…”


The Emperor G.o.d lost his temper and shrilled, “All ten of the Falcons were destroyed? How is that even possible? That is the world's most advanced fighter jet!”

“I'm afraid it's true… Chen Xiaobei wasn't as easy as we thought…”

Kitagawa Heya sighed, bowing his head in remorse.

“Who would've thought? Who would've thought?!”

The Emperor G.o.d's eyes narrowed.

There was a somber look in his eyes as he muttered, “We've totally underestimated Chen Xiaobei. Who knew that he really is somebody. It's no wonder that my Shimei, Phantom Rain could not capture him too. He's one really tough nut to crack!”

Kitagawa Heya was afraid that he had alarmed the Emperor G.o.d, which would then be an unfavorable odd for Chen Xiaobei so he quickly said, “Hmm, not really, he's actually not that difficult to crack. If that punk so as much as touches the surface of the sea, I'll be able to kill him in a second!”

“You fool!”

Surprisingly, that statement barely convinced the Emperor G.o.d into looking down at Chen Xiaobei.

“I have a feeling that this punk is stronger than we think he is. If he ever touches the surface of the ocean, the one who'd win might be him.”


Kitagawa Heya was horrified.

The Emperor G.o.d's instincts were eerily accurate.

When Chen Xiaobei had landed on the deck of the battlecruiser last night, he pummeled both Nikkawa Uchu and Kitagawa Heya until they swelled up like balloons.

This proved that the Emperor G.o.d's combat power was not only high, but he was also very precise at discerning situations and had a sixth sense on detecting danger.

Convincing him to underrate Chen Xiaobei was not an easy task.

Kitagawa Heya began to slowly falter; he was starting to doubt if Chen Xiaobei's knot would really work.

What if they failed to awaken the Demonic Fox but instead provoked the Emperor G.o.d? They would be then in deep trouble.

It might even cause a b.u.t.terfly effect, and affect Chen Xiaobei's other plans!

“What are you staring at? What? You're doubting my judgement?” The Emperor G.o.d asked.

“No, of course not!” Kitagawa Heya quickly snapped out of his train of thoughts, straightened up and said, “Your wisdom far surpa.s.ses mine. Whatever you say it is, that is what it will be.”

“Heh, alright. Well, you don't have to flatter me!” The Emperor G.o.d chuckled and said, “Return to your position. The wedding is only 48 hours away! We must complete the brainwashing within this time! Once we are done, I will put through a word to Sifu to reward the four of you.”

“Thank you, Emperor G.o.d! I will take my leave now.”

Kitagawa Heya then immediately walked towards the Holy Altar where he knelt down and started to mumble lines of cryptic, unintelligible chant.

The Emperor G.o.d mirrored the same; eyes closed and lips incanting.

Since the big wedding was drawing near, they could not afford to make any mistakes. Even the Emperor G.o.d himself had to contributed quite a bit into this.

But never in a lifetime would he have guessed that the Grand Elder whom he trusted most, had already become a spy!

Kitagawa Heya opened his eyes cautiously to peek and saw that the Emperor G.o.d and the three other Grand Elders had their eyes still shut tightly.

This was his chance!

Kitagawa Heya then secretly activated the Thousand Whisper Knot.

This Spiritual Item's Spiritual Attribute was not a strong one, instead it was gentle and mild. Upon communicating with Kitagawa Heya, it moved obediently according to his instructions.

In a split second, a light pink halo flew silently towards the Demonic Fox like a b.u.t.terfly and perched right on her chest.

“Yes! It's done!”

Chen Xiaobei was on the other side, anxiously observing.

He immediately activated the other Thousand Whisper Knot.

Similarly, a pink halo landed on Chen Xiaobei's chest.

A sudden wave of intense force pierced through his mind as if he was connected to an invisible cord, allowing electricity to flow through.

The line connected Chen Xiaobei to Demonic Fox.

Chen Xiaobei consciously ensured to clamp his mouth shut before calling out to her in his heart, “Little Fox! Little Fox! Do you hear me?'


A familiar female voice rang in his head.

The voice sounded languid, like when a person had just woken up from sleep.

“Don't open your eyes! And don't open you mouth or we'll be in trouble!” Chen Xiaobei quickly warned her.

Demonic Fox's conscious mind had been awakened. If he accidentally cause her to open her mouth, the cat would then be let out of the bag.

“Who are you? Am I dreaming?”

Demonic Fox sounded extremely weak.

“Stupid Fox! Can't you tell from my voice?” Chen Xiaobei teased.

“This voice… it's you? You're that b.a.s.t.a.r.d!, Chen Xiaobei!” Demonic Fox exclaimed. “My G.o.d! Why would I even be dreaming about a douche like you? This is impossible!”

Demonic Fox did not recall opening up to Chen Xiaobei and dying with him.

The moonlight cache had undone it when time was reversed.

Thus, the reason why Demonic Fox remembered him as the man who bullied her.

“Little Fox, calm down! This is not a dream.”

Helpless, Chen Xiaobei he had no time for explanation but tried to rea.s.sure her saying, “I have something very important to tell you! You must listen carefully!”

“Tsk! You bullied me! What good could you possibly do?” Demonic Fox spat. “I will not listen to you! I'm going to open my eyes now so that you'll disappear from this dream!”

“If you don't wish to avenge the extermination of your family then go ahead and open your eyes!” Chen Xiaobei said.

“What?! How did you know that?” Demonic Fox asked in bewilderment.

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