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Chapter 164 - Purple Bell's Indignation

"Don't, don't hit me! I know where Money Grubber is," this person hastily shouted.

"You lot, use Detect," Cloud Dragon Windwielder commanded the rogues.

The rogues stepped forth silently and did as told. After ensuring that this player wasn't disguised, they took him to Cloud Dragon Sailing.

"Say it, where is Money Grubber?"

The player spat out the information without protest. Cloud Dragon Sailing went to the given location and saw a spot in a forest Fatty was sitting to rest.

Seeing the players of the Cloud Dragon Gang approaching, Fatty instantly stood up and looked at them defensively.

"Money Grubber, how are you gonna escape now, huh?" Cloud Dragon Sailing's eyes went bloodshot at the sight of Fatty, his face ferocious. "I'm right here. Come here and kill me. Come!"

"Guild Master, please calm down. We'll kill him and help you vent your anger," Cloud Dragon Windwielder soothed.

The group of players moved to encircle Fatty. Learning from their last lesson, they didn't allow Fatty to make the first move and blotted out the sky with all kinds of skills.

Oddly, Fatty didn't even budge in the face of such an aggressive barrage of attacks and just stood there staring fixedly at them.

Boom. As the attacks landed, Fatty turned into a light that then diffused in the air.

"Guild Master, watch out!" Cloud Dragon Windwielder was the first to react. He immediately threw a magic skill next to Cloud Dragon Sailing's feet, trying to hit Fatty.

Whoosh. Fatty appeared behind Cloud Dragon Sailing. Ambush!

Cloud Dragon Sailing was dumbstruck and just stood there, frozen stiff.

The sequence of Combo Attack and Deadly Poison wiped out a large portion of Cloud Dragon Sailing's health, but lucky for him; the poison didn't proc.

"Quick; kill him!" Cloud Dragon Sailing regained his wits and frantically fell back while stuffing some unknown pill into his mouth. Surprisingly, the mysterious pill restored the entirety of his health.

Fatty took one step, quickly sticking close to Cloud Dragon Sailing. Since the latter had previously been staying out of the encirclement around Fatty, he was currently very far from the rest of the Cloud Dragon Gang members. Due to his placement, Fatty used Cloud Dragon Sailing to block a majority of the attacks directed initially at him.

"Are you guys stupid? Use AoEs!" Cloud Dragon Windwielder shouted and cast the AoE magic skill Fire Sea at Cloud Dragon Sailing's feet. Fatty was immediately affected, a series of number continuously popped up from his head.

Cloud Dragon Windwielder's reminder dawned upon the rest of the guild members. The mages started to throw AoE magic, the archers shot out their AoE skills, while the rest of the cla.s.ses also cast their respective AoE attacks.

"Money Grubber, you dared to scheme against me. I will see you dead today!" Face to face with Fatty, Cloud Dragon Sailing's expression turned from being fearful to smug. After being slaughtered himself in addition to having one of his Vice Masters die once by Fatty's hand, Cloud Dragon Sailing felt like he was finally able to release his pent up anger.

Fatty's face remained as calm as ever and didn't even bother to spare a look at the surrounding players. Instead, he first tossed a Small Restoration Pill into his mouth, instantly filling up 60% health. Then, he dropped a flying kick upon Cloud Dragon Sailing's leg.

Cloud Dragon Sailing stumbled several steps back. Taking this chance, Fatty reached out his left hand and grabbed Cloud Dragon Sailing's collar. His left hand lifted the latter into the air while his right hand stabbed out wildly with his dagger.


As a series of damage signifiers floated up from his head, the smug look on Cloud Dragon Sailing's face was once again replaced by fear.

"Priest! Priest! Motherf*cker! Why the h.e.l.l are you dawdling around?!" Cloud Dragon Windwielder shouted urgently.

In response, several rays of light landed on Cloud Dragon Sailing's head, gradually healing him. Cloud Dragon Sailing screamed viciously, "Money Grubber, want to kill me? I'll see if you have the ability!"

Fatty ignored him and continued to stab. Seeing that it was impossible to kill Cloud Dragon Sailing like this, he swung his arm and disappeared on the spot without a trace.

"Motherf*cker! Tell me, what kind of rogue skill allows him to do that?" Cloud Dragon Sailing grabbed a rogue and shouted.

"No, no skill. Invisibility can be broken by attacking," the rogue stuttered.

"Guild Master, he must have learned it from a skill book," Cloud Dragon Windwielder walked over.

"Good, very good! A lone man actually has the guts to provoke our guild," Cloud Dragon Sailing's face twisted as he gritted his teeth. " I don't believe that an entire guild like us can't handle a single player. Windwielder, rally our people. I want to destroy him!"

"Guild Master, please calm down," Cloud Dragon Windwielder advised. "Our priority is the Guild Establishment Token. A joke like Money Grubber isn't worth making a big fuss over."

"Guild Establishment Token?" Cloud Dragon Sailing calmed down at the mention of this. He took a deep breath, "If G.o.d Familia doesn't want to take our mission, find someone else. I remember there's this fellow called SkeletonSoldier who specializes in a.s.sa.s.sinations. Find him and agree to whatever price he says. In addition, raise the rewards once more."

"What? The Cloud Dragon Gang put a bounty on Big Brother Fatty?" Purple Bell, who had just gone online, asked in shock.

Quietly nodding, Wind G.o.d's World looked at his sister with embarra.s.sment.

"Why?" Purple Bell's expression sank.

As Wind G.o.d's World described the matter from start to end, Purple Bell's lips curved into a cold smile.

"For a little skill book, he went back on his word and broke the original agreement. Is this the kind of person you find worthy of cooperating with us? Big Brother, you've fallen short on this matter," Purple Bell was angry.

"Lil' Sis, I'm innocent. There was nothing I could do at that time," Wind G.o.d's World said cautiously, knowing how formidable his little sister was. Ignoring the fact that he could never win in a one-on-one fight with her in-game; in real life, the seniors in the family doted on her much more than him, who was the actual heir.

"Forget it, don't worry about this if you can't do anything. Since I dragged Big Brother Fatty into this, I'll take care of it," Purple Bell had made up her mind.

"How?" Wind G.o.d's World carefully inquired.

"Make Cloud Dragon Sailing give back the book to Big Brother Fatty."

"What if he doesn't want to?" Wind G.o.d's World continued to ask.

"Then kill him until he does," Purple Bell was practically radiating murderous intent, scaring Wind G.o.d's World out of his mind.

"Don't, Lil' Sis, let big brother handle this. I'll have it done to your satisfaction!" Wind G.o.d's World hastily dissuaded.

"You want me to make peace with him? Give him the skill book? Wind G.o.d's World, what kind of joke are you playing?" Cloud Dragon Sailing could feel rage seething in his stomach upon hearing what Wind G.o.d's World had to say. "You think that I'm easy to bully just because Money Grubber killed me twice?!"

"That's not what I mean," Wind G.o.d's World peeked a glance at Purple Bell next to him, then bit the bullet, "If anything, we already agreed to let him get the first pick. If you act like this, people will laugh at you."

"h.e.l.l if I care what they do. Money Grubber has offended me. Don't even mention the skill book; I want his life! Just wait for it, I have hired the fourth rank rogue, SkeletonWarrior. Soon, that fatty will be slaughtered back to level 0. See if he still wants my skill book then."

Closing the communicator, Wind G.o.d World's carefully checked Purple Bell's expression. The latter did not seem to react, only saying that she needed to go out and then disappeared.

SkeletonWarrior, the fourth rank on the rogue rankings right after HeadofG.o.d, upheld the standards of a professional headhunter. He had been sought after by many guilds, but still lived a free and unrestrained life to this day.

After receiving intel as well as thirty thousand gold coins deposit from Cloud Dragon Windwielder, SkeletonWarrior quickly teleported to Black Tortoise City. Following a Cloud Dragon Gang member, he journeyed to Fatty's location.

"You are SkeletonWarrior?" Halfway there, a player suddenly appeared and blocked SkeletonWarrior.

"Who are you?" Looking at the pretty girl in front of him, SkeletonWarrior could feel his heart go soft. Has luck finally graced my love life?

"I'm Purple Bell, don't forget," Purple Bell's face was frigid as she pointed at the Yin Yang Manual hovering before her.

"Purple Bell, such a pretty name," SkeletonWarrior smacked his lips a little, feeling very interested. He wanted to chat some more, but it suddenly dawned on him, "Purple Bell? First rank in the magus ranking Purple Bell?" SkeletonWarrior blurted in shock.

Whoosh. A black ray of light flew from the Yin Yang Manual and cut off his speech. However, SkeletonWarrior lived up to his reputation as the fourth-ranked rogue. Amidst the crisis, he bent his body skillfully. The black ray barely grazed his leather armor and punched a hole through a chunk of rock on the side of the street.

SkeletonWarrior's entire body broke out in cold sweat. He no longer dared to speak nonsense and hurriedly drew his weapon, jumping into combat.

"What? Purple Bell slew SkeletonWarrior?" Inside Black Tortoise City, Cloud Dragon Sailing was waiting for good news from SkeletonWarrior, but unfortunately, the guy never got to satisfy the pent-up rage in his heart. Opening the communicator with a trembling hand, he heard Wind G.o.d's World's apologetic voice.

"Brother Cloud Dragon, my hands are tied. You know my little sister, I can never meddle with her decisions. Since you've angered her, I can only wish you the best of luck."

Bang. Wind G.o.d's World hung up as soon as he finished his words. Cloud Dragon Sailing screamed in rage, then kicked a player near him, sending them flying.

"Guild Master, Money Grubber and Purple Bell ambushed Vice Master Cloud Dragon Rumblesea outside the city and killed him…" A player next to Cloud Dragon Sailing spoke up, but his voice was getting smaller and smaller under his guild master's intense stare until he completely shut up.

"Tell them to return, no need to pursue Money Grubber anymore. Just form a group and go grind for levels. Spread the word that the reward for killing Money Grubber has been raised to one hundred thousand gold coins," Cloud Dragon Sailing suddenly regained his composure and ordered in a seemingly indifferent tone.

"Fatty, you're worth one hundred thousand gold coins now. Even I am tempted!" HeadofG.o.d joked through the communicator.

"Calm and steady, Uncle, remember to be calm and steady," Fatty was chipper.

"d.a.m.n you. I'm still in the prime of my youth alright!" HeadofG.o.d was upset. "What kind of beef did you make with Cloud Dragon Sailing that it has escalated to this point?"

"It's nothing. We agreed on something, but he went back on his words, so I can only take back what's mine through brute force," Fatty said nonchalantly.

Sitting next to Fatty was Purple Bell. The little girl's name was red as well, but she was smiling sweetly as usual.

"Big Brother Fatty, you are so formidable, you gathered four of the Movement Art books," Purple Bell cradled the Quad-Elemental Movement skill book, her eyes wide open. "With such stringent conditions, this cla.s.s is definitely gonna be formidable after the enhancement. Don't worry, even if Cloud Dragon Sailing refuses to give you the book, I will take it back for you."

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