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Chapter 944: That's not Nagisa? A half-conscious ent.i.ty...

Everything happened so fast!

Wu Yan couldn't react in time, while Wu Yan is still figuring Nagisa out, Kanon had already been batted far away. He couldn't detect her aura anymore. Either she's too wounded to continue fighting or she retreated.

He's referring to the one controlling Kanon from behind the scenes.

He teleported to the ground, he has a more pressing matter to solve.

Nagisa's still clad in a faint blue glow. The va.s.sal beast stood behind her solemnly.

He tossed the captured fake angel to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

The light bands holding the faux angel aren't something to make light of. Once it hits, the captured target will have no hope of escaping if they aren't on par with the caster or stronger.

That binding spell also had the effect of sapping power from the bound target.

Without using miraculous powers, even an angel would be in a heap of trouble when confronting the caster of this spell, much less an artificial angel. Wu Yan threw her to the ground will full confidence she can't escape.

He looked at the familiar with frightening command over ice. Then, he examined Nagisa, he emitted a wave of magic power on par with the primogenitor-cla.s.s familiar.

"You... You're not Nagisa..."

Magic power blew the frosty air.

"Who are you?"

'Nagisa' lifted her head, her tired eyes were focused on Wu Yan. Her eyes widened a bit when she sensed Wu Yan pushing back her cold aura. She looked surprised... and intrigued...

With an awkward grin, Nagisa replied in a sinister tone.

Her voice sounded like the sky was speaking through her, he can hear Nagisa but there's no vitality in it, it sounded foreign and alien.

"You, you're not so simple yourself..."

"That's right, if you don't want to disappear from existence, I suggest answering me honestly."

Wu Yan told the ent.i.ty in a cold tone.

"Don't think you're going to be fine hiding in Nagisa. I have multiple skills that are perfect to extract spiritual or soul ent.i.ties possessing someone..."

Wu Yan threatened the ent.i.ty.

This is his first time threatening someone. The ent.i.ty held Nagisa's body hostage, she can die if he didn't play his cards right.

Wu Yan already knew which cla.s.s the ent.i.ty belonged to just by examining the cold power it released.

It's a primogenitor-cla.s.s familiar.

Seeing as it can freeze not just physical but possibly intangible and supernatural concepts, it is probably in a cla.s.s of its own even among primogenitor familiars. It felt like he's going up against Kojou's familiars. The ent.i.ty is as strong as his familiars without their unique powers included in the comparison.

It's highly doubtful if he can remove such an ent.i.ty from Nagisa. More importantly, this ent.i.ty leveraged Nagisa's psyche to project itself.

Familiars consumed the life force of their hosts, primogenitor-cla.s.s familiars even more so. If they wanted to, it would take them no time to completely sap the life of a baby.

The ice familiar used projection so Nagisa is fine for now. If the ent.i.ty chose to materialize, it would drain Nagisa's life in no time at all.

He's threatening the ent.i.ty, hoping to cut the root of the problem before Nagisa's life is threatened.


The ent.i.ty replied. It seemed like the ent.i.ty is pleasantly surprised by Wu Yan's att.i.tude.

"You care about this girl?"

The ent.i.ty spoke with what sounded like the voices of many.

Then, it spoke again.

"I see, since you already developed your relationship with her to that extent, I see why you would be so agitated..."

The ent.i.ty giggled.

"Moreover, it seems this girl likes you back. She used to stick around her 'Onii-chan' like a sticker, not bad, you managed to sway her..."


Wu Yan frowned.

"You mean Kojou?"


The ent.i.ty replied. She used her numerous voices to chuckle.

"That kid is still far from realizing his purpose as the fourth primogenitor, for now, let's just say I don't know him..."

Wu Yan knitted his eyebrows in annoyance.

"You still didn't state your ident.i.ty!"

"Ah, but you're the same..."

'Nagisa jutted her chin.

"What about you? What are you?"

"A normal vampire? No, a descendant of those troublesome primogenitors? No, you can't be, you're too strong. There should not have been another anomalous one after that snake vampire... Maybe..."

The ent.i.ty spoke with a puzzled voice.

"You're on par with this old one?"

Wu Yan more or less understood where the ent.i.ty came from.

"You're a primogenitor?"

Wu Yan wasn't sure

"No, that's not possible..."

"Don't mind it..."

The ent.i.ty told him.

"With your level, the truth will be revealed to you soon enough. Before that, my existence should be kept as a secret..."

Nagisa stepped towards Wu Yan.

The ent.i.ty slowly faded with each step. Then, the enormous magic power retreated into her pet.i.te body again. Wu Yan was confused why the ent.i.ty gave up so easily, he reciprocated by storing away his magic power. The battlefield is a desolate arena of ice.

The ent.i.ty reached out, caressing Wu Yan's frowning face.

"Relax, I have no intentions to harm this girl. On the other hand, I am doing my best to protect her."

Nagisa stood on her toes and she closed in on Wu Yan's mien

"Mysterious fifth primogenitor, on behalf of this girl, I will acknowledge you..."

Then, the ent.i.ty kissed Wu Yan on his lips.

Cool air entered his mouth from the frosty cold lips. More than that, a surge of cold power entered him.

Next, a link was established between Wu Yan and the ent.i.ty.

The ent.i.ty gave up control of Nagisa, the faint blue glow dissipated like it had achieved its desired objective. Nagisa fell into Wu Yan's embrace.

He hurriedly caught her.

Wu Yan said nothing. He examined Nagisa as she slept on his chest.

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