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Chapter 692

The tiny fairy drew a beautiful trail in the air as it circled Wu Yan’s head . Then, snowflakes-esque particles of light fell upon Wu Yan . Wu Yan’s 67% HP immediately recovered to 87%, close to his full HP .

With both hands at his sides, he looked like an unbalanced fighter with a 1 . 7-meter sword in one hand and another 1-meter sword in the other hand . The swords also glistened with different glows .

The Heaven Gazer and the Elucidator .

He stored the sword soon after he obtained it . He also stopped using Dual Blades after the duel with Heathcliff . Now, it’s time for the world to witness the Dual Blades once more .

If it was up to Wu Yan, he wouldn’t mind slowly cutting the boss down to size . The boss had higher strength than him, but Wu Yan is pretty sure he can rely on the healing fairy and his Eternal Arms Mastery to kill the boss, it would just take longer that’s all .

However, he’s not alone . Thus, accidents may happen to the people around him . The last thing he wants is for Asuna & co to get hurt because he got careless .

It wasn’t worth the risk to hide his skill . In order to seal the fate of this fate, he decided to face this fight with maximum effort .

“Starburst Stream…”

The blades shone brightly as he stepped forward . Like a phantom wreathed by phantasmal light, he turned into a line of light . The next time he appeared, he was already in front of the boss .

His eyes glimmered with a frosty glow .

Shing shing shing shing

Leaving trails of sword images in his wake, the two combatants in a fast-paced exchange of attacks, damage indicators flashed on both sides . The audience was dazzled silly by the sheer amount of damage dealt .

He danced and danced until his blades turned into sword rays that carved the boss up from all directions . Howling in pain, the boss got engulfed by the light from the sword skill .

Drenched in blood-colored data fragment and sword light, he drew lethal art on the chest of the boss . With each strike, he took away the boss’ HP and rained blood fragments . Close to the end, he already took away more than half of the boss’s total HP .

Asuna’s eyes wavered with ripples . Kirito and the others also couldn’t take their eyes off him . They watched with clenched fists . They were inspired by this display of power .

This is the power of a solo player!

This is the power fo the strongest player!

Absolutely stunning!

That’s the thoughts of everyone who saw this scene .

Like a lit candle in the storm, the boss’ overwhelming size difference didn’t help it at all . The flea in front of the boss toyed with the boss using his Dual Blades . Starburst Stream isn’t over yet, it got dragged back as it tried to withstand the punishing swipes . Finally, the boss. .h.i.t the red zone .

Wu Yan sneered when he saw the boss’ Hp gauge . Finishing off with his 16th slash, he reduced the boss’s hp to a stage where just another attack would be enough to deplete the HP gauge .


As if it met death’s gaze, the pale-blue eyes shone brightly as it struck out with a final vengeful blow .

The Zanbato flashed, indicating that this a skill . The sword tried to slap Wu Yan .


Asuna shrieked .

His pupils shrank as he stared at the incoming sword . He ducked down at just the right moment as the blade blew by the back of his head, carrying along a few strands of hair along with it .

He flipped the swords into icepick grips and he stabbed the boss’s chest again .

Stab stab

He pierced through the boss with both Heaven Gazer and Elucidator . The boss’s eyes dimmed down as it slowly died .

The HP gauge was completely depleted!

Asuna, Klein, Kirito, and the other Fuurinkazan members all held their breaths .


The boss shattered into data crystals as the surrounding ghostly flames were wiped from existence . The gloomy room turned dark after the flames were extinguished .

But, the flames returned, this time, it wasn’t the ghostly blue flames that chilled any fighters who entered this area, it was the familiar orange-reddish flame that brought warmth to the world .

Another banner floated up into the air as everyone looked at the words stated there .

74th Floor cleared


He put away Heaven Gazer and Elucidator . He turned around with a smile as he looked at Asuna .

“That fellow…”

Kirito crossed his arms . He chuckled helplessly, he continued with a smile lingering on his face .

“Still as strong as ever…”


Asuna recovered . She ran straight for Wu Yan . She patted and dusted him to see if he’s hurt anywhere .

“Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?”

Wu Yan chortled .

“What are you talking about? You can’t get a fracture in SAO, look, my health is at 100%, isn’t it?”

“I don’t want to hear that from you, buster!”

Asuna said with tears at the corners of her eyes .

“How can you just rush into the boss’s breath attack like that? If not for the healing fairy’s skill, you would be in the yellow zone by now!”

“I am fine, aren’t I?”

Wu Yan retorted with a bitter laugh .

“Plus, If I didn’t have the healing fairy, I could have used another strategy and I still would have been able to beat the boss…”

Asuna glared at Wu Yan, rubbing her tears away, she huffed and turned her head the other way .

Klein got very chummy with Wu Yan as he pressed the guy’s head down . He then proceeded to rub his head hard .

“The strongest player doesn’t fool around, was that Dual Blades? Holy c.r.a.p, that was so cool!”

Wu Yan let the guy do his thing . He didn’t have anything against a guy like this . Kirito who was watching from the side laughed when he saw the two becoming friends in an instant .

His friend circle increased again .

“Why do Floor bosses look like field monsters when you’re fighting them?”

Kirito poked fun at him .

Wu Yan curled his lips .

“You should try fighting the ‘field monsters’, then you will know how tough they are…”

“Yea, no, I will pa.s.s on that . ”

Kirito waved his hands frantically .

Klein laughed out loud . He recalled something and his smile dissipated . He lowered his head and he lamented with a dejected tone .

“Too bad Kobatz died…”

The others stopped laughing . Wu Yan inhaled and he told everyone to lighten up .

“Anyway, we won, let’s just be happy about that!”

“You’re right…”

Kirito, Klein, and the others smiled faintly .

Wu Yan nodded when he felt someone pulling his shirt from behind . Asuna’s face entered his vision .

“I didn’t get to enjoy life this time…”

Asuna pouted . Then, she stared at Wu Yan .

” You need to take responsibility for this!”

Wu Yan’s expression froze…

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