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Chapter 691

As the holes in the boss arena spewed forth ghostly blue flames, the boss stood with its back towards the door . When it exhaled, the hot temperature almost materialized as flames . It had a giant blade in its right hand . It brandished the blade, smashing the ground intermittently .

In front of this 3 meters behemoth, the other players looked like dwarves . The Army were like helpless babies in front of this mighty foe .

Argh ugh argh

The boss easily shaved away their HP with each swing . The Army had a hard time keeping up . The unity and coordination they showed when they ran into Wu Yan & co were gone . They are now a disorganized party screaming and shrieking as the battle slipped away .

The boss unleashed a wave of blue flames that took away more HP . None of the Army members were in the green zone in terms of health, they are all incredible boned with HP below 50% .

The boss still had all 4 HP bars intact .

Asuna and Kirito couldn’t believe their eyes . It looked like a punisher tormenting the souls of the d.a.m.ned .

“What are you guys doing?!”

Kirito yelled at them .

“Teleport right now!”

“W-we can’t!”

An army member kept fidgeting with the teleport crystal in his hands .

“I can’t use my crystals!”

Kirito and Asuna were petrified .

This Boss area is a no-crystal zone!

“H-how can this be…”

Asuna covered her mouth as she resited the urge to back away . Her body trembled when she saw the Army slowly getting pummeled into the red zone .

They were no precedents of Boss Rooms having no-crystal feature inside . A lethal combination finally appeared in front of the players .

History repeated itself . This time, the Army is about to serve as a grim reminder to the other players just like how things played out on the 25th floor .

They are going to pay with their lives…


The boss unleashed another breath attack on the Army . The attack decreased their HP even further while knocking them all flying . The wails of anguish came with the sound of HP steadily decreasing .

Klein & co already caught up with them . Their eyes flashed with shock and hesitation . It’s evident that they want to help but they couldn’t jump in as it is .

To help is to dive into the fight and save the Army, this means fighting the boss . With their current gears and intelligence on the boss, doing so is practically the same as burying oneself .

They all had to think twice about their next moves, including Kirito and Asuna!

A figure got knocked away after a brief skirmish with the floor boss . The figure’s hp steadily dropped until it hit rock-bottom .

This figure was Kobatz .


Asuna grabbed the blade by her waist but she couldn’t muster up the strength to rush in despite her inner conscience telling her to do something .

Wu Yan saw the pain in Asuna’s eyes and he looked at the Army who is still struggling against the floor boss . Narrowing his eyes, he sighed . Then, he said something everyone including Asuna, Kirito, and Klein could hear .

“You guys sure are lucky…”

Wu Yan’s figure turned into a blur as a sudden gale a.s.saulted Asuna & co . Like a shining star, the figure clad in the light of Sword skill rammed the boss .


Like a bell that crashed down, the boom echoed throughout the room . The booming sound stunned everyone for a brief moment . They saw the boss flying into a corner of the room along with another player .

Kirito’s face brightened up and he immediately called out to Klein .

“Now! Yan created a window for us, let’s save them!”

They had a route cleared by Wu Yan in front of them, the Army members can now be saved . They immediately rushed in to grab the players and escort them to safety .


Asuna yelled with an anxious look .

“Don’t worry!”

Kirito was with the Army, he yelled without looking back .

“That guy is going to be just fine, a boss like that can’t take him down!”

Asuna wasn’t relaxed despite Kirito’s words . She continued watching with her hands clasped together on top of her chest .

“G.o.d, please protect him from harm…”

Another dull thud came as the two figures jumped away at the same time .

Wu Yan saw his HP decreasing just a bit and his eyes glimmered with cold intent . He twirled in the air as he landed on one knee .

He eyed the boss who was struggling to get up with Heaven Gazer ready to strike .

The hand holding Heaven Gazer is shaking slightly .

“As expected of the 74th Floor boss…”

Wu Yan praised it .

“Its strength is something I can’t face head-on…”


The monster bellowed with energy fluctuating inside its mouth .

“Watch out!”

“A boss with special attacks, huh?”

Kirito gnashed his teeth, this opponent is a very meddlesome one to deal with .

Wu Yan summoned his interface and a humanoid fairy appeared by his side, orbiting him .

“The healing fairy…”

Asuna released a sigh of relief . The healing fairy can restore 20% of Wu Yan’s HP every minute . With this, Wu Yan should be in a much safer position .

As if incensed by Wu Yan’s action, the boss fired purple beams of energy at Wu Yan .

Wu Yan lowered his center of gravity as he flew darted towards the floor boss .

The audience couldn’t believe the audacity he exhibited . In the end, Wu Yan failed to dodge the attack .

Inside this breath attack, his hp decreased significantly . If this kept up, he would be in the yellow zone in no time at all .

Like a warrior accustomed to dancing in close quarters with death, he rushed in to swipe at the boss .

At the door, the other players could see a faint figure emerging from within the flames . A sword skill flashed and then they all saw it…

Two beautiful rays of light split the breath attack . Flickering between the breath attacks and sword skill, the master who commandeered this enthralling sword dance met the boss with his deadly attacks .


The boss got smashed away once more . Wu Yan appeared in front of the players relatively unscathed .

“That’s the Dual Blades!”

Wu Yan had another sword in his off-hand!

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