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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 465: The annoying AST meddles again

"Join with me in eternity!"

The wind blew a few leaves up into the air. It's like time has stopped for the two of them.

Wu Yan sighed when he saw how pa.s.sionate Kurumi looked.

"If you're talking about that kind of unification, I would like to politely decline."

Kurumi still had that rosy smile. Wu Yan's rejection didn't reduce her morale but a hint of bloodl.u.s.t could be detected. She also looked a bit more malicious now.

"Shido-san, seriously, you…"

Kurumi tilted her head, She laughed in a creepy manner.

"Every single time, every time you reject me in this awful manner.."


Kurumi raised her head.

"I already said this, no is not an option!"

Black aura started pouring out of Kurumi, she's currently enveloped in a misty dark and dangerous air.

"Astral Dress, third authority."

The dark aura dissipated and Kurumi is now draped ina gothic lolita dress. Her hair is now tied in uneven twintails. Her left eye which loooked like a golden clock is now exposed.


Wu Yan gnashed his teeth.

"Just how long are you going to fool yourself?!"

"Shut up!"

Kurumi stared at Wu Yan in a cold manner. She materialized her musket and flintlock gun. She crossed both guns while making it blatant that Wu Yan is her target.

"No matter what you say, you're mine and I won't allow you to escape!"

Wu Yan is p.i.s.sed that his words didn't reach her. He pointed his finger at her and countless ripples in s.p.a.ce opened up. His eyes are now golden as a heavy feeling of oppression permeated this place.

"Since you want to continue dreaming it looks like I am going to have to wake you up even if that means beating you awake!"

The presence of a true ancestor is enough to make Kurumi feel like she weighed a ton.

His wrath also turned this oppressive aura into something solid she can feel. It weighed down on her until she almost couldn't breathe. She can feel her bones cracking under this immense pressure as if her body is telling her to submit to this opponent.

This feeling of oppression did little to intimidate Kurumi. She started laughing like a maniac again. Like a demon G.o.d incarnated, the sight of Wu Yan's battle stance caused Kurumi to yell out loud her twisted affection for him.

"This is good! It's great! Shido-san is the best! The best!!! I must have you!!!"

"Come, come!!! Let us begin our dance!"

Kurumi's rationality is all but lost. She is focused only on one thing and that is to obtain Wu Yan.

The zoo is now flooded with an invisible deluge of hostility and killing intent. The animals tried to get as far away as possible from the two of them. They all cowered in fear like the dinosaurs did when they met their extinction event.

Just as the two of them are about to clash, the sound of something approaching at high velocity could be heard. The both of them looked up at the approaching ent.i.ties.


Wu Yan growled when he saw the familiar equipment Tobiichi Origami and her gang donned. He clicked his tongue in displeasure while narrowing his eyes at them.

"These people again?…"

Kurumi is also very irked by their arrival. She's royally annoyed by them unlike the time her clones got done in by a certain member of the organization. Their disruption of her fun time with Wu Yan proved to be very annoying indeed.

It's very rare for her to go into full battle mode and not to mention her target this time is the man of her dreams.

The AST members are unaware of how they almost arrived at a gruesome battlefield. They also didn't know about their untimely arrival. However, the AST members did not attack at first sight, instead, they circled the two of them while hovering in the air.

Wu Yan frowned at this unusual behavior. Normally, they would charge in while going rambo with their guns.

Kurumi figured it out first. She looked towards a certain direction, Wu Yan noticed this and he followed suit. The next instant, he saw a figure that he didn't expect to see.

It's a charming young girl with deep blue hair who looked like she's 14 or 15 years old. She had a specially designed AST suit unlike the other AST members. The color is a mix of white and blue. She also had a mole near the corner of her left lower eyes. Her eye is a deep brown that approached black color.

The girl recognized them, or rather, she recognized one of them. She stared at Kurumi with an emotionless expression.

Kurumi is aware of this girl, Wu Yan is also familiar with her although this is his first time meeting her.

Takamiya Mana is her name and she's the real younger sister of Itsuka Shido, in this world, she's the younger sister of Shiori.

Wu Yan figured out that the reason for this encirclement is to make sure they can't get away. Their ace is here to get the job done.

Takamiya Mana is one of the special lieutenants that are so strong they can fight spirits on a 1v1 basis. She's one of the special agents that DEM, the only major supplier other than Ratatoskr to supply realizers to the military, employed and sent to AST to support the battle against spirits.

Her rank is not enough to convince the AST members that she can solo the job. It's her personal history and prowess despite her young age that convinced them. The AST members might not be able to win even if they team up on her.

Her equipment helped but her own prowess only served to enhance her combat potential in battles. Without using her angel, Kurumi would be dead in seconds if Mana took her on seriously.

Mana had already killed a lot of Kurumi's clones. That is just how strong Mana is.

To develop Mana, DEM spent a lot of resources to enhance her resulting in Mana's life expentancy to be shortened to such a drastic extent that she only has over 10 years to live.

Mana is unaware of this. He frowned at the various information he has on her. His golden eyes expressed a hint of helplesslness.

Since she's Shiori's sister, he can't just let her continue like this.

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