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Shiori had a bowl in her left hand with a pair of chopsticks in her right hand, she's about to dine in but she's looking at Kotori and Wu Yan with a confused expression.

She's wondering if the two of them has anything to say. They are acting way too suspicious.

One of them is busy wolfing down food like he hadn't ate for days while the other is still flushed red and wielding her chopsticks even when her own bowl is empty.


Shiori glanced at them and she couldn't hold back her own curiosity.

"Erm, you two want to share what's going on here?"

Kotori flinched like a criminal, she stood up with such energy that the chair she's sitting on flipped over.

Kotori blushed and she shouted at Shiori with closed eyes.

"Nothing's going on! Nothing!"

Shiori is stunned. She didn't understand why Kotori is flipping out like this. Could it be that something interesting happened?…

Shiori looked at Wu Yan who is awkwardly smiling. She asked him.

"Did I ask about something I shouldn't have?…"

Kotori couldn't help but think about what happened, rather, what almost happened. She's completely red at the moment. Luckily for her, she managed to stop the train before it arrived at a weird destination, she's glad she changed her ribbon at the fastest speed she can muster otherwise…

Kotori didn't have the courage to look Wu Yan in the eyes. It's more than just almost crossing the line with him, it's because she's embarra.s.sed that she punched Wu Yan twice in her commander mode.

Wu Yan's not going to spill the beans, of course, he would die before admitting he got punched in the face twice from trying to kiss a girl. Kotori also won't tell because she has her own circ.u.mstances.

Shiori thought she really did miss something amusing, the two of them did something and they aren't telling, that's all Shiori knows for now.

Shiori hesitated for a bit and she bit her chopstick out of a subconscious whim. She lowered her head and decided to stop asking about it.

"Uu, I so wanna know…"

She still wants to know though…

The TV is on and the news was relayed to them through the screen.

"Earning this morning, a minor s.p.a.cequake has been detected in Tengu City, no casualties have been reported and the authorities are still investigating the incident…"

This news stopped the three of them. Wu Yan and Kotori's expression turned serious. She's not in her bashful mode anymore, she looked at Wu Yan to make sure he's not blowing his cover.

If it's her commander mode, this reaction would have been expected. Her imouto mode shouldn't react to something like this since the setting is that she's a bubbly innocent girl who doesn't have any opinions about events like this.

Wu Yan is seriously wondering if the two personalities are really distinct. It's like they are sharing more than just memories. This imouto mode Kotori should also be aware of how to calmly face the news of a s.p.a.cequake from observing commander mode Kotori deal with s.p.a.cequakes.

The original work never dealt with this so he decided not to bother with it since he's only been here for a day. He's just going about his usual ignore the problem until it resolves itself att.i.tude.

Shiori didn't know that these two had such a covert background. At least, that's how it seems at the moment. She muttered.

"Doesn't it seem like there's been a lot of these recently?…"

She's referring to s.p.a.cequakes.

Kotori glanced at the TV and she brushed it off.

"Yeah, and the s.p.a.cequakes are so untimely.."

Kotori's voice didn't go unnoticed by Wu Yan.

Wu Yan heard it but he ignored it because he already knew what's going on.

Kotori and Shiori aren't aware of it yet but Wu Yan knows that this is the cue of entrance for the first heroine of the story, Yatogami Tohka.

It's the start of the plot.

The news report brought down the mood of the dining room. s.p.a.cequakes are a disaster the world has learned to live with. Knowing that something like this is this close, Shiori felt a bit sad about it but Wu Yan and Kotori had different thoughts.

Shiori returned to her normal self and she looked at Wu Yan.

"Alright, Shido, what's your plan from now on?"

Wu Yan replied.

"Huh? About what?"

Shiori iggled.

"Kotori and I are heading to school so you're the only one at home, is that going to be okay?"

"That's fine with me…"

Wu Yan scratched his cheek. Kotori cut him off before Wu Yan can finish.

"Onee-chan, you don't have to worry about this!"

Kotori wagged her index finger.

"He won't be home alone, he's going to the same school as you!"


Wu Yan and Shiori cried out in unison. Kotori winked at Wu Yan when it looked like he's going to say something. Wu Yan sat back down.

This is a decision made by Kotori in her commander mode.

Shiori turned to Wu Yan.

"Shido, you're going to Raizen high school?"

"That would be so yes…"

Wu Yan laughed in an awkward manner. He had graduated university years ago and now he's apparently going back to high school.

Silvaria World Inst.i.tute was a different case, it's a school that primarily taught fighting techniques while the schools here are normal schools where you pack your bags and go study there.

If at all possible, Wu Yan didn't want to go.

He has to go since he's aligned with Ratatoskr, and he's mooching off her by staying at her home so he has to obey her command.

Raizen high, that's the same high school the protagonist went to in the original work. The original Shido is now a lady so if that's the case, more than likely, Origami Tobiichi is going to be there.

If he goes there, he's going to b.u.mp into Origami for sure and he can just see the surprised look on that Kuudere.

Tobiichi Origami had a thing for the original protagonist. Wu Yan's wondering if Tobiichi Origami will throw herself all over Shiori.

That would be nice to see.

Kotori saw that Wu Yan isn't going to object to her statement so she nodded in a satisfied manner. Shiori smiled at Wu Yan.

"I was worrying if you're going to be lonely to be at home all by yourself…"

Wu Yan laughed that notion off. In this world, pigs will fly before it gets lonely for him…

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