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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 318: Mind, body, and technique. Eternal Arms Mastership!

Sitting on the bed, Wu Yan waved his hand and a heap of magic crystals appeared on his bed.

He spent 100,000 credits to buy these crystals from the rude old man at the magic crystal store. The lowest tier of crystal in here is tier 6, there are also tier 7 magic crystals mixed in the heap.

Wu Yan wanted to buy tier 8 crystals because those crystals are worth a lot of Ability Points. But, tier 8 magic crystals are too expensive to be worth the effort of selling it to the System.

He had to compromise on quality and buy a lot of tier 6 and tier 7 magic crystals. Finally, he found himself exiting the store with only 10,000 credits left.

He picked one of the crystals up and he sighed at the severely drained ID card. It sure took only a short while for the money to go away than come into his possession.

"Maybe I should persuade Ikaros and the others to challenge the arena tower. It's basically free credits anyway…"

Wu Yan looked at the heap of magic crystals in front of him. He made a motion in the air and the next instant, countless magic crystals disappeared.

Beep, obtained 100,000 Ability Points

Well, ain't that a coincidence? It's the same amount as the credits spent.

He waved his hand as he navigated through the menu like he's scrolling through his smartphone.

He opened the sub-menu for abilities, and he saw 3 tabs for skills, talents, and bloodline. He paused before he went for the "skills" tab.

A bunch of skills appeared in front of his face, his lips twitched out of the sheer volume of skills being sold. There were so many of them that for a moment, Wu Yan was tempted to buy all of them with every last Ability Points he has.

He recalled that his 151,000 Ability Points is only enough to buy the ability he wants after accounting for the magic crystals he just sold.

He scrolled through the list with absurd familiarity and he quickly located the ability he wanted.

 Mastery of combat arts has reached the point of being said to be peerless in one's era. By complete merging of mind, body, and technique, it enables the user to make full use of fighting skills even when under the influence of any sort of mental hindrance. Cost: 150,000 Ability Points

Today, Wu Yan was made aware during the fight to clear floor 4 that after becoming a True Ancestor, he had attained incredible regeneration, a strong body, and endless lifeforce. However, he is lacking the ability to make full use of such a mighty body.

He is fully aware that this is his weakness. He was just a normal geek before the System changed his life, there is no way he can compare with those who had trained in martial arts since young.

He had Sword Master ability but that ability granted him nothing more than complete mastery over the blade. In other forms of combat, he is inadequately prepared for fighting.

He also needed to thank his impeccable memory and Mikoto for her tutelage. Else, he wouldn't have been able to use Electromaster as deftly as he could without a significant amount of time spent on training.

He could go and properly train himself so he can use his body to its full extent. But, since the System already had a faster alternative, not using it would be asinine.

Eternal Arms Mastery is the ability of Lancelot in Fate series. It allows the user to fully use their combat abilities by merging mind, body, and technique. Just the skill Wu Yan needed.

In the original work, Lancelot was still able to fight with such skill and technique that he could hold his own against Gilgamesh even though he is currently in a maddened state. This ability is way better and more comprehensive than Sword Master.

Eternal Arms Mastery can do more than just allow mastery over the blade, it allows the user to be nigh unrivaled in combat arts. With this ability, his Level wouldn't increase but his strength would increase tremendously.

At least, he wouldn't be wasting the potential of this True Ancestor's body. His skill and techniques would be upgraded to a peerless state. This alternative is definitely more cost-effective compared to training for a long duration of time.

Skills also had another feature which made them appealing. These skills are all permanent as the skill is turned into a body of knowledge that is carved into his mind. He wouldn't be able to forget them even if he wanted to.

If for some reason, he is restricted or influenced in some way, his skills won't be affected as it is already etched in his mind.

When he thought about skills, this is the first skill that immediately came to his mind. He miscalculated the number of Ability Points he can get with 100,000 credits. Luckily for him, he cleared some floors so the reward from clearing those rounds allowed him to just barely sc.r.a.pe by without having to resort to borrowing credits from Fei Fei and Lulu.

He clicked the buy b.u.t.ton.

Beep, learned Eternal Arms Mastery

When the System notification came, his brain shook as his field of vision turned white. A lot of information surged into all his senses from nowhere. The information can be described as having been jammed into his mind forcefully.

He held his head as the sharp pain made his veins pop. He's currently in a world of pain at the moment.

The memories being jammed into his head formed mysteriously from nowhere. It suffused his memory and became deeply embedded in it.

With more and more memories entering his mind, his expression slowly relaxed. His eyes showed signs of enlightenment from time to time.

The System started issuing some more notifications

Beep, due to the compatibility between Sword Master and Eternal Arms Mastery, Sword Master has been integrated into Eternal Arms Mastery.

 Beep, due to the compatibility between Master Chef and Eternal Arms Mastery, Master Chef has been integrated into Eternal Arms Mastery. 

 Beep, due to the compatibility between Impeccable Memory and Eternal Arms Mastery, Impeccable Memory has been integrated into Eternal Arms Mastery. 

 Beep, due to the compatibility between Return to Horizon Waltz and Eternal Arms Mastery, Return to Horizon Waltz has been integrated into Eternal Arms Mastery. 


UnitWu YanAbilityTrue Ancestor, Eternal Arms Mastery, Electromaster Lv5Equipment:Nietono no Shana (Grade C), Imaginary Dragon Armor (Grade C), Meteor Storm (Grade B)Summons:Misaka Mikoto, Katsura Hinagiku, Ikaros, Astrea, Flandre Scarlet, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Takitsubou Rikou, Misaka SistersEquipment points:121,000Item Points:300,000Ability Points:1,000Summoning Points:170,000Level:67


Wu Yan is completely stunned…

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