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Chapter 1047

Night time...

Under the soft glow of the moonlight...

The land glistened in a silver glow despite the lack of stars in the sky. It felt cool to be out here. It wasn't finger-freezing cold, the light gave everything a long and lonely shadow.

The forward operating base is peaceful, a rare feat for this chaotic base. Even if the air's a bit chilly, the sentry flames lit along the pathways here dispelled the chill. The patrols felt rather at ease with tonight's serenity.

That's what it felt like to rank and file soldiers of this base. At the top, it felt like the calm before a storm.

The high-ranking officials still remembered the day a certain squad leader brought back the bodies of his squad members. They recalled the detail that the lead soldier told them.

Pelosi, Bing Ling, and Bishi already relayed this news back to the capital. The imperials and other n.o.ble families are tasked with deciding the next moves. They waited patiently for any news from the capital.

Pelosi, Bing Ling, and Bishi know one thing:

The proverbial water of Giant Beast Forest runs deep and it's eerily muddy...

Because they were hung up on this, they couldn't sleep at ease. What should have been a peaceful night felt like the peace before a raging storm.

Pelosi, Bing Ling, and Bishi might be losing sleep over this affair, however, Wu Yan's definitely having the time of his life.

Inside the tent belonging to Wu Yan, the tent other soldiers made sure to stay as far away as reasonably possible, there are odd noises coming from within.

Mind-numbing moans, frantic breathing, and what sounded like wet meat slapping against each other at rather forceful speeds. There are also weird sloshing sounds. The sound isn't audible more than 5 meters away. One needed to get within five meters of the tent to notice these weird sounds.

Granted, if there's an intruder around. The sounds from the tent would stop. However, that intruder better be prepared for h.e.l.l come morning. A certain ruthless lewd wolf will come down on that intruder for interrupting his joyous coitus.

Amidst the cacophony of lewd sounds, a few figures were entwined rather intimately around each other. They were going at each other in an intense brawl. The sole male is making the huffing sound while the other two seductive female figures were making the enchanting moaning sounds.

As time went on, the pants-off dance-off dialed up in volume and intensity. The women were whimpering in pure carnal pleasure. They could barely catch their breaths. Finally, they were begging for the male to go easy on them.

Alas, their whimpers only turned on the male. He ignored their pleas of mercy. Instead, he increased his motor speed and he started raising h.e.l.l in the secret gardens of his female partners. He sent the females into a divine o.r.g.a.s.m. After a long and drawn-out moan, he subjugated his partners.

The three twitched as they went stiff. After a few pumps and spasms, the sensual duel finally ended.


Wu Yan sighed with a satisfied l.u.s.ter on his face. He is utterly content with his actions.

The two women lying on top of him had rosy cheeks. They are still panting after having their cuc.u.mber patches so roughly handled by the brute. They are as tired as they are satisfied with the erotic brawl just now. Their angelic wings were still trembling in the afterglow. Their eyes were misty as they are still in a trance of pleasure.

Wu Yan is also very proud that he did that to both Ikaros and Astrea. This isn't the first time he pounded the two angels in bed. Each time, he would walk away with a sense of accomplishment.

For the record, this isn't the first time he did an FFM+ s.e.xual arrangement. Heck, he lost his cherry by porking Hinagiku and Mikoto at the same time. In terms of accomplishment though, ravishing the angels still felt superior even if dipping his corndog with Hinagiku and Mikoto's batter felt nice.

Firstly, Ikaros and Astrea are total bombsh.e.l.ls. They easily trounced the other girls in terms of physical development. Only Yukari can compete with them but Wu Yan isn't bold enough to try that yet...

Moreover, he made the girls shift into Pandora mode to spice things up. Boy, he is glad he ordered them to do so. The storm they kicked up is almost the same as the wild bam-bam in the ham he did with Kurumi before, if not better!

Comparing his experience to Kurumi is like using the gold standard. Kurumi has a screw loose in her head. This also means every time they got together for a bedroom rodeo, Kurumi would summon multiple copies of her to wring Wu Yan dry. He couldn't tell where the five copies or more of Kurumi started or where his fingers went into. That's how crazy it is to attack Kurumi's pink fortress.

There are only two outcomes when he and Kurumi bangs: Either one party runs out of stamina or the morning arrives first.

Yes, insane doesn't even cut it...

Wu Yan started burning with l.u.s.t when he remembered the crazy feats they did together. Then, his conscience reminded him it's not cool to think of other girls when he's with the angels. He shook his head to get rid of the impure thoughts.

He caressed their soft backs and he listened to the soothing sounds they made. Wu Yan wanted to thank Daedalus for creating and designing these two women.

When he remembered Daedalus, Wu Yan had a sudden idea.

"Hey, Ikaros, Astrea, do you girls want to take a trip back home?"


The two ladies flinched. They didn't get what Wu Yan meant by "home".

Wu Yan explained.

"I mean, do you girls want to check out your original world? Well?"

Wu Yan asked this out of concern for Ikaros and Astrea.

They originally lived thousands of years in their original world. It's been a while since they left, most would be homesick by now.

Who would have thought that after processing Wu Yan's question, the two angels hugged Wu Yan frantically.

"No no no! Astrea does't want to go back to that home!"

Astrea almost yelled that out.

"No master in that place, I don't want to go back!"

"Me too..."

Ikaros sounded soft but her expression is firm.

"Ikaros will only follow master..."

"You two..."

Wu Yan wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry, he tickled their noses.

"I am not chasing you away. No, I just wanted to know if you girls want to return to your original world to check things out. If you girls ever feel like going there, I will accompany you girls..."

The two angels sighed in relief. Astrea puffed her cheek in annoyance.

"Master is so mean. You scared me..."

"You misunderstood me..."

Wu Yan knocked Astrea's little head.

"Well, how about it? Want to go on a trip back home?"

Ikaros and Astrea exchanged a look.

Actually, they were conflicted.

In regards to Synapse, Ikaros and Astrea didn't have a shred of goodwill for it. In that place, there are no more than weapons of war to be mobilized at the behest of the Master of Synapse. Their life right now is way better than the life they had back in that place.

If at all possible, they would decline any offer to return. But, they hesitated because they still remembered their creator.

Daedalus is like a mother to the two angels. Even Ikaros who just recently developed her emotional faculties felt like meeting their mother.

Wu Yan understood their thoughts, he reacted to their silence by pecking them on their foreheads.

"If you two ever want to go back. Just give me a call and I will go back with you girls..."

Wu Yan beamed warmly at them.

"I also want to thank Daedalus for bringing you two into this world. I want to thank her for allowing me to meet you two..."

Their hearts warmed up and they nodded. They snuggled up against Wu Yan's chest and they closed their eyes in bliss...

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