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Chapter 98: Failed Authors Promoting Themselves

Having acquired the abilities of "Yu Shengfan", however, Zhao Youyue had to refrain herself from activating "Yu Shengfan's" mode. She was afraid of turning into a braggart, then she would insult her cousin Zhao Hao during his upcoming ranking match[1]. "What's with numb fingers, a second-degree handicap? You're better off raising pigs at home with this hand movement speed…"

Anyway, she did not want to offend her simple-minded and "easy-to-coax" rich cousin. This would bring her no benefits at all. Besides, Zhao Youyue still wanted to get her red packet from him. He must give her at least 80,000 to 100,000 RMB, otherwise how could he claim that he was richer than Ding Yuncong, right?

After showing off successfully before his little cousin Youyue Meimei, Zhao Hao proceeded to look at the Overall Tipping Ranking on Qidian. He found out that the top three spots were "WistfulFallenSoot", "Fning", and "HollowValleyStar",who had tipped 1,800,000 RMB, 1,700,000 RMB, and 1,200,000 RMB respectively.

Zhao Hao sn.i.g.g.e.red, "What? The highest tip is just 1,800,000 RMB, I can surpa.s.s them someday. Oh yeah, let me give this account to you. If there are any books that caught your interest, you could just grab the seat of Silver or Golden Sect Master."

Not only did Zhao Hao like to show off, he enjoyed bringing people beside him to swagger around. Since he liked his little cousin Zhao Youyue, thus he gave her such opportunity too.

Zhao Youyue gladly accepted it with a smile. She now owned two Qidian accounts, one was "Youyue" while the other was "ImYouyueHerBrother". "Youyue" did not rank even the top 100 of the ranking, she probably had to spend more than 50,000 RMB to be there. Until now, she had tipped Su Li a Silver Sect Master. Plus the Sect Masters she tipped other authors, still she had spent approximately 50,000 RMB. Compared to her cousin Zhao Hao who never paid a

hoot to money, she was absolutely nothing. After spending more than 110,000 RMB, "ImYouyueHerBrother" was already 48th in Overall Tipping Ranking.

"Big bro, you have reached 48th place in Overall Tipping Ranking at once," Zhao Youyue reminded him while pointing to Overall Tipping Ranking.

To appear in the rankings was quite impressive. Do not forget that there were a lot of "manipulation" accounts created by the "High G.o.d" level authors to tip their own works, making them looked more popular. They would probably tip themselves a Silver Sect Master, just 10,000 RMB anyway! To them who always manipulated their works' popularity, this was a small amount of money. To maintain their works on the ranking board, they could spend a lot more than that.

Looking at the ranking board, Zhao Hao got bored as he thought that such a small amount of money had made him in the 48th place. It seemed that this Qidian website did not really have G.o.dly tyc.o.o.ns. Sigh, showing off on this small website would only ruin his reputation. Anyway, he had spent this big money solely to see the smile on his Youyue Meimei.

Thinking of which, Zhao Hao closed the Qidian main page which bothered him, and continued to read the novel on the pirated website. He had no intention of reading the original novel, but he was afraid of being despised by Zhao Youyue, Thus, he still asked her to activate automatic subscription to the original novel for him.

Zhao Youyue could never understand. This guy has tipped such a big amount, why is he not reading the original novel, what is he thinking?

However, Zhao Youyue could not give him a cold shoulder anymore for not reading the original. The amount that Zhao Hao tipped this time, the money he had spent on the webnovel, had exceeded what one was not able to earn for their entire life. a.s.suming that 1,000 words cost five cents, the Qidian coins

coins he had tipped could actually purchase billions of words...

Zhao Youyue a.s.sured her cousin Zhao Hao, "Brother, you've tipped so much, later you could enjoy the author's worship before them."

Zhao Hao jokingly asked, "Is the author a beautiful girl?" Zhao Youyue told him that the author was already a married uncle. Zhao Hao naturally lost his interests and shook his head, he said, "Ahh, I don't need a married uncle's worship. Is there no beautiful girl among the authors?" Zhao Youyue then showed him the picture of Su Li, but he was not interested in her at all and he bragged that all the women with whom he slept were ten times more beautiful than this lady.

Zhao Hao felt a little bit awkward after bragging about that. After all, the listener was her little sister, not his spoiled friend Ding Yuncong. He had always looked down on Ding Yuncong who was a fan of Internet beauties. Nothing much, it's just that the girls with whom he played were all of the low standards, yet he brazenly mentioned that he was an advocate of non-marriage. Just be honest that he wanted to play with more girls!

Of course he would claim directly that he despised the Internet beauties. While abroad, he had dominated the women from all countries. Now, he would only play with the actresses in the entertainment circle, and they must not be too famous or have undergone plastic surgeries. He felt that he had played women like how Wanjun Meimei played her games, they both had standards.

Of course Zhao Youyue had no comment on Zhao Hao's dissolute past, because it was none of her business. Even when Zhao Hao was bragging about it, Zhao Youyue was on her phone, relishing the fired up the comment section. The ten million Qidian coins post was already flooded with thousands of comments——

"Oh my it's really a Golden Sect Master! Such a tyc.o.o.n, how scary!

how scary! After all these years in Qidian, this is my first time seeing one Golden Sect Master alive!"

"This Golden Sect Master is indeed mighty. Will this super tyc.o.o.n 'ImYouyueHerBrother' really be the brother of 'Youyue' who had a little fame?"

"There's a big chance! Since 'Youyue' is already this rich, having a richer brother is not something unusual..."

"Am I the only one who noticed the word 'Her'? 'Youyue' should be a girl! A super fair, rich and beautiful girl!"

"What the… Definitely a family of wealth beyond three generations! So filthy rich!"

"As an amateur author myself, I'm jealous of the author of 'The Strongest King', Rosemary. I'm here to advertise my new book, a celestial-martial-arts genre of 'Truth'. Everyone, please give it a try, don't berate it in case you don't like it. --- from 'Drunk for Her'[2]"

Zhao Youyue realized that his cousin's ID had made her own Qidian ID "Youyue" to be mentioned a couple of times in the comments section. Probably everyone was guessing their relationship, but she was too lazy to reply if he was her own brother. Technically... her dad was his dad's brother, whose family was much richer than theirs.

Zhao Youyue signed in to the account "ImYouyueHerBrother" on her phone, and found that the inbox was exploded with mails. Most of them were from the were from the failed authors, of course, there were some minor, and Middle G.o.d grade authors too.

When she saw an author with the pen name of "Drunk for Her", promoting his new book "Truth", a celestial-martial-arts genre. The author had actually guaranteed that this was one of the best literary creations out there. Zhao Youyue felt that this author was way too shameless, with no sense of embarra.s.sment, anyway she decided to give this "Truth" a try. It started out with an extremely handsome male protagonist, who was then hit on by a stunning lady and became a sore loser… Zhao Youyue giggled and abandoned the book after reading not more than three chapters.

This "Drunk for Her" was indeed a failed author!

Zhao Youyue never knew that "Drunk for Her" was inspired by this female elite scholar "Xu Jing" from "Pure Romance" after failing this book of his. He actually planned to write a shifter story, starring an elite female scholar…

While Zhao Youyue was being contemptuous of this "Drunk for Her" who shamelessly promoted himself, Zhao Hao was engrossed in the latest chapters of "The Strongest King".

Translation Note:

[1] Ranking match (排位赛) is a gaming mode in King of Glory in which the players are matched with players of equivalent tier to fight for the rankings on scoreboard through a fair battle.

[2] Drunk for Her (醉卧笑伊人) - the author of Shift! The Side Character Heroine (变身路人女主)

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