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Teacher Ya Jing was rather low-profile, and she usually rejected interviews. However, she did have her own Weibo.

Readers speculated that teacher Ya Jing was a perfect, youthful intellectual. She was the school flower in one of the top Shanghai universities.

Nevertheless, teacher Ya Jing did not discuss her work over Weibo. She just loved to show off her photos. Some of them showed her reading books in a library, some showed her painting in an old-school pavilion, and some showed her using her ultrslim Fruit laptop in a cla.s.sy cafe.

This elegant girl seen in every photo demarcated the beauty of philosophy.

Teacher Ya Jing became the most intellectual, exquisite and dignified female author.

It's safe to say this, everyone who came across this low-profile, beautiful author quickly became a fan!

Some of these fans bought three copies of her book. One was for safekeeping; one was for bragging and sharing, the last one would be left for personal use.

To every fan, teacher Ya Jing, Lin Shiya was the perfect woman on earth!

As a low profile author who still practiced the act of printing hard copies, the number of fans who followed her on Weibo barely exceeded 1,000,000. The highest follower counts for online authors was around 3,000,000. It was still a big gap from Ah Yu's followers.

Having entered the realm of the million-followership was still commendable, considering the low profile she maintained. If she followed the path of those typically idolized youth writers, she would easily exceed 10,000,000 fans, with the help of promotional advertis.e.m.e.nts from a management company. Even though Guo Xiaosi [1] did not exist in this world, those mainstream youth writers no longer just wrote. They did much more than that. The culmination of all their actions had led to each of them having more than 40,000,000 followers on Weibo.

Lin Shiya could easily outshine them all, if she followed that path. Her talent and beauty left many others trailing in the dust.

Lin Shiya was well aware of the level of her talent. Quoting a few sentences while giving off the image of a young scholar was no big challenge to her.

She visited Douban rather often. Occasionally, she wrote reviews for movies, songs, and books. She got to know those men who supported her and viewed her personal photos.

She could have written something similar as "The Way of University,""Big Big World," or "Bak.u.man," but only if she got possessed by some G.o.dly, highbrow spirit!

Beauty is all it takes to gain followers. Even her farts smelled fragrant. By showing that one had both beauty and brains, humans would flock to them like moths to flame.

There were rumors about female eggheads being easy prey for courtship. They would travel miles just to meet up, or even pay for the hotel room to stay together for one night.

This made it seem like female intellectuals did not care about their own integrity, and would drop everything at a heartbeat to pursue a relationship built on an empty void.

These were all white lies. Only a handful of people could be considered female scholars. Most of them may not be pretty, but their intellect and thought processes were far more sophisticated and superior, compared to laymen. It would be much more challenging to deceive them.

A lack of physical charm was what that silenced these genuine female scholars, remaining obscured by the crowd.

Lin Shiya was no scholar, but her facade of one was exemplary. She was willing to be Shi Jingnian's girlfriend and condone his unfaithful acts. It was not just because she loved him.

It might have started off as love, back when they were schoolmates. Shi Jingnian was handsome and rich. He was good at tugging at female heartstrings. After being together for so long, she was already used to it.

Lin Shiya could not let go of the beautiful scholar image which had been fabricated by Shi Jingnian's talents. She was used to being praised by her fans. What if he refused to write for her after they break up?

Lin Shiya knew that Shi Jingnian would still write on her behalf, but she would not bet on it. She would not risk this guy leaking this secret to his newfound love. At that moment, she was still the girl closest to his heart. She could not imagine what would happen if she lost that status!

Shi Jingnian easily yielded to beautiful girls. He told Zhao Youyue that he was the real author of all teacher Ya Jing's written work. If Lin Shiya knew about this, she would lose her mind! Where was the promise of keeping this secret for life?

Lin Shiya was not aware that Shi Jingnian had offered to compose songs for Lu Xue. He intended to mold Lu Xue's image up as a great composer, narrowing her gap between Zhao Youyue.

Lu Xue was not tempted by it. This proud, young missy wanted Shi Jingnian to publish those songs for himself and become famous. Only then would he be a matching partner for her. After Lu Xue was humiliated by Zhao Youyue in the final compet.i.tion, she had lost her interest in closing the popularity gap between her and this reincarnation of Chu Luoxun.

Lin Shiya's work had left Lu Xue suspicious. Her works should have been written by someone else.

After a lengthy investigation, she uncovered the truth. It was totally unacceptable! How could Lin Shiya accept the misplaced recognition as a beautiful genius author so readily?

Lu Xue wanted to make things right for Shi Jingnian. Her rage was not enough to cloud her mind from making rational decisions.

After the famous comic artist Su Li announced her intention of drawing ill.u.s.trations for character Wen Qingyu from "Bak.u.man,"'Su Li jokes' aficionados immediately tagged teacher Ya Jing on Weibo to seek out her opinion.

Lin Shiya had no clue about Su Li's mysterious power. Instead, she was amazed by Su Li's followers on Weibo which amounted to more than 10,000,000. It was a great privilege of hers to have such a great artist to draw for her masterpiece, "Bak.u.man."

This signified "her masterpiece Bak.u.man" had indeed grown viral, surpa.s.sing the achievements of "her two previous masterpieces." Hence, she replied …

"Welcome, teacher Su Li, ill.u.s.trator of Wen Qingyu, looking forward to your great art!"

Teacher Ya Jing was asked if she had prepared, and she replied that she was very much so, this steed was steady and ready!

Her response made her fans worried to the core! This mare was crazy!

Translation note :

[1] Guo Xiaosi was a nickname given to Guo Jingming, (Chinese: 郭敬明; pinyin: Guō Jìngmíng; born June 6, 1983) a Chinese young adult writer whose Weibo name was Number Four Wei (Chinese: 第四维) In addition to being an author and businessperson, Guo is also a teen pop idol and popular celebrity figure. On the other hand, Guo is a polarizing figure. In 2007, he was voted on Tianya.com, one of the country's biggest online forums, as China's " most hated male celebrity" for the third year in a row. Yet three of his four novels have sold over a million copies each, and by 2007, he was one of the best selling authors in China.

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