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With the ghostwriting by the talented, great gifted scholar Han, Zhao Youyue's speech under the national flag was a great success.

Although Han Leng's academics weren't particularly good, he had attained a great deal of achievements under his literary belt. When he was in junior high school, he won the first prize in the New Concept Composition Contest, becoming the youngest ever prize winner in that contest. Such an achievement is much more incredible compared to the gold prize won by Zhao Youyue during the Provincial Violin Music Contest, since the New Concept Composition Contest was at a national level.

Therefore, Han Leng certainly had experience in giving speeches under the national flag. His speech was also anti-establishment and straight-edged. The moment he ended his speech, all the students laughed, and the headmaster would be wanting to beat him up...

However, his ghostwritten piece for Zhao Youyue was not as reckless. It was like the first time when he carefully wrote a remorse letter for her. He would also tailor-make for her, a perfect speech under the national flag. A speech that was full of positive energy, yet interesting.

Imitating a female's tone to write a speech was too easy for a gifted-type writer like Han Leng. He had been quite successful in acting as the female writer 'Leng Zi.'

Excellent writers would be able to switch mindsets and write plots from a different persona. Male protagonists don't always have to be written by male writers, and female protagonists, female writers.

That was just what newbie writers and readers thought.

If a writer is only satisfied in writing from his own gender perspective, he would be at a disadvantage.

Han Leng focused Zhao Youyue's speech on how she had achieved such an accomplishment with her own effort, not only in her studies, but also in her violin skills.

It was his purpose to make her speech sound like a transference of positive energy------ 'As long as you put in the effort, you can be as successful as I am!'

However, Han Leng did not believe a single word that he wrote there, down to a single syllable. In fact, he felt that this Lady Zhao was actually a genius. She was not the hardworking-type at all. Yet, everyone felt that she was very hardworking, her life's experience being textbook inspirational. This was something that impressed Han Leng. Which of your eyes actually see her being hardworking?

Just because she originally had no sense of existence, and emerged all of a sudden, everyone would start a.s.suming the superhuman amount of effort she had put, in the silence?

We can only say that humans are living creatures that are easily deceived.

After Han Leng became Zhao Youyue's deskmate, only did he notice that Zhao Youyue was even lazier compared to his imagination. She had so many different kinds of miscellaneous books which were not even related to her studies. Is she still a female high school student?

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