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How could Ye Hai possibly forget the feeling of being 'intoxicated,' in the first place?

Words would not be able to describe it. That was a very unnatural state, just like the author himself entering his own literary world, seen the plot develop with his own eyes, as well as the joys and sorrows of the character itself...

Then, he would simlpy write down everything that he has seen. Written text was the best state of reflection. Be it the words and sentences, or rhetorical devices, all those would be applied most appropriately. Even in that frenzy, no typo would ever occur!

To be honest, Ye Hai himself missed that kind of state as well. It was indeed intoxicating and addictive, as if his hands would move by themselves, the moment he sits down in front of the computer and places his hands on the keyboard.

There would be no doubt, no fear, no hesitation.

Unfortunately, with the departure of that 'intoxicated' state, writer's block would visit him once again. Although writing 6,000 words twice a day was still a walk in the park, he knew very well that the pa.s.sionate state that he missed so much might never possibly appear in his life anymore…ever

Thus, all those scenes, sounds, characters' emotions, etc. had been deeply etched in his memories.

This was especially the case for the character, Yu Shengfan. She was totally different from other characters, as if she truly had a life and soul. She was certainly a person that lived within his literary world. In other words, a life that had taken place in his literary world!

Therefore, Ye Hai always had a special kind of feeling towards 'Yu Shengfan.' It was not romantic in nature, but it was something closer to a familial bond. If the work "The Strongest King" was his bride, the character 'Yu Shengfan' inside would be his daughter. He personally thought that it was his own pen that had given her life...

Now, when the voice of 'Yu Shengfan' that he missed so dearly appeared in reality, he would suddenly burst into life, as if he had found his long-lost daughter.

When Li Mengyao saw this, she cleared her throat and said, "Pay attention, she's not 'Yu Shengfan,' she's Lady Zhao, Zhao Youyue... But her vocal control is incredible. She previously sounded like a very normal teenager. I didn't expect her to be able to change to a Lolita voice immediately at will."

Ye Hai could not tell his wife that this voice was the very voice in his mind that 'Yu Shengfan' uttered. If Zhao Youyue's appearance was a lolita with blonde twintails, he might have lost his mind for real and believed himself to be within his own literary world once more...

After that, Zhao Youyue, or 'Yu Shengfan,' used her lolita voice again to utter many cla.s.sic lines by Yu Shengfan within "The Strongest King." Ye Hai immediately concluded his decision, to set her as the VA for 'Yu Shengfan.'

Even Su Li sighed, saying, "My lady, I think that you are truly a VA genius. I should have a.s.signed you to be the VA for 'Xu Jing.' If so, this character 'Xu Jing' would have certainly acted like herself in the anime!"

Zhao Youyue switched off the "Yu Shengfan's possession" mode, and her temperament changed entirely. The profound loneliness and melancholy that spread throughout her body a moment ago disappeared entirely.

Li Mengyao praised her as well, "Why would you still want to be a VA? You can be an actress already. You had everything spot-on, down to her mannerisms. That is too incredible!"

Zhao Youyue spoke within her heart that no matter being a VA or an actress, she would only be able to act as 'Xu Jing' or 'Yu Shengfan,' because they were actually her other selves. That was the actual appearance of the characters. She would definitely be dumbfounded if she was asked to voice act or act as other characters.

Zhao Youyue gladly accepted the job of being the VA for 'Yu Shengfan.' Since the recording session would take place during her summer vacation, she would have all the time in the world.

Thanks to sly old Rosemary, 'Yu Shengfan''s scenes were just that scarce. She only needed to voice act 'Yu Shengfan' until she dies of disease, and her job would be done. She would not need to voice act until the end of this work....

Therefore, she replied, "I can voice act for 'Yu Shengfan.' But there's one thing I would like to ask. Is an ordinary person like me who has never received any VA training before really capable of being her VA?"

With a swing of his big hand, Ye Hai replied, "Of course! I've absolutely chosen you. I believe that you would bring 'Yu Shengfan' to life. Just do it to your heart's content. You will be paid for this, of course. The salary will probably be given according to a new VA's rate."

The moment Zhao Youyue heard that she would be paid, she felt happy. She had not yet earned any money from live streaming, since she had not signed any contracts with Douyu previously. Besides, the gift money that one receives for that particular month on Douyu would be delayed by three months...

Although Zhao Youyue was a lady, she always had a desire to earn money by herself. This was not because that she was lacking of money. It was to prove herself that she was not an ordinary student who could only survive by relying on her parents, but someone who is able to earn money with her own power!

Ye Hai was always a resolute person. When he first said that he wanted to be partners with Su Li, the mangaka, he did so. The contract was settled within a few days. He was fine letting the other party have more benefits, as he was not that kind of selfish, childish author.

This was a similar situation. Since he had selectively chosen Zhao Youyue, he immediately called the animation supervisor of "The Strongest King," informing that he had found the best VA for 'Yu Shengfan.'

The animation supervisor was Dong Yang. He had been serving as the supervisor for quite a number of excellent animation works. His works were nothing spectacular, but they were without flaws. He was also very responsible towards his own works.

When Dong Yang answered Ye Hai's call, he felt that this original author was very unreliable. How could he simply choose someone to be a fixed VA for such an essential female character?

He protested, "Teacher Rosemary, you don't know much about animation after all. You totally don't understand how important it is to have a professional VA for the animation's characters. 'Yu Shengfan' is the most important female character in the early stage of this novel. She can even be considered the heroine of the arc! Yet, you got a person without any VA training experience to voice act for the heroine. Isn't this too careless? You need to know that, on the proseminar of the animation production, the company decided to let You Dinghui, the famous VA take the role. She's very experienced. She has a lot of fans. There are even rumors spreading, that a lot of the original's fans look forward to her voice acting…...Now that you've suddenly made such a decision, this is really too..."

Ye Hai's att.i.tude was unyielding. He said domineeringly, "I don't care, I just want to a.s.sign her as the fixed VA. My eyes can't be wrong! Even a famous VA can never compare against the most suitable VA. Besides, I'm saving your money!"

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