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To gain more powerful abilities, she would not be a side character anymore once she enters the novel's world.

She would not consider possessing the female protagonist, unless it being a powerful character, while having the potential of becoming an iconic character. If the character's personality and abilities have already been fixed, it would be difficult for Zhao Youyue to manipulate the character's actions.

Ling Meiyue was the female protagonist in "Beautiful April." Even though Zhao Youyue adored and felt as if the character was her spirit animal, she did not have that divine talent in music. At her best, she would be at the same level with Zhao Youyue in real life. Thus, why would she choose to possess the female protagonist?

Besides, the female protagonist was an introvert, where she would get nervous and shy easily. This kind of girl might get sympathy from guys, but she did not want to become all meek and timid when she activates her character card. She a.s.sumed that her socializing skills was not that bad. At the very least, she would not get nervous all the time.

Ruling out the "sure-win" option that the female protagonist had, the first choice for Zhao Youyue would be to possess those side characters with impressive abilities in the novel. If you manage these side characters well, it would be easy for them to become iconic characters, as long as the novel gains popularity from the readers.

As for those average side characters, if Zhao Youyue messes up their settings and makes them too powerful, it would definitely earn the unwanted attention from the author. Why could the side characters be so powerful?

That was also the reason why Zhao Youyue gave herself only one ability "addiction to study" when she possessed Xu Jing in "Pure Romance." It allowed her to study silently in an isolated corner.

Actually, "Pure Romance" was a novel that had no possibility of becoming an icon. If we are talking about the level of creation, Su Li would be lacking in a little as a rising mangaka. She could not match the level of Rosemary or the current Leng Zi. However, she was very good at drawing erotic scenes, so she invested all her skill points into drawing that.

It was a difficult task for Zhao Youyue to turn "Pure Romance" into an iconic novel. She should be grateful that the market was overflowing with cliché romantic novels, so that her anti-cliché novel "Pure Romance" was able to stand out. By utilizing techniques such as dark, depraved characters, cleavers, and a nice boat, she created an iconic novel.

Hence, she would not possess w.a.n.g Yan, the bestie of the female protagonist Ling Meiyue who was just average in music.

Actually, Zhao Youyue felt that something was wrong with this character, w.a.n.g Yan during the ongoing chapters in issue number five. She was progressively sidling up to the male protagonist - Gu Yuan. She found out about the male protagonist from the female protagonist Ling Meiyue, and even knew the nickname she gave Gu Yuan - curly haired cla.s.smate. This was due to the male protagonist Gu Yuan not taking care of his image and always coming to cla.s.s with an unkempt mop on his head. Perhaps this would be a characteristic of a musician.

Moreover, Leng Zi specifically mentioned that her bestie, w.a.n.g Yan had a side of "always wanting what others want." For example, she would always ask innocently, "That's nice, can I have some?"

Originally, Zhao Youyue had a positive image towards the character w.a.n.g Yan because she was very friendly, cheerful and innocent. However, once she realized that she had the potential of becoming the third wheel in a relationship, she became extremely cautious of her.

It was evident that the female protagonist Ling Meiyue should ditch such a boyfriend-s.n.a.t.c.hing bestie!

Zhao Youyue had become a loyal guardian angel for the typical protagonist couple. The interaction, coincidence, the blushing exchanges between the couple had been giving off the right vibes for her. This is indeed the taste of first love, along with the power of innocent and beautiful youth!

It was because that Zhao Youyue did not expect to fall in love in real life; hence she wanted to protect this couple from the bottom of her heart. However, both of the protagonists did not have an opportunity to deepen their relationship any further. This made people very anxious, and the more anxious people get, the more they wanted to read on!

Zhao Youyue was very sure that she had fallen in love with this novel. In other words, she would not make a ruckus in this novel, because she wanted the story to become more, and more popular. The ideal situation would be the protagonists getting together as a couple, while she crafts an iconic character card from the side character - Chu Luoxun.

Maybe she should give up everything she had to help the protagonists?

Everything, which also meant her life, was included.

Zhao Youyue was never afraid of death in the world of novels. As long she dies for the right cause, dies gloriously, or dies in order to get the readers to pity her, which would be the best.

In her opinion, since the relationship between the protagonists was so healthy, the other readers should share her feelings for them and support the couple. They represented the best aspects of a couple falling in love for the first time. Their relationship would definitely heal people's heart and make people believe in love again. People would be eating "dog food" and reflecting on their wasted youth.

Then, the horrible things that happens to the female side character wouldn't matter, right?

Although the "dog food" given by the protagonists would worsen her situation, wasn't this useful at making her impression even more lasting?

All of a sudden, Zhao Youyue's had the ideas of a plot flashing through her mind. It was the story from Anderson's fairy tale called "Daughter of the sea." The little mermaid had sacrificed so much for the prince, yet the prince had mistaken her for another girl. In the end, the little mermaid turned into bubbles. The scene gave a lasting impression.

The main protagonists had no chance to develop the relationship yet, right?

Then she should let the possessed Chu Luoxun give them a chance!

She had drafted most of the plot lines where the male protagonist would get along surprisingly well with Chu Luoxun. Under the guidance of Chu Luoxun who has been blessed by the G.o.d of music, even though Gu Yuan could not hear the piano, but he could feel the joy again when playing music!

Moreover, the male protagonist had a wish. He wished to play the piano to express his love to the female protagonist Ling Meiyue. However, due to the scar in his heart, he is no longer able to hear his own music…

Still, as long as Chu Luoxun was there, she would be able to restore the male protagonist to the musical path. However, she and Gu Yuan would stay as friends only, and she would call him "friend A."

Besides, in order not to let the easily jealous female protagonist worry too much, she could pretend to like the male protagonist's friend, Chen Hao…

As for the reason why she would go all the way out just to help the male protagonist, she could go under the guise of admiring his music ever since she was a kid. She had stepped into the path of music because of the male protagonist's influence. She just wanted him to play piano again and win over his first love, as long as he is happy. At the same time, she would guide the female protagonist in detail, so that one day she could replace her, as her time was limited.

The male protagonist, Gu Yuan would always think that the person who matched him well in music was the female protagonist, Ling Meiyue. The truth was, this was just a misdirection caused by Chu Luoxun. This way, wouldn't she help to make up the couple?

Even until the end, the male protagonist would never know the truth. He would be playing the music in perfect harmony with the female protagonist. This is indeed a great ending!

Zhao Youyue was grinning widely. She felt that the biggest advantage of traveling into her favorite novel was that she could guide the storyline the way she intended it to be…

Zhao Youyue did not know that the author, Han Leng was having a headache trying to develop the relationship between the protagonists. We must not forget that his relationship with Zhao Youyue was only up to the level of knowing their respective WeChat ID. In the end, he even stayed away from Zhao Youyue intentionally.

In this novel "Beautiful April," he would write a happy ending for the protagonists, no matter the circ.u.mstances. It was to hold a memorial for his love that had died before it even began. This would be the work where he devotes the best of his youth into.

However, he had crashed headfirst into writer's block…because he had no experience in love, at all. It was due to that exact reason; that he was able to describe such a pure, innocent, young love story that tasted like first love.

Luckily, Zhao Youyue has entered the door of Two Dimensional Gate again. She chose to possess the side character Chu Luoxun who had not been introduced yet and started to make adjustments to her character settings.

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