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Chapter 154: The girl who has been blessed by the G.o.d of Music

A few pages after, Zhao Youyue witnessed a scene that greatly pleased her .

Coincidentally, the male protagonist Gu Yuan, and the female protagonist Ling Meiyue had chosen to have dinner at the same restaurant .

Words alone cannot express the mysteries of fate and destiny .

Both of them soon came across each other and turned red in unison as their eyes met . This might be what they call the taste of first love .

The female protagonist Ling Meiyue was not extremely pretty, but she was quite a feast for the eyes . She also did not stand out much, but she would be very serious when it comes to studying or co-curricular activities .

Zhao Youyue had not realized that the model for this female protagonist was almost similar to hers, other than the family background .

Perhaps this was the kind of girl that Han Leng loved . In the end, he still had not stated that the female protagonist was the incomplete half of a one-sided love, involving the male protagonist . Instead, it would be a happy love story when both parties fall in love together, because it was the only way for him to satisfy his own imagination . He also hoped that the "Ling Meiyue" in real life would fall in love with him, but such a thing was nothing but fantasy…

Of course, both of the protagonists in the novel were largely ignorant of their own situations .

The male protagonist then used an idiom from a famous author in his world to express his surprise at meeting the female protagonist .

There was one detail that we should pay attention to . The female protagonist Ling Mei Yue seemed to have a happy family, and she had an adorable elder sister, Ling Meixing .

However, it appeared that she was in love and was busy sending Wechat messages to her boyfriend . As for the male protagonist Gu Yuan, he only had his father accompanying him . Where was his mother?

It had not yet been explained in the novel, for now . In any case, the novel was exactly what the author Leng Zi said it would be . The novel was a happy one, mixed with some sweet romance .

The level of tiny details was truly surprising . For instance, when Gu Yuan pours himself some drinks, Ling Mei Yue would be standing behind him . He had wanted to pour himself some fruit juice in the first place, but went for coffee instead . It was as if coffee would make him appear more superior .

Zhao Youyue had no idea how the other readers processed this detail . However, she could not help but grin after reading through this small detail . It was true, boys would love to act mature in front of their crush .

The sister, Ling Meixing was rather thoughtful . After knowing that he was her sister's cla.s.smate from Ling Meiyue herself, she immediately reported it to her parents . As outgoing socializers, Ling Meiyue's parents went to greet Gu Yuan who was with his father…

Their parents had also met for the first time during the protagonists' first meeting!

Zhao Youyue was very surprised; she had never seen such a stable couple before!

Why couldn't all novels be written this way? One on one couples are the perfect setting!

Zhao Youyue was really grateful to the Two Dimensional Gate for giving her such a pleasant surprise . It had actually given her a youthful novel that made her feel so refreshed and bittersweet . This author, Leng Zi had just won herself a new fan . It had to be a female author, since such care was given to every detail, right?

She made a decision to hunt down other works by Leng Zi after she finishes reading the currently available releases of "Beautiful April" .

Soon after, Gu Yuan's father started to tease the male protagonist and asked him whether he liked the girl or not . After all, she was quite pretty . Of course he said no, but his ears were all red . He quickly drank the coffee to hide his embarra.s.sment, only to realize that coffee was terribly bitter…

As they were paying the bills, the female protagonist Ling Meiyue overcame her nervousness and spoke to the male protagonist . She told him not to tell anyone in the cla.s.s what happened today, because it was too embarra.s.sing . The male protagonist was very nervous as well, but put up a manly front, and insisted that he would not tell anyone .

The following plot basically portrayed the typical routine of high school life . Due to the shyness between the male and female protagonist, the story developed at a slow pace . In the fifth chapter of the novel, only did she realize that they had exchanged their respective WeChat IDs to discuss about the preparation of tools and equipment for the upcoming music festival .

Still, Zhao Youyue read with great interest . She used all her break time during the day just to read this youth novel that kept showing more and more bittersweet, shy romance . Even though both protagonists did not show or express their feelings for each other, it was truly heart-warming to see them in sync at doing almost everything . The pa.s.sion it awoke in the readers was just too profound and overpowering!

Of course, besides the love story, there was another critical plotline as well, which took the musical aspect . By the end of chapter five, the story broke off at a point which made Zhao Youyue infuriated .

The background of the male protagonist was finally revealed . Apparently, he was a genius pianist . Due to his ability to play music scores perfectly, he was known as the "Human metronome" .

He played the piano for the sake of his sick mother's happiness . Consequently, his talent and hard work had earned him a lot of honors and awards .

However, during one practice session where his own feelings overwhelmed him and caused the flowing of tears, his mother had literally asked him to go die . Soon after that, his mother pa.s.sed away . As a result, he could no longer hear his own music, after suffering the heavy blow of his mother's

his mother's death . In addition to that, he also gave up on his promising career path as a pianist .

The prizes received by the male protagonist were too many compared to the female protagonist . This is because the female protagonist Ling Meiyue, was just an average genius, similar to the level of Zhao Youyue in real life . However, the male protagonist was a genuine super genius . He used to be the king of pianos, but…

Zhao Youyue pitied and sympathized with the male protagonist, Gu Yuan's history . However, if we refer to our experiences of cliché stories, with female protagonist as a violinist, she might end up healing the male protagonist . Perhaps, she could reignite his love for the piano again?

Zhao Youyue looked back at the mental description of the male protagonist, and she somehow understood the extreme feelings that he had . After all, he lost his mother, and the piano along with it…

Has he given up and now wanted to be a regular person?

He used to say this to himself—

I once crossed over the mountains and oceans and walked through crowds too . Everything I once owned is gone . I once felt frustrated, disappointed and lost . Then, I discovered, that being ordinary is the answer .

This foreshadowing had taken Zhao Youyue by surprise . You could only say that this is how a good book should be . The lines and the sentences that were gracefully written are worth doubling back to re-read before understanding the profound meaning behind it .

While Zhao Youyue was deeply immersed in the world of the novel, she did not notice that Han Leng had gone to the water dispenser in front of the cla.s.sroom multiple times . Whenever he pa.s.sed by, he saw that Zhao Yoyue was reading his "Beautiful April" at the edge of his line of sight .

This made Han Leng feel greatly conflicted . He had wanted to ask about her feelings and thoughts after reading his novel, but he was too shy to talk to Zhao Youyue…

When Zhao Youyue went back, she re-read "Beautiful April" another three times . In the end, the female character she decided to possess was— Chu Luoxun!

Who in the world was Chu Luoxun?

From the name, we would know that this female character had the characteristics of Mary Sue . For now, she was just a vague character, mentioned among many other students . There was no direct description of her . However, based on the rumors spreading among the students, she had two distinctive, unforgettable characteristics .

Firstly, she had unmatched beauty .

Secondly, she has been blessed by the G.o.d of music .

In any case, the story had exaggerated the characteristics of Chu Luoxun . We could a.s.sume that she would be the final boss in the main storyline, and is defeated by the protagonists at the end of the story . However, since her description was based on rumors alone, there was no sign of an antagonist yet .

Actually, in most of the novels, if a female character is too overpowering in terms of beauty, intelligence, talent, she would be a side character for sure . She would also most likely be the main villain in the story as well . Therefore, it was entirely possible for Chu Luoxun to follow this trend when she appears . However, she was still absent from the story at this point .

When Zhao Youyue saw the setting for this character, her eyes started to sparkle . She would love to experience the feeling of being blessed by the G.o.d of Music . As for making her an iconic character, she would have to give it some thought and be careful when twiddling with the character settings . In any case, she simply wanted to be an "a.s.sisting attacker" because she absolutely adored the Gu Yuan and Ling Meiyue ship!

She just hoped that they could be together forever . That would be sufficient . . .

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