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Zhao Jiayi would definitely agree to watch a war film with his beloved daughter, because he was a good man who takes good care of his family. He would never reject any request from his daughter, but he did not want to see his daughter become some sort of VIP either. This is one of the reasons why Zhao Youyue had been delegated to a role of a side character.

If one wishes to become a high-profile existence, they must work hard for it, especially for someone like Zhao Youyue who was mediocre in every aspect. If she never stands out by herself, it would be normal for her to end up as a side character.

Hardwork was a talent too.

Luckily, Zhao Youyue was striving(causing) hard(trouble) in order to not end up as a side character, hoping to become something worth noticing.

Zhao Youyue's mother w.a.n.g Hua could not stand the way her husband was spoiling the daughter, she wished that her daughter would become a successful person one day. However she could not just force her daughter to do so, so she simply left her daughter be.

The love w.a.n.g Hua gave her daughter was no less than Zhao Jiayi's.

She was satisfied with Zhao Youyue's performance recently because her daughter finally decided to pick up violin lessons again. She never complained about it being tiring or torturous like she used to do so when she first started learning the violin. This was enough to bring a smile to w.a.n.g Hua's face.

Of course, Zhao Youyue had just started learning violin lessons again for less than a month. It still remained unclear if she could continue for three months, or if she could at least try to break her previous record. What a shame...

Zhao Youyue was "reshaping herself".

When w.a.n.g Hua saw that her daughter had invited her dad to watch a television drama, she felt a little bit emotional, why did that little sloth only invite that scoundrel from the Zhao family, and not her?

No way, she wanted to be together with the little sloth as well!

So, the family of three sat down together in front of a huge LCD TV that hung from the ceiling, watching a television drama.

Zhao Youyue did this as a child, but as she grew older, technology only grew more developed. Television was gradually being pushed out, because a computer could replace it completely. Even smartphones could view dramas...

w.a.n.g Hua usually used her tablet to watch videos and being a smartphone addict, the smartphone was part of her body.

The house's internet television was used mostly by Zhao Jiayi, because he liked watching big scenes with a big screen, it was a wholesome, fulfilling experience!

"Youyou, I'm curious. Why did you recommend this "War Heroes" drama to me? I did watch the previous six episodes of it, it was rather lackl.u.s.ter..."

Zhao Jiayi was lounging lazily on the soft sofa, talking to his daughter who sat beside w.a.n.g Hua.

As a veteran war movie fan, Zhao Jiayi has seen a lot of war films, and he particularly loved those awesome explosive visual effects on a big screen. Every time a movie with decent visual effects shows up on cinema, he would bring his wife and daughter to watch it together. Unfortunately, w.a.n.g Hua was not interested in these kinds of film, she thought of them as childish and superficial. As for Zhao Youyue, she was neutral about it, so she would not question her father's taste, and would even chime in with some good words that pleased her father.

Zhao Youyue's mild personality made it so that she would not blatantly offend anyone ever since childhood. She was slow to anger, and as a result, people would take it that she was an easy-going pushover. People who knew her for a long time would realize she treats everyone equally.

Of course, there were people she held dearly in her heart, and none more so than her parents. She was a filial daughter who now cooks for her parents every week, and has even considered getting an awesome culinary skill that would only be found in a fictional world with help from the "Two Dimensional Gate". When that happens, she would then make her parents a meal the likes of which the world has never seen.

She could now make decent dishes without the help of the "Xu Jing card," as practice makes perfect. While she prepares the food, her parents would not just wait for her like masters of the house, they would offer to help her whenever and however they can. Even her clumsy mother, w.a.n.g Hua would also do her best to help her daughter.

The relationship between the three of them had been strengthened through cooking together.

"It might be normal on the previous episodes, but doesn't that mean that it won't be exciting at the end right? Who knows if the audience would be in for a big surprise?"

Zhao Youyue believed that the creator would not completely delete her touch of insanity, a part of it might have been taken as an inspiration for some form of fan-service. How else would he deal with that sudden "outburst of inspiration"?

After Zhao Jiayi heard what his daughter had said, he felt somewhat disgruntled. He has watched a lot of war films, and he would know what the director was capable of just by watching the beginning of the show. This "War Heroes" was just an ordinary creation, it wasn't great, it wasn't horrible, there was nothing special about it, there was no mystery to it's plummeting reviews.

He did not understand why his daughter would recommend such a mediocre film. He had a collection of masterpieces if his daughter wished to watch war films...

But Zhao Jiayi valued watching television drama together with his wife and daughter over all else. He would not mind wasting his senses on a rubbish film, the company of his family was more than enough to make up for it.

The showtime of "War Heroes" was 10 pm. Obviously, it was nowhere near primetime, it did not deserve to be there.

w.a.n.g Hua could not help but yawn. She never liked war films. With her husband sitting on her left and daughter on her right however, she had no desire to move away. Rather, she wanted that situation to last forever.

As the equally mediocre opening song of "War Heroes" started to play, the three of them had focused their attention on the television screen. Zhao Youyue was the most exuberant one, she was looking for a special something that involved no one else...

She predicted that the director, Lin Jianzhong would distribute the abilities of "Tan Xiaoya" to the men of the main protagonist, Liu Xing, forming a special forces unit to resist the Russian army. If every man had some sort of special ability, so people would not notice the sudden changes. But still, it would make the scenes all the more refreshing.

After watching it for a short while, she saw the little girl Tan Xiaoya was glowing mysteriously, aided by effects that did not look one bit cheap. It was even better than the real-live effects of the "Two Dimensional Gate". After all, the technology of computer special effects are pretty developed by now.

"Are you my motherf*cking master?"

Tan Xiaoya had transformed!

That line was uttered with the uncharacteristic lisp of a child.

Zhao Youyue's eyes flew wide open.

Zhao Jiayi's jaw fell to the ground.

w.a.n.g Hua's drowsiness scampered away and never returned again.

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