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As a doc.u.mentary war film, "War Heroes" would function according to the same scientific rules and laws as compared to the real world. Yet, this did not mean that Zhao Youyue intended to obey such pesky laws.

A great film would actually be known due to anything that's over the top. Zhao Youyue intended to possess a female character, while tweaking the settings on her own which would allow people to expand their imagination.

Originally, she wanted to craft herself a character card that possesses an iron will, fuelled by an unreasonable level of optimism with the help of the "Dimensional Gate". This way, whenever she falters, she could activate this card straightaway, transforming from an ordinary high school student into an iron-willed empress. Then, all her feeble thoughts and her depression would fade away, and her mighty, iron-blooded will would tear a path open for her, no matter how dire the circ.u.mstances are!

In that state, what could possibly drown her in depression? In the real world, she would turn into an empress fuelled with superhuman levels of willpower, releasing an aura far superior to the princ.i.p.al of her school.

Yet, when she noticed that the script of "War Heroes" left no room for her to create an iconic empress character, she decided to go a little wild instead!

"War Heroes" was nothing more than a failing TV drama series that was at the verge of being canceled. Saving it did not even occur to Zhao Youyue, she simply wanted to get out of it as soon as possible, after wreaking havoc first, of course. The series is about to be canceled sooner or later, so there should be no consequences if she tips it upside-down and twists logic into a knot, right? Why not take the opportunity of this position and create a bigger mess instead!

Similar to the time when Zhao Youyue first stepped into the world of "King of Superpowers" where she created a mess as she pleased, "War Heroes" is in an even worse state. Even if Zhao Youyue turns it inside out, nothing could possibly happen in the real world. At most, it would be something similar to cutting her finger off by mistake.

Therefore, "War Heroes" became the place for Zhao Youyue to tear off her restraints. Her purpose now was not to create an iconic character, but to do as she pleased, like in "King of Superpowers". This had caused even the author himself to come to the conclusion that he had to have lost his mind to some cheap wine, which stunned the audiences even more - Has such war drama ever existed in the first place?

With such a chaotic setting, it was as if he had created an entirely new genre!

From thereon, it seemed most likely that this newbie director and screenwriter, Lin Jianzhong would be known throughout China for his G.o.dly anti-Russian drama...

After making this decision, Zhao Youyue suddenly calmed down. That was right, if she tries to salvage any situation, no matter how far it has gone beyond saving to create an iconic character whenever she goes through the "Dimensional Gate", it would definitely take a toll on her mind. After all, most iconic characters experience extremely terrible fates. This applies even more so in the case of side characters, where it would be truly embarra.s.sing if you have never received the bento. In a way, it meant that you are not popular enough. Those who are popular would always face death, and this has always been an open secret in the writer's community. Only readers and audiences who are easily deceived would shed tears for them...

To Zhao Youyue, she would cast off all restrictions and begin tearing through like a hurricane in future if she ever enters a boring world which is underperforming while also suffering from low popularity. As long as she enjoys herself, regardless of whether the author would look back and scratch their head, thinking if they wrote this in an "intoxicated" state, it would still be fine for her, as long as she had her share of fun with it.

As a matter of fact, she did have lots of fun when she killed the loser male protagonist with a blast of railgun, successfully experiencing the fun of being Misaka Mikoto, the Level 5 Electromaster.

Zhao Youyue spared a few glances at this video hosting website which aired this TV drama, named Youku[1], I think, and the comments below were as such -

"Indeed the director has potential in him. The problem is that, the series takes itself too seriously. Liu Xing the male protagonist is perfect to a fault, and we are already bored of perfect heroes…"

"This is just too cruel, it feels like our Chinese People's Army are being tyrannized by the Russians. Throughout history, shouldn't it be us who are always scrubbing the floor with their faces? The battles also take place in areas that we have never once lost to them! What kind of c.r.a.p is this 'Russian Empire'! Do they believe that the Russians were that powerful? Hmph, I don't believe that!"

"Frankly speaking, although message this series attempts to get across is to defend your country, the truth was that the Russians failed to invade us and got f*cked instead. The far east sector eventually became part of our country. What kind of defense is this, this was totally a trap to make the Russians attack, and then fight back to take over their lands. The Chinese People's Army have shown their plans through…"

"Dropped it after three episodes. What the heck is this, historical accuracy, my *ss! Were the Russians that strong? Anyways, the main protagonist Liu Xing is a loser too! Although he has very loyal subordinates, they are all useless. Moreover, he is always treated harshly by his rubbish superior, and viewers are strapped in on a ride, enduring the same s.h.i.t as he takes without an issue. How much more ridiculous can things get?!"

"Aren't there any relaxing war films? I just wanted to watch those war films that overpowered the Russians. War films nowadays are just too serious, there's not a bit of fun in it."

Upon reading these comments, Zhao Youyue had an idea. Perhaps in the other world where G.o.dly anti-j.a.panese films were popular, the term, G.o.dly films had become synonymous with shocking. However, in this world, audiences have never appreciated something like the G.o.dly anti-j.a.panese films. So perhaps, if they watch it, especially those in their middle-age and other senior audiences would then get hooked into a fantasy-type war film where the entertainment value would be higher than the actual content that could be used for education!

What? Can a war film be made in such ways?

Please produce more war films similar to this. I just want to see war films of us overpowering the Russians. Within it, please add in some love triangles, plus some "mother-in-law and daughter-in-law" conflicts. Romantic love stories are the best, what is the whole point of this if its only about war and mindless fighting..

Zhao Youyue suddenly remembered that her easy-going father seemed to love watching war films too. At home, he had a collection of iconic war film merchandises. When she was young, she even loved to play with model soldier toys. She never requested for any of that, but they were all bought by her dad.

Back at home, there is this collection room, and within it were some cool and expensive looking models, such as aircraft carriers, tanks, jets and etc. These were all her military-buff daddy's collections.

Zhao Youyue decided to ask her father regarding his tastes and what he hoped to see after she heads back home. This way, she might be able to create a "G.o.dly anti-Russian film" that her father might love, while giving her more inspiration on how to stir up even more trouble...

As for her mother w.a.n.g Hua, she certainly had no interest in war films, but she always welcomed something that allowed her imagination to come alive. She pretty much indulged herself within Biribiri Kichiku, and if it was possible to turn "War Heroes" into something hot in Biribiri Kichiku, it would be even better. Perhaps she could unknowingly bring this series back from the ashes!

After all, Zhao Youyue had no plans of creating anything iconic during her upcoming stint in "War Heroes", it was solely for fun. Meanwhile, if she reignites the romance between her parents with the TV drama she maliciously creates, it would definitely bring up a sense of accomplishment. Even if she does not gain any ability out of this, she would not consider this a waste of effort, the fun she gets to experience would be the big pay-off!

All she wanted to do was to create something so ridiculous, so over-the-top, that would leave everyone speechless!

Naturally, to achieve such an effect, her desired possessee would be none other than that five-year-old girl!

An Anti-j.a.panese girl… Or perhaps…. An anti-Russian girl!

A poor side character whose entire family was cruelly killed by Russian soldiers, and her name was - Tan Xiaoya.

Translation Note:

1. Youku(优酷) - A video publishing website like Youtube that is based in China.

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