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Chapter 729: Oneness of Heaven and Humanity (II)

Bai Yue couldn't like Cai'er any more. Especially now that Cai'er's memories were back she was no longer the cold Saint Daughter of Samsara of that time, and behaved charmingly in front of the eyes of Haochen's parents. In front of Long Xingyu and Bai Yue's tearful faces, her own face was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a smile of happiness.

Looking at the son, future daughter-in-law, and wife in front of his eyes, Long Xingyu suddenly turned his head, wiping once again the tears on his face. He seemed unaware his fists were clenched, with his right fist thumping his own chest with force. As tears of regret filled his eyes, he turned to face his back to Long Haochen—and the eyes of all three.

A large hand came onto his shoulder, "Father, what's up? Isn't our family now gathered? Let past remain as past. See, you have so much white hair already. You have to be sure to take better care of yourself, or else you won't match Mother."

Long Xingyu slightly lowered his head, his voice still choking, "Child, these years you have been missing must have been very painful."

Long Haochen let out a chuckle, "There's no such thing! We have only had a fortunate encounter after slaying the Panther Demon G.o.d. Everyone has been training in seclusion, and went in a state of deep meditation, which is why we have all taken so long to come back. Otherwise, we would rather have returned as early as possible."

Long Xingyu suddenly turned his head to look at him, seeing the warmth carried onto Long Haochen's smile, he could feel the purity of light from his son.

"You are not speaking the truth." Long Xingyu watched his son, his eyes flickering, as if wanting to say something but still bearing it in the end.

Long Haochen reacted with some shock, "Father, are you alright?"

Long Xingyu shook his head, and forced a smile on his face, "Oh, you're right. Let past remain as past. We should look ahead for the future: no matter the trials you have faced, you will always be this Long Xingyu's son, this thing won't ever change. Let us, parent and son, fight demonkind alongside each other."

Bai Yue couldn't help laughing now, "You have been repeating that Haochen is your son many times already, Xingyu. Do you still need to keep insisting?"

Long Xingyu's expression froze as he glanced at Bai Yue, complicated emotions filled his eyes. But it very rapidly came back to normal, "It may be because I have not seen my son for too long. It still feels unreal even now."

Bai Yue took Cai'er's hand, "I'm only concerned about when it is that Cai'er will really become my daughter-in-law."

Long Haochen and Cai'er's expressions reddened at the same time, and the instant their glances crossed each other, Cai'er immediately lowered her head yet again.

Long Haochen laughed gently, "Father, Mother, if you both agree, let's make the trip to the Exorcist Mountain Pa.s.s." In this area, marriage proposals were to come from the parents' generations. Both parties would hang out together, before seeking for their parents blessings to formally conduct their wedding.

Cai'er hesitantly responded, "Haochen, we still have a lot going on. No need to rush."

Haochen smiled, "That won't do, I've had this matter in my mind for too long. And even if we don't rush, Ying'er, Yuanyuan and the crew would be rushing. They are no longer as young."

"The new union has just formed, so there are really a lot of matters going on. But in some ways, I am just a nameplate as the union's chairman. The union's matters are handled under Grandfather and Temple Head Li's responsibilities. Our priority is to progress in strength in order to be able to challenge the Demon G.o.d Emperor and those peak demon powerhouses in a short future. After our currently most pressing matters are taken care of, we should have a time of tranquility. At that time we will conduct our wedding, this way it should be about time for the others to get settled as well. And when family matters are done with, we should strive for cultivating together without delay."

Bai Yue nodded continuously, "Even if you're even busier, you cannot neglect the major events in life. Looks like it's settled, let's head over for the Exorcist Mountain Pa.s.s to propose marriage in a bit."

Long Xingyu's emotions having stabilized, a smile was now on his face, "Speaking of which, I have not met Lingxin for years." In some meaning, Cai'er's father could be considered half a disciple for Long Xingyu, whom he gave quite a bit guidances in the past to.

Long Haochen quietly declared, "Father, I plan on heading for the shrine tomorrow. Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang will follow me, they are also qualified to enter."

Long Xingyu shivered a bit, "So hasty?"

Long Haochen nodded, "We are in urgent need of increasing our strength through Divine Thrones. My mount is on the verge of evolving, and that will very possibly be his last evolution. He needs me to be strong enough to help."

Long Xingyu asked, "Is there a need for me to dispatch helpers from the Knight Temple?"

Long Haochen shook his head, "There is no need, we are enough by ourselves." He didn't dare let too many people know about Haoyue's secret. Even Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi were decided to take part after long considerations. He trusted Haoyue, but didn't dare let others know about the terrifying world he came from and his suspicious origins. Moreover, Haoyue's final evolution would be extremely dangerous, in case of accident there would be danger of death, thus Haochen did not want to implicate too many.

After a short pause, Long Xingyu declared, "Haochen, I know that your innate talent is number one out of several thousand years of the Knight Temple's History.

I know clearly about your goal. But remember well, if it won't do, don't be overly forceful. Any of the Divine Thrones can bestow you with enough formidable power, it need not necessarily be the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

Long Haochen responded, "Father, I won't shrink back. I believe that I have the ability. If even I cannot succeed, then I'm afraid that the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation won't ever find an owner."

Long Haochen said so smilingly. In ordinary times, his formidably peaceful endeavor became full of an incomparable confidence. Right, if he turns out unable to earn the approval of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, that would only prove that this original Divine Throne would actually be no being of light.

Long Xingyu's eyes glimmered, "Good! I expected no less from this Long Xingyu's son. Your father is expressing you his best wishes ahead of time."

Long Haochen smiled, "And please plan out the Golden Foundation Knights' trial for Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi. It's just a shame that even if they manage to break through the ninth step, there may not even be some Divine Thrones left for them to attempt getting picked."

In case Long Haochen, Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang all succeed, they will have accomplished the unprecedented feat of bestowing all the Knight Temple's six Divine Thrones with owners. If this really comes true, humankind's morale will reach an unprecedented peak in History.

Long Xingyu smiled about that, "There is no need for you to worry about that. When you all grow, our Divine Thrones will someday have to be pa.s.sed on. You must have had a tiring trip to go back there, so rest early. I already have a room prepared for you."

But to Long Haochen's unexpectedness, Long Xingyu really had a place prepared for Cai'er and him to stay but that was a single room.

Ever since back when Cai'er had lost her memories, the two of them hadn't shared a room. First because of Cai'er's memory loss, and next because they were already all grown, no longer youths like in those times. Long Haochen was also afraid of being unable to control himself before they would get formally married.

That was a large, comfortable room. But when standing inside, Long Haochen and Cai'er couldn't help but blush upon looking at each other, especially when seeing only that one large bed.

Clearly, Long Xingyu and Bai Yue were thinking that they would have already crossed this boundary in their teens, and moreover, for them to want to marry so shortly, living together was very normal.

Cai'er lowered her head and joined Long Haochen's side, gently taking off his coat for him, and said in low voice, "I'm going to the bath."

Hearing her mumbling words, Long Haochen immediately felt a difference. Scratching his head, he remained silent. Having deepened their love in those years, and gone through countless life or death experiences, their feelings already reached a fusional level. Although they felt somewhat awkward right now, they didn't have any need to explain themselves.

Aften making themselves presentable in turns, and recovering a bit from tiredness, Long Haochen sat on the bedside, quite lost in thoughts.

But being lost in thought in such way was a form of happiness for him. It felt very cozy to be able to sit calmly without any matter going. This brought him an indescribable feeling of bliss.

Cai'er changed into a long nightgown, her fair hand stretched out. Joining Long Haochen's side, she very naturally sat on his thigh, both arms coiling onto his neck, cutely fitting onto his chest.

Haochen unconsciously held her thin waist, feeling the contact of her thigh and b.u.t.t with his body. Haochen could only feel the pulse of that Heart of Eternity suddenly rise, and moreover, the fluctuations of spiritual energy grew in intensity.

Over half of Cai'er's face was hidden behind her long hair, making her face impossible to see, but her breath was very warm as it continuously a.s.sailed Haochen's neck. Her body was becoming warmer and warmer, and holding her felt like holding a soft stove. Then the fire burning in Haochen's heart became only more exuberant.

As he softly raised her hair, Cai'er's blushing face came to view. Haochen then gave her intensely breathing cheeks a light kiss, and as a faint aroma seeped into his heart, a light tactile sensation came onto her heartstrings.

"Cai'er." Long Haochen called out gently.

"Mhm." As if unwilling to speak, Cai'er only let out a light sound of response.

Holding one of her lily-white hands, Long Hoachen couldn't help but urge out, "Look at me alright?"

Cai'er lightly pushed her head on his chest, as if for protection, but still ended up opening her eyes.

Her light purple eyes were a bit hazy, her large eyelashes traced a beautiful arc, and her large eyes with water seeping out seemingly spoke something without words.

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