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Chapter 647: Seven arts of the G.o.d of Death and Multicolored Divine Light (II)

The remaining half of the domain instantly weakened, and one could clearly see that dark mage retire to the remaining half of the domain. His staff-grasping right hand was completely smashed to pieces and purified by the grey radiance.

But at the same time, the light warrior from the other side moved. In a glow of bright light, the heavy sword grasped in both his hands was brandished over his head. An intense sunshine seemed to become one with him as his gold-red figure flashed like lightning in the midst of frantic accelerations. 

This attack seemed able to split the earth, just like the unsurpa.s.sable sunfire.

Cai’er shifted her stance, flinging her now ash-gray-colored hair back, scattering it away. Just like a grey waterfall, it traced an arc, whirling at slow speed.

The gray diamond-shaped crystal on her forehead disappeared, but an incomparably strong and vigorous gray radiance emerged from her chest.

All the surroundings suddenly slowed down: Cai’er was moving slowly, but that light warrior who was originally dashing at a light-speed also slowed down. The movements of the two became very distinct.

In this process of slowdown, a transparent gray ent.i.ty emerged from Cai’er body, that was similar to Cai’er, but illusory and transparent looking. Her hands kept forming seals in front of her chest, and the gray figure flashed, marking extremely complex runes onto Cai’er’s back.

Fifth of the Seven arts of the G.o.d of Death, Death’s Silent Annihilation.

In the process of slowdown, the next instant after those gray runes were marked into her back, the Sickle of the G.o.d of Death turned into seven other weapons of the same shape, the first being the slowest while every next one was a bit faster, with each one following each other.

At the time the Sickle swept at the already seriously wounded darkness mage, the seven sickles made one, and a translucent ash-gray blade projection was shot at the darkness mage, before flying toward the rushing light mage.

That blade projection was extremely bizarre. Its main part was like a substantial crystal of a gray color, but all around the blade converged circles of intense white light, which revolved all around it. It did not emit killing intent nor death energy, but gave off, just at the sight of it, a choking feeling.

The instant that blade projection flew off, s.p.a.ce and time returned to normal, all speeds reinstated to their original state right before the sword of that light mage clashed against that annihilating projectile.

The darkness mage under Cai’er’s feet directly disappeared into a gray fog, and his powerhouse’s soul integrated with the Eternal Melody in a black flash.

An ear-piercing sound of friction came from a white smoke. It was a thrust of intensity comparable to a red-heated piece of iron clashing against a piece of ice. 

In that quick impact, all the domain power of the light warrior was gathered at once to block, his whole body stagnating in the sky. The intense golden-red radiance emanating from his body was shrouded in the midst of a drizzling white halation, clashing against the light essence dispersed from his body.

That white light was the annihilating light of purification attached to the fifth of the seven arts of the G.o.d of death, able to purify any elemental essence. Even an elemental attack of much stronger properties would get substantially consumed and purified.

Although the light warrior was making use of the light attribute, he was, after all, an undead creature born from a soul of a powerhouse, making the light of purification his bane. In addition, even with the support of his domain’s power, his originally quite wounded state made it very hard for him to rush out from the eroding light of purification.


The whole group cried out unknowingly in alarm!

Cai’er had already had to use five of the seven arts of the G.o.d of Death since the beginning of the fight, but she still showed no signs of stopping. A gray path extended underneath her, over the midst of which she stayed afloat.

On the surface, the current Cai’er looked no different than normal, as if none of that had affected her. But everyone could clearly see that when the seven arts of the G.o.d of Death reached such a level, the backlash inflicted on her could only be equally fearful.

As the light warrior managed to expel most of the corroding effects of the annihilating purification, the gray path had extended underneath him.

The next instant, Cai’er moved, just like a gray b.u.t.terfly throwing itself at that light warrior who had holy fire ascending over his body.

The current Cai’er was in an extraordinary state of mind.

The Sickle of the G.o.d of Death launched an attack at astonishing speed: as a translucent blade projection shone upon him, the soulfire in the eyes of the light warrior pulsed in extreme terror.

First of the seven arts of death, Death in Childhood. Second art, Cleansing Death. Third art, Death’s Scream. Fourth art, DeathG.o.d’s Kiss. Fifth art, Death’s Silent Annihilation.

The five consecutive supreme arts that were launched in a spurt united as one, unleashing the inevitable might of the deathG.o.d, a journey in the incomparable land of death.

And that was the sixth art of the G.o.d of Death, Death in Journey. The unity of the five arts formed this sixth absolute force.

The first art, Death in Childhood, forced the light warrior to using his heavy sword to barely resist with his all, but the second art filled his swords with cracks, his whole body once again shrouded in light of purification. Then Death’s Scream locked his body in a stiff state, before DeathG.o.d’s Kiss and Death in Silent Annihilation flashed in turn.

Cai’er appeared right behind the light warrior.

Flashes of gray and white colors slowly dispersed, and a faint halation flashed through. Cai’er stood there silently, her hands holding the handle of the Sickle of the G.o.d of Death. She looked extremely calm as the ash grey radiance on her body dispersed at an astonishing speed. But from her straight posture, she was not in any state of weakness.


The frozen light instantly turned into fine powder, before a golden radiance traced an arc to arrive in front of Cai’er and enter into the Eternal Melody hanging on her chest.

Success! She had just succeeded, relying on the power of six of the seven arts of the G.o.d of Death, in crushing two holy guards of the ninth step able to unite their domain. In front of the DeathG.o.d, the great might of light and darkness withered away in purification. The Saint Daughter of Samsara Cai’er had just succeeded: she had to use all she had, but she managed to break through the sixth floor of this Tower of Eternity.

At the very moment, she seemed to be in a far lighter state than her previously desperately wounded comrades, but the deeply wounded Chen Ying’er and w.a.n.g Yuanyuan were the ones unable to refrain from their overflowing tears. They didn’t know about the backlash that Cai’er had to sustain after using these six arts of the G.o.d of Death, and all were afraid that this backlash would last for a very long duration.

Cai’er was standing calmly, but the next instant, her body suddenly shivered.

Deep halations dispersed from her chest.

First was a red, then a blue, a green, a yellow, a black, and finally golden halations circling back and forth and flickering around each other, causing Cai’er’s fair figure to let out a dazzling light.

As this multicolored radiance flickered, the whole Tower of Eternity lit up, and this multicolored light shone in the midst of the Tower of Eternity.

That was a dazzling lighting, giving off an indescribable feeling of brightness.

This whole radiance came out from the Eternal Melody hanging on Cai’er’s chest.

Her body kept shivering lightly, and the next instant, the multicolored radiance on Cai’er’s body shone even more remarkably.

Making use of the six arts of the G.o.d of Death already drew out her whole power. If not for the fusion process the Spiritual Stove of Samsara had undergone, she would be nothing more than a walking corpse right now.

The first art of Death in Childhood didn’t cause any backlash, but starting from the fifth, the backlash would affect her whole body.

The disappearance of the senses in all one’s body will result in death. And right now, Cai’er had only her sixth sense left, perception.

Her vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch had already disappeared, leaving her left with only her perception.

This instant, she was already incomparably weakened, to the extent that she was not even able to raise a finger, as she made the astonishing discovery of a mystical force surging out from her body, causing a ma.s.sive amount of surrounding energy to gather onto her body.

A feeling of warmth spread through her whole body, causing her incomparable feeling of weakness to disappear swiftly, as the spiritual energy in her body was replenished at an astonishing speed. Which was to say that this force was on the same level as the post-fusion Spiritual Stove of Samsara.

In fact, this was the force belonging to the Tower of Eternity, belonging to the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux.

The multi-colored halation gained in intensity with Cai’er in its midst, causing her darkened skin to recover its original gloss. To her shock, Cai’er found out that her lost senses were unexpectedly recovering.

She was not the only one experiencing this kind of feeling. Although the center of this multi-colored light was her, her other comrades were directly exposed to that light, including Long Haochen lying on the ground who was also cleansed by this multi-colored light.

The other heavily wounded teammates recovered at an astonishing speed from their injuries, the same going even for Zhang Fangfang and w.a.n.g Yuanyuan’s lost vital force.

This light was really beyond miraculous; no known healing forbidden spell could compare with that elemental force of incomparable purity.

This instant, everyone could sense the elemental G.o.ds of fire, water, wind, earth, light, and darkness descending and joining their forces to heal the whole group’s injuries.

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