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Chapter 646: Seven arts of the G.o.d of Death and Multicolored Divine Light (I)


Cai’er’s G.o.d’s Descent had been absorbing the death energy inside this Tower Eternity since their arrival on the third floor. This G.o.d of Death’s Descent was maintained through an incessant purification of that nearby death energy.

The death energy in the successive third, fourth and sixth floor was entirely wiped clean, and because the death energy in the first and second floor would not be strong enough to boost this deathG.o.d much, Cai’er gave up on it.

The reason why she did not unleash the DeathG.o.d’s Descent’s power all this time was to make an ultimate attack. This DeathG.o.d’s Descent was only affordable after she had the Spiritual Stove of Samsara absorb the spiritual energy of the other four. Right now, she was not only finally making use of G.o.d’s Descent, but moreover completely joining with that incarnation of the G.o.d of Death which had already purified so much death energy.

This was an unreproducible process, as no other place had such a ma.s.sive death energy as the Tower of Eternity. If, right now, everyone was to leave the Tower of Eternity, they would take notice that all the specters surrounding it had disappeared, to become instead pure soul force. 

This was the great purifying ability of death. As Ye Xiaolei said before, Cai’er who had inherited the power of death should be the bane of a necromancer. None of their evil tendencies would show any effect on her.

Cai’er should originally not have had the need to utilize the seven arts of the G.o.d of Death so fast, but the situation beat her expectations.

Cai’er had been rating this floor quite highly, but still didn’t think that light and darkness could harmonize in such way. This mixture of domains was really too terrifying.

Right before, she could be said to be in a situation of life or death. If that ball of light really had been blown on her, the two great holy guards’ full power would have ignited, causing everyone here to die due to the explosion of light and darkness, including the two holy guards whose soulfires would have no way to be preserved.

So, Cai’er took advantage of the fact that these two holy guards had the objective to put them to trial, not wipe them all out, which is why they directly stopped their attack midway so fearlessly. This is why these two great holy guards had withdrawn their own domains, and now suffered their backlashes.

This way, she broke their unity as well as their domain combination, turning around the situation of her great disadvantage. 

Treading forward, Cai’er’s body became hollow, and her third strike came at the same time darkness and light retracted.

Bzz. Unordinary ripples carrying an incomparable purifying force suddenly showed up. Cai’er’s figure appeared, just like that.

She had appeared right on the central point between the two great holy guards, the nearest spot to the two of them at the same time.

Third art of G.o.d of Death, Death’s Scream.

The power of the seven arts of the G.o.d of Death harmonized so perfectly with the Spiritual Stove of Samsara and the Sickle of the G.o.d of Death, that the full display, was undoubtedly even above the fusion of Long Haochen’s pair of divine swords in strength. However, Cai’er also had a ma.s.sive cost to pay.

Launching Death in Purification, Cai’er chose to lose her sense of sight, which was not amongst the most important in a battle of this level. Right now, her other thought was to return to a state like when she reunited with Long Haochen in Holy City.

Her eyes were unable to see, but her heart became all the more peaceful. All kinds of memories she had with Long Haochen flashed through her mind, causing her to enter a special state.

In case of utilization, the seven arts of the G.o.d of Death needed to be used in succession. Otherwise, if Cai’er thinks of again using Death in Childhood later, it will come at the same cost as the third art. They had to be used sequentially, which is why she chose to keep going on.

One could see a jade-like halation spread out from Cai’er’s current spot, striking against the two great holy guards.

The restricting aspect of death towards any undead undoubtedly manifested at this point. The severe attack of Death’s Scream caused the two holy guards of the ninth step to groan once again. The soulfires in their eyes pulsed violently, and cracks even appeared on the forehead of the second holy guard, darkness elemental mage.

Death’s Scream was an attack aimed thoroughly at the soul, using an extraordinary pattern of attack. Any spiritual energy, technique, equipment of defense measure would be totally futile. But it was not an attack of the mental type, as it was also making use of a power exclusive to death, purification.

Maybe an infinitely pure person would have no way to get purified, and in that case, Death’s Scream would show no use, but if some impurity exists in one’s mind, or a lot of negative emotions, this Death in Hissing would be proportionally amplified, up to the level of fracturing the enemy’s soul.

Without a doubt, the first holy guard using light attribute had a much higher degree of purity, so the second holy guard took far more damage in the impact.

The third of the seven arts of the G.o.d of death instantly made her comrades tense. Duan Yi and Yang Wenzhao did not know about the kind of ability Cai’er was using, but how could it be the case for the others?

Originally, back when Cai’er hadn’t yet awakened to the divine power of death, the bursts of power of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara against the enemy would cause her to lose some of her senses for a long duration. Right now, these seven arts of the G.o.d of Death were far more terrifying than the original Spiritual Stove of Samsara. 

These current seven arts of the G.o.d of Death were far more terrifying than the previous Spiritual Stove of Samsara. Cai’er relied on it to withstand these two domain-wielding powerhouses. Even with the backing of her comrades’ spiritual energies and the G.o.d’s Descent, the backlashes from the spiritual stove were inescapable.

Cai’er’s movements didn’t come to a stop: Death in Childhood, Death in Cleansing, and Death in Hissing gave her a strong control of the battlefield.

As a G.o.d’s chosen one just like Haochen, Cai’er’s awakening should have intensified her strength much more than Long Haochen. But because of the state of her lost memories, her power was still in a state of adaptation.

No matter what one could say, Long Haochen became Scion of Light at the age of ten years old, and his const.i.tution didn’t have a divine tool attached. The Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon was obtained pretty late, when his ability was already well-blown.

Therefore, although Long Haochen always made the greatest displays of prowess in the team, and had the highest cultivation. In terms of individual strength, Cai’er was actually above him despite having yet to reach the eighth step. None of Long Haochen’s ability could possibly block her whole set of attacks forming the G.o.d of Death’s seven arts. But Cai’er’s future potential had no way to compare with Long Haochen’s. Her gain in strength was only based in her cultivation and the power of her seven arts. But Long Haochen’s future growth was developed from all sides. All things considered, he would surpa.s.s her in the end, but this didn’t mean anything if he was not alive.

Long Haochen having died, Cai’er no longer exercised restraint hiding behind her lover. Her memories having come back gave her back the entirety of her strength and comprehension of her divine powers of death.

Once again blending into nothingness, her overflowing killing intent already filled the whole sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity and filled it with ashen grey, just as if she had a domain of her own.

The instant she disappeared, the darkness mage suddenly trembled severely, the soulfire in his eyes pulsing frantically.

Taking long breaths, he could feel that he was Cai’er’s target. At the very moment, the two holy guards were withdrawing their spiritual energy, so the light warrior did not have the leeway to save him even if he wanted.

In these circ.u.mstances, he would only rely on himself.

As guardians of the sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity,         these two holy guards were really extremely powerful, far above the group’s expectations. This was not only about the level of their spiritual energy, but the most important point was their control over light and darkness.

The darkness mage revoked his staff the instant Cai’er disappeared, and placed it against his chest.

Immediately, a purplish-black radiance broke out from his chest. It turned into a two-meter-tall purplish-black colored ball wrapping all around him, just like a purple full moon suddenly arising in there.

Domain control, internal release for self-defense.

Right, that purplish-black was still his domain’s power; but under his great control, the domain was contracted by force, being brought down to a diameter of two meters, making it far more powerful than before in a small scale.

Being able to accomplish such a feat after sustaining two successive powerful backlashes really showed the great attainment attained by the dark mage in cultivation.

As it took shape, Cai’er appeared right above his head with no forewarning.

A diamond-shaped gray crystal had at some point appeared on Cai’er’s forehead. As the Sickle of the G.o.d of Death slowly descended, that gray crystal immediately let out myriads of gray rays, all of which instantly gathered as an extension of the sharp blade.

Next, the Sickle of the G.o.d of Death made way inside that purplish-black colored ball. A sparkling gray color intruded into that substantial purplish-black domain as if it was cutting through b.u.t.ter as it made its way inside.

Fourth of the Seven arts of the G.o.d of Death, DeathG.o.d’s Kiss.

Such a tyrannical domain was actually still split in two by this attack. One could clearly see myriad gray rays abruptly shooting through that purplish-black ball, crushing over half of the domain.

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