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Chapter 623: Earth Dragon Liberation (III)


Distorted mental waves circulated noiselessly outside Long Haochen’s body. A mental probing ability of any kind would hardly find him out at this time, unless its spiritual energy surpa.s.sed his by over threefold, but even so, it would need to happen to lock on to his precise position.

This was the first time Long Haochen had set foot in the Star Demon Palace, but at present he was like an experienced visitor. Speeding along, he followed the outermost yellow walls, under perfect concealment and without making any sound.

The entire route through the palace had already been simulated many times during his planning with Yue Ye.

In his eyes, this place was unfamiliar but that route was incomparably familiar.

Long Haochen knew that he didn’t have much time. Regardless of whether he would succeed or not, his comrades and he only had a single chance. In case of failure, they would have to immediately retreat.

He was coming closer and close to the objective. Just like the Moon Demon Palace, the Star Demon Palace was also extremely wide, but even walking through all of it would not take much time at Long Haochen’s current speed.

One great building after another kept popping in to sight, but Long Haochen did not encounter any Star Demons. It looks like the Star Demons really deployed all their elites for the sake of coming to rescue of the Moon Demon Palace.

Found it. Long Haochen’s eyes abruptly focused ahead, and his walking pace slowed down accordingly. That was a paG.o.da-looking building, extremely tall, but without as many floors as the usual paG.o.da. The whole place was about thirty meters tall, but its volume was below five hundred meters, making it only look excessively tall.

The entire palace was glinting in orange, the orange color characterizing the epic tier, but carrying some traces of darkness element.

The orange radiance vanished slowly, then reappeared, varying like human breathing. At first sight, one could perceive an incorporeal pressure surging out from Long Haochen’s body.

This place inside the palace, the Star Demon PaG.o.da, location of the Star demon G.o.d pillar, was the destination of Long Haochen’s group.

Two Star Demons stood calmly outside the Star Demon PaG.o.da, looking upward with some hesitation on his face.

The two of them were clad identically in orange gowns and equipped with orange staves. From the aura coming out from them, one could tell out that these two guardians of the Star Demon PaG.o.da were powerhouses of the ninth step: Star Demons of the ninth step.

Although Long Haochen had already been informed by Yue Ye that the guardians of the Star Demon PaG.o.da were powerhouses of the ninth step, upon seeing them for real, he couldn’t help but feel uncontrollably nervous. Not because of the opponent’s strength, but due to the matter of time.

He had to dispose of these two Star Demons in the shortest time possible, rush into the Star Demon PaG.o.da, destroy the demon G.o.d pillar, and, finally, escape intact.

This place was Modu Core City, and he definitely didn’t have the time to get rid of these two Star Demons, and then enter the Star Demon PaG.o.da. They were powerhouses of the ninth step! In another place, he could command his comrades, and deal with those non-demon-G.o.d powerhouses with confidence. But there was no way for him to deploy all his strength to kill the enemy in here, and in addition, he had no way to stop the enemies from sending signals about an attack on the Star Demon PaG.o.da. It was a race against time.

In a flash of golden light, Long Haochen disappeared quietly. The instant he reappeared, he had his comrades at his side, but this didn’t include Haoyue. That’s because Long Haochen knew clearly that this was not yet the time to summon Haoyue, as his aura was just too familiar to demon G.o.ds.

These were only two Star Demons of the ninth step, but if Va.s.sago was added to the lot, they would have no chances of winning. Even if Va.s.sago was in his weakest state, he should be able to stall for some time. So the only way to succeed was to have Haoyue ready to teleport and launch his most powerful attack at once, right in front of the Star demon G.o.d pillar.

The current Haoyue was chanting an incantation in his own world. His purple bloodline force was already erupting to its peak force, and he was prepared to launch a fatal strike right after appearing.

When Long Haochen brought his group of comrades to be teleported here, those two Star Demons of the ninth step found out about his presence. The looks on their faces changed at once, as they lifted staves in their hand.

“Go!” Long Haochen shouted out, turning into a streak of light rushing straight to the two Star Demons. That was the fastest knight ability Lightspeed Flash.

At this time, he was already showing no more reservations. The four wings on his back glittered, raising his speed to the peak. All Demon Hunters from Bright Glimmer of Hope all rushed at their greatest speed, letting their already prepared attacks erupt.

A reddish and a purplish glint flitted across Long Haochen’s sides, shooting towards the two Star Demons.

Although these two were powerhouses of the ninth step, as they were caught by surprise, they were late in responding.

The combination of the Gigantic Ball of Light and Spiritual Stove of Purple G.o.dly Thunder had previously managed to push away the Panther Demon G.o.d Auxerre. Even if these two Star Demons were even more powerful, there would still be a gap in strength between them and the Demon G.o.d Transformed Auxerre. And, just like Sima Xian, Lin Xin used his most powerful attack, Vulcain’s Finger, combined with a h.e.l.lfire Needle within.

w.a.n.g Yuanyuan and Zhang Fangfang took the sidelines and charged forward alongside Long Haochen, and at some point Cai’er had also attached herself to his back.

The current Haochen had a grim look, wielding the Aria of the G.o.ddess of Light and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, which were glinting profusely.

The staves on the two Star Demons’ hands glistened in orange color, and two intense orange halations came out right in front of them. As the most powerful magic oriented demon clan, Star Demons naturally had a lot of means of preservation, especially those who reached the ninth step, which blessed them with terrible strength.

These two orange halations stopped right in front of the Star Demon PaG.o.da, sheltering it without a single gap. One could see orange twinkling stars on the foreheads of these two Star Demons, their eyes turning orange-colored as well.

In a large explosion, Sima Xian and Lin Xin’s attacks bombarded these two barriers. But to their shock, although the barriers were shaking violently, there was not a single crack forming in them.

Such great defense? And that’s an instant cast defensive magic? If Yue Ye hadn’t seen this before and hadn’t had some understanding of the Star Demons guarding this place, Long Haochen would surely be slowed down here, because this instant defensive magic was really too effective.

Yue Ye had told Long Haochen that the two Star Demons guarding the paG.o.da were not among the strongest in offensive power, but focused their training on defensive magic since a young age. Only cultivating defensive magic, they were given a single mission, which was to protect the Star Demon G.o.d Va.s.sago as well as his Star Demon PaG.o.da.

So, they were greatly accomplished in defensive magic, and could be called the most accomplished in this field among all demons. If they were given the time to perform casting, even the Star Demon G.o.d himself would need a very long time to breach their defenses.

Of course, Long Haochen wouldn’t give them such a free time. The group had originally made a sudden appearance, catching these two Star Demons off-guard. The orange barriers released simultaneously were chanted at the two Star Demons’ greatest speed. But Long Haochen and his comrades were already arrived.

In a large clash, Long Haochen’s body struck those two barriers violently, and immediately, the pair of heavy swords in his hands made a bizarre motion, each sword harmonizing perfectly with the other one.

The orange Aria of the G.o.ddess of Light and the dark-green Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light matched up above his head, and although his body was repelled and propelled back, these two divine swords had completed a process of harmonization. 

Yating, whose six wings glinted strongly, appeared promptly behind Long Haochen’s back at that time. She was obviously prepared since long ago, and turned into a streak of golden light, entering the c.h.i.n.k between the two harmonizing swords.

A fantastic scene followed. An indescribable glow rushed out from the two fusing swords, carrying a terrifying power originating from ancient times. From the tip of the sword and far ahead, an incandescent light replaced the previous orange and dark -green l.u.s.ter. A pure and powerful holy force burst out instantly from there, it carried no remarkable fluctuation of spiritual energy, just a domineering holy aura, full of the power of creation.

“Break for me!” Long Haochen shouted loudly. The pure light essence coming out from his body was infected by that pair of divine swords, becoming incandescent. Terrifying undulations of spiritual energy burst out instantly, as the divine sword struck!

Without any sound of friction, nor any loud sound, when this holy incandescent divine sword strike came in contact with the barrier, it gave off a feeling of knife rubbing into b.u.t.ter. A white trace appeared noiselessly onto the barrier, and immediately, Long Haochen then struck a second time.

In an ear-piercing shattering sound, those two yellow barriers turned instantly into countless yellow dots of light scattering. Long Haochen’s body kept charging, striking the Star Demon PaG.o.da’s gate violently. The instant of the clash, he became like an incandescent hedgehog releasing countless sword rays in two directions. Star Swords Rain, a Retribution Knight’s powerful crowd-based offensive ability.

Under Long Haochen’s power control, Star Swords Rain condensed into two areas, enveloping the two Star Demons already prepared to release magic.

If Long Haochen still had the two divine swords of epic tier from before, there was no way for him to have an easy time against these two Star Demons of the ninth step using Star Swords Rain. But the divine sword in his hand was neither of the Aria of the G.o.ddess of Light nor Blue Rain, but an extraordinary divine swords born from those two swords.

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