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At this moment, all the fluxers in the steel castle were alarmed and the fluxer guild was in chaos. This major event happening at the time when all the rookie fluxers were out gaining experience was simply catastrophic.

"Quickly, transmit the order to all the battle squads! Tell them to immediately flee from the Lamu River Zone, escape as quickly as possible..."

"Immediately form a squad of gold crystal fluxers. Command them to quickly rush to the king's stronghold. They are to find out who it was that had silently destroyed the king's stronghold."

"Time is of the essence. If they have the opportunity, then they must rush to kill the king grade dimensional monster!"

"Get all the dimensional s.p.a.ce eyes to return back and command them to go towards the Mountain Ridges. Monitor the surroundings of the sealed zone, quickly..."

Heavenly Cloud Steel Castle fluxer guild's lord manager quickly gave a series of orders.

"Lord manager, Lucky Wind City's big bear battle squad just happen to be in the vicinity. Perhaps they have more information, should we try to contact them?"

A member of the fluxer guild suddenly said.

"Yes yes, absolutely yes, quickly contact their leader Li Daxiong."

"Lord we cannot contact them. However, dimensional s.p.a.ce eye No. 109 just sent us a video of them fleeing. But given their distance from the center of the Great Spell of Dimensional Field, it will extremely hard for them to flee."

At this very moment, the information received by the fluxer guild wasn't wrong at all. Currently, all the members of the big bear battle squad were crazily trying to escape with their life, which also including Li Yunmu.

At that time, he had been observing the final battle of young shadow and shadow two when suddenly, the door of his room was kicked open by Ling Shuang who dragged him out of the room without saying anything. Only when he found out what was going on did he understand what kind of calamity he had caused.

At this instant, all five members of the big bear battle squad were fleeing in their thunder G.o.d chariot. Without even collecting the fortress, they were trying to get away from the river basin as quickly as possible.

At the same time, all the large and small battle squads of the 136 small towns received the urgent warning from the fluxer guild. They should no longer continue with this training nonsense and flee for their life.

Those that were in the vicinity of the steel castle rushed back to the castle. Some who were at the edge of the river basin couldn't deal with the powerful dimensional beasts and one by one, they used their fastest speed to rush as far away as possible.

Great Spell of Dimensional Field!

Li Yunmu and the idiot trio heard this for the first time from Ling Shuang's mouth. Li Yunmu had never expected that him destroying the king grade stronghold would attract the descent of such a terrifying calamity.

According to Ling Shuang, the Great Spell of Dimensional Field was unleashed by the master race of a region when that race's main stronghold faces the threat of extermination.

Once the great spell descends, the whole area would become unstable. And when the time comes, countless lifeforms from the real Fifth Dimension would descend.

Before the dark ages, the dwelling of humanity was considered to be within the Fourth Dimension. These genuine life forms of the Fifth Dimension were precisely the organisms of one higher dimension than humanity.

If they descend to the Great Lamu River Zone through the unstable dimensional field, then not to speak of the training fluxers, all the living organisms in this whole region would be violently killed by these higher dimensional beings. That's why it was called the Great Spell of Dimensional Field.

"Don't tell me that the dimensional beasts and monsters we have killed up till now aren't really from the Fifth Dimension?"

Big Xiong, who was fearfully driving the thunder G.o.d war chariot at its fastest speed, couldn't help but ask with a trace of incredulity on his face.

The countless dwarf witches they killed were surprisingly not genuine beings of the Fifth Dimension? Li Yunmu had also heard of this for the first time.

"Yes, they are not. Also, it can be said the present Fifth Dimension where we are at now is actually a s.p.a.ce opened by the root dimensional stone. Strictly speaking, it isn't cla.s.sified as the real Fifth Dimension, rather, it is only a world between the Fourth and Fifth Dimension. The government had named it the Fifth Dimension to suppress this information."

"If this Fifth Dimension remains stable and the dimensional walls form stable boundaries, then the true beings of the Fifth Dimension cannot descend. However, some unknown person had now forced the dwarf witch race to unleash the descent of the great spell. Currently, our location has already started to destabilize, wait a minute....turn left! The beings of the Fifth Dimension have already started to appear, quick!"

It has to be said that this was all thanks to the thunder G.o.d chariot bought by big Xiong after paying a great price. Otherwise, without it, these five people wouldn't have any hope of surviving this disastrous calamity.

At this moment, a bitter smile of helplessness appeared on Li Yunmu's face. Was this really the case? Was he just courting death?

Sure enough, as time flowed on, the whole Great Lamu River Zone began to destabilize. The big bear battle squad had run far away when they encountered the first true being of the Fifth Dimension descending.

It was only in energy form and hadn't materialized completely. Looking from afar, this life form, which sometimes looked like a huge bird and at other times looked like a great jellyfish with an energy body, suddenly appeared in the unstable sky.

"It is the dawn undying spirit mother, quickly avoid it! We cannot allow it to stick to us, otherwise, our vitality will be absorbed by it. Even the energy reserves of the thunder G.o.d war chariot will be absorbed....."

Ling Shuang strictly commanded with a tightened face.

The dawn undying spirit mother had clearly discovered the existence of people nearby. It could be seen struggling to get close. If the enormous energy form, which spread over several meters, got close to them, then all of them should forget about escaping with their lives.

"How formidable is it? We should attack it."

Li Yunmu promptly asked.

"It isn't that strong, roughly equivalent to a silver grade fluxer in strength. However, we are unable to attack it. Material attacks are ineffective towards it and only energy type attacks can restrain it. Moreover, if we get stalled by it, then soon, more and more Fifth Dimensional beings will appear."

"Good, its floating speed is slower than our thunder G.o.d war chariot. We should continue to run, there isn't much time...…"

Compared to the frightened expressions on the faces of crooked teeth Qiang and brother thin, Li Yunmu was much calmer. As long as the strength of these Fifth Dimensional beings didn't transcend the rules of this world which restrict powerful beings from entering, he didn't have to worry that much about it.

After being upgraded to seventeenth layer, Admiralty Cover could now block almost half of the incoming damage. With his increased defense and Escaping Danger Skill now upgraded to the third layer, he had confidence in surviving this Great Spell of Dimensional Field. Thus, when the thunder G.o.d war chariot steered clear of the dawn undying spirit mother's attack, his mind re-entered his consciousness sea.

In the sky above the king's stronghold, the blood cloud had started to appear increasingly frightening. Finally, it started to rain down blood. Drop after drop of blood began to rain down on the ground.

Instantly, on all the hills in the Mountain Ridges, one terrifying blood coloured plant after another appeared. These terrifying blood coloured trees received nutrition from the blood rain and immediately transformed into the scariest predators in the world.

They spread over the entire Mountain Ridges, covering young shadow and shadow two. Immediately, the sinister mouths of these countless blood coloured plants launched towards the two shadows.

"Frightening…..so this was the case. No wonder the king's stronghold of dwarf witches survived for so many years. It wasn't that the fluxer guild couldn't destroy this king's stronghold, but that they didn't have the manpower to completely uproot them."

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