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Chapter 248: Cave Labyrinth

"You tell me."

Li Yunmu didn't reply to Nangong Gongzi directly, but a transformation began on his king crystal armor. Golden black dimensional armor covered his whole body and completely merged with the king's crystal armor.

His presence became out of ordinary.

"Golden Black Ghost King Armor," everyone simultaneously cried out.

This was the Temporal layer dimensional armor which Devil had relied upon to make his name. While other people found it difficult to obtain even fifth dimensional armor, because Devil had stumbled upon a secret region, he had obtained the Golden Black Ghost King Armor.

Although it wasn't a sage armor from the Seventh Dimension, a Temporal layer armor from the Sixth Dimension was certainly not inferior to ordinary sage level weapons.

After all, the dimensional armors produced naturally were much rarer compared to weapons or other types of treasures.

Nangong Gongzi was finally convinced that the newcomer fluxer had surprisingly disposed of Devil with ease. In a second, he lost all his confidence. 

"Haha, tell me your choice."

Li Yunmu didn't say anything directly to Nangong Gongzi, but his eyes were attentively watching him.   

Nangong Gongzi's expression kept changing endlessly. In the end, though, he sighed deeply and without energy said, "All right, I've betrayed you once, but if you still want me, then I will become your follower willingly."

Before this, Lin Jian and Barbarian Niu, as well as all the others, had urged him repeatedly to pay allegiance to Li Yunmu. They had also roughly explained the situation to him. 

Even if Li Yunmu gave a lot of freedom to his followers and promised to let them leave once they become Flux Sages, Nangong Gongzi remained unmoved. That was until now, when he personally witnessed the mysterious methods used

by him. Only now did Nangong Gongzi finally decide to serve him.

What Blade Overlord had said was correct. If he followed this kind of an exceptional character, he may have a chance at his revenge. Thus, he finally relinquished his pride. 

"Good choice."

Li Yunmu nodded and didn't say anymore. He had already achieved his goal, so he naturally decided to quickly depart from this region with his followers. They needed to leave to save themselves from a fight with a transcending power Frontline Heaven.

Li Yunmu had now gained a third part of the supreme battlesuit, the Azure Dragon Leg Guards. Until now, he hadn't used any of the battlesuits components because they were his secret as well as a trump card. 

He was completely unaware of what he would have to face at the Continental Battle, which would happen in the shadow of the Heavenly Transformation. Moreover, once he refined a part of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, it would form a unique connection with the other parts.  

This was the reason why he had never used the two parts which he had obtained previously. Otherwise, Devil would have been alerted, and Frontline G.o.d would have also not allowed him to freely use the two parts.   

Right then, though, the situation had become better for him. The whole world believed that he had no fear of standing up against Frontline G.o.d on principle, while the truth was that he actually possessed two parts of the suit already.

"Wait a minute, Master. Devil possessed many treasures. These are far from it."

Devil had already died, and Nangong Gongzi had done what he could. At the moment, since he had become Li Yunmu's follower, naturally he wouldn't hold back

back such information. He immediately voiced it while everyone was planning to leave.   

"Ehh? You mean…"

Li Yunmu began to think about it.  

When he had killed Devil, he had felt that it was quite strange that a majestic Halted Fluxer, a person who had been concealing his strength for so long, was so poor.  

Li Yunmu had used Void Disk's restriction powers in the fight, so even Devil's badge was restricted, hence it didn't crumble entirely after its owner's death.   

According to reason, Devil's fluxer badge shouldn't have been lacking treasures.  

Yet Li Yunmu had only found the Azure Dragon Leg Guards as well as the Golden Black Ghost King Armor which he was now wearing. Apart from this, the storage s.p.a.ce didn't have any item which entered his eyes. All it contained were some trifling toys as well as some life-saving herbs.  

"Master may be aware that Devil cultivated Ghostly Image Subst.i.tution which can be considered as a supreme evasion technique which allows its user to move through s.p.a.ce. Long ago, when Devil had unleashed this evasion technique, his storage s.p.a.ce had shattered, crushed by the tension created by the evasion technique. Due to it, some of the items inside were lost in some unknown s.p.a.ce… 

"Because of it, Devil had then kept all of his treasures acc.u.mulated after the event concealed in the Fifth Dimension. Not once did he put them into his storage badge again," Nangong Gongzi explained, surprising others.   

He had barely finished when Underworld Hand, Devil Monkey, and the others looked towards the cave upon the cliff.

"That's right, this place had been his lair for a long time. If my guess isn't wrong, than all his possessions should be

should be hidden there."

Li Yunmu instantly halted and said with shining eyes, "Devil Monkey and others, go search."

Supreme evasion technique!  

That Devil wasn't a simple but a complicated character. In his fight against Li Yunmu, he had turned into a black light and with astonishing speed fled the scene without giving the two devil kings a chance to react.   

If Li Yunmu hadn't had the little female shadow, the ancestor of the Shadow Clan of the Seventh Dimension, who could be considered the queen of those who walked in the void, he wouldn't have had any hope to ambush Devil. Even discovering his position would've been an impossible task, which was precisely the reason why Devil had been successful in surviving for so long. 

However, Li Yunmu had killed Devil with ease, because he had the little shadow ancestor who was more formidable than the supreme evasion technique.   

As for Void Disk rotating in reverse and creating restrictions, that was just decoration and nothing more. With Li Yunmu's current cultivation, he couldn't display the might of this transcending sage treasure and would have only been able to restrict Devil for a fleeting moment.  

Even without Void Disk, as long as the little shadow ancestor could see through the enemy's concealment technique, Li Yunmu could have killed Devil. It just would've been more troublesome. 

Quickly, the party climbed up the cliff and entered the cave. After searching it carefully, they became aware that this was a completely different world. It was a naturally formed cave labyrinth.  

The most important part was that it was situated in one of the ten death zones. The aura of death suppressed the group's senses, so regardless of how formidable they were, formidable they were, coming out of the labyrinth within a short time was impossible.  

Not long after, both Nangong Gongzi, who was leading the way, and Devil Monkey, who was an experienced explorer, had gotten lost. No matter what methods they used, they still found themselves walking in circles. All of the pa.s.sages here looked identical.

"What should we do. We don't lack food or water, but the Continental Battle is about to start. We cannot remain trapped in here."

Even Nangong Gongzi hadn't expected that Devil would have chosen such a deadly trap as his lair. 

All of them had exhausted all the methods they could think of, but with their senses suppressed, they couldn't find any way out of this predicament. The only solution they had come up with was to explode all the pa.s.sages and blow a way out of this mountain.   

However, they were only Flux Disciples and nothing more. How could they blow away a mountain?

Li Yunmu, though, wasn't the least bit anxious. What's so special about a naturally formed maze? Even though he was in a death zone where all his senses were suppressed, he had no fear. 

"System, how much time would it take to break this maze?" 

[Little, it would only require a few minutes.] 

"Then quickly break it, and also deduce the probable locations of Devil's treasures." 


After the system was upgraded to the fourth level, its deduction power had increased to the next level. Only a few minutes later, an extremely clear map of the cave appeared in Li Yunmu's head.  

The system had also gathered the data on places where Devil frequently stayed. From them, it determined three locations with the highest chance of being the treasure h.o.a.rd.

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