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Chapter 242: Actual War

No one was willing to take the risk. If the location had been different, then although the forbidden weapons would still remain terrifying, all these Overlords could evade them with their speed. The weapons would simply be unable to lock upon them. If that was the case, they'd have a good chance to win.

However, in the death zone, everyone's senses were suppressed. They basically couldn't respond in advance and dodge, so they were unwilling to take the risk.

In the end, the three parties chose to conceal themselves and calmly wait for an opportunity.

The four Overlords were convinced that since they were able to guess that Devil was in one of the ten forbidden zones, then there would be other powers in the six continents who would have guessed as well and thus come in search of him.

Their guess soon turned out to be right. A fourth power arrived when the night began to fall on the land.

"Extreme Devil Path sect's Yan Xing!"

When the four recognized the fourth power, they were all faintly startled inside. What a great strategy! Surprisingly Yan Xing was still alive.

Rumors said that he had perished in an ambush. Because of that, no one expected to suddenly see him roaming here a few days before the Continental Battle. Or that he might have also thought about catching Devil who was very likely to be in possession of three Azure Dragon Deity Suit parts.

The Extreme Devil Path sect had sent many people, and each of them had two large swords crossed on their back. All the people also seemed to be walking forward in a special pattern.

Clearly, the Extreme Devil Path's Yan Xing hadn't come alone but had also prepared the Extreme Devil Killing Spell of their sect.

This time, none of the three sides in hiding nearby made any movements. All of them felt that if they met up now, the battle between them couldn't be avoided. And if they faced off against each other, no one could tell what the outcome would be.

At this moment, few people outside knew that

Overlords cla.s.s rivals who thirsted for each other's blood were actually silently skulking about at the edge of the death zone.

Now that all these powers had come together, the scene could detonate at any moment.

The people of Extreme Devil Path were left baffled by Yan Xing's lead. After bursting in without any knowledge, he soon cautiously led them back. This was because he had quickly discovered something strange. At the entrance of the death zone, there were clear traces of a recent battle.

There were remnants of formidable presences around as well. The people of Extreme Devil Path weren't stupid. They quickly retreated and chose a location to hide, deciding to calmly observe the situation for the time being.

Since someone had already rushed in before them, then even if they were careful, they might not be able to avoid danger. Hence, Extreme Devil Path also decided to use someone else as cannon fodder to see what the situation inside was?

Under these circ.u.mstances, a fifth power also arrived.

A group of extremely muscular barbarians dressed uniformly soon came up to the entrance to the death zone. The leader's powerful presence was through the heavens, and he had an enormous body stature that resembled a giant's, reaching a height of three meters.

Under his command, there were eight formidable barbarian people who were holding wheel-shaped battle axes. Their presences were threatening, and their copper skin was painted with all sorts of different marks. Each of them was at least 2.5 meters tall.

This group of people stepped inside while emitting terrifying killing intent.

"It's Mammoth Barbarian Clan's Wuhang."

Once this person appeared, not only did the first four groups suddenly feel apprehensive, even Li Yunmu narrowed his eyes.

Mammoth Barbarian Clan's Wuhang was the grandson of one of the four Barbarian Kings and also someone who had entered the list of Overlords. In fact, he was considered among the forerunners on the list.

The enormous strength of his body could be considered as peerlessly powerful. According to rumors, since the time Mammoth Barbarian Clan's Wuhang was born, Barbarian King Huang had focused on nurturing

nurturing him and merged the formidable bloodline of a giant king with him.

He had been secretly cultivating in the depths of a mountain forest in the Desolate Continent and had never revealed himself, until recently. Due to the Heavenly Transformation, he was forced to appear in front of the eyes of the ma.s.ses and easily cleared the seventy-second level of the Tower of Glory in one breath.

Although his combat strength hadn't been surveyed because of the lack of first-hand authentic material, this Mammoth Barbarian Clan's Wuhang was considered to be one of the three most dangerous Overlords.

From this, the profoundness of his yet unknown strength could be clearly seen. The majority of powerful people even claimed that Mammoth Barbarian Huang's strength had already attained the level where he could threaten supreme Overlords like Man Tian, Xiye Hanbei, Zhan Wuya, and the few others on that level.

No one present around this death zone had expected that this person who had the most mysterious foundation would surprisingly appear here.

Xiye Hanbei and Ge Ya looked at each other in dismay. They suddenly felt that the matter was getting more and more out of control with each pa.s.sing second.

Both of them had absolute confidence in the other's strength, but the appearance of so many powers in succession gave rise to a hint of a threat in their hearts. It wasn't that they feared these newly appeared sons and grandsons, but that behind these people stood powers with extremely profound foundations and reserves.

"Let's go. It has already gotten out of our control. Even if the three parts of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit will be s.n.a.t.c.hed from Devil's hand, with only our strength, we probably won't manage to grab them. Let's leave Li Yunmu to duke it out with the others. Regardless of who'll win, it'll be beneficial to us," Xiye Hanbei said. He was also a firm person. Since he decided to leave, he immediately did just that.

Once he sensed danger, he immediately chose to relinquish the intention to fight. It was clear from this that he was worthy

was worthy of being called the most powerful person in the Fifth Dimension.

Ge Ya still appeared to be unwilling, but he clearly understood his partner's mindset. The two of them then left without informing Ye Qing or Lu Bu.

The next scene proved Xiye Hanbei's guess. During the night, several enormous powers appeared one after another.

Lu Bu also understood that the situation was out of his control now, so he decided to retreat with his clansmen as well. If he hadn't lost any clansmen, he could still join the fight, but right now, he had already lost the qualifications.

He was quite rational and silently withdrew from the scene.

As for Mammoth Barbarian Clan's Wuhang, he entered the death zone while leading the eighteen barbarians. The three powers who had arrived just after him almost simultaneously decided against following after him.

They could sense that Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang's people fell for a fierce ambush inside. At this time, the powers outside were waiting for the small fries to fight it out and clear the path for them.


Another heaven-shaking explosion resounded.

Mammoth Barbarian Clan's Wuhang kept slashing down again and again. Although he was forced to retreat back five steps because of the aftershock from the attack, he had stopped another attack from the forbidden weapon.

As for the eighteen people who had come together with him, each group of four had raised a huge shield emitting coppery light and were slowly crawling forward.

Another three runic spears slammed against these coppery shields with terrifying momentum and power, but surprisingly, Li Yunmu's forbidden weapons installed at the top of the mountain were still stopped.

They hadn't used any exceptional method to do so, relying solely on brute force and thick defense of the copper shields to stop the attacks.

"Everyone keep moving. He doesn't have true runic battle spears," Mammoth Barbarian Clan's Wuhang shouted out using the force of his entire body to encourage his men.

"Yes, he doesn't have true runic battle spears, otherwise how could we resist against a forbidden weapon with just our brute force and a thick shield."

At this time, Li Yunmu stood Li Yunmu stood up after stopping the cultivation of his Great Sun Secret Technique and sighed faintly. When he had seized the weapons at first, there had been four forbidden weapons which could shoot runic spears, but there were only twelve runic spears!

While staying at the King's True Territory for a whole year, he had killed a large amount of king cla.s.s dimensional beasts and used up all the genuine runic spears long ago.

The runic spears he was using now were actually battle spears created using top-notch steel alloys. Their might reached an extraordinary level, up to 60-70% of the original runic spears. Yet after being shot from the four mighty forbidden weapons, the disparity between the originals and these revealed how inferior the latter were.

"Since the runic spears can't stop you, I have no other choice but to settle it myself."

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Once Li Yunmu stood up, all the muscles and bones in his body cracked with an explosive sound. While staying in the King's True Territory, not only had Li Qinghong and the others greatly improved, Li Yunmu's strength had also swelled. In fact, he currently had no idea about the level of his combat strength.

Until now, he hadn't put it to the test. There was nothing he could do about it, though, since he hadn't met any opponent who could force him to go all out. Right now then, since this equally tyrannical barbarian was insistent on intruding, he Li Yunmu was filled with expectations regarding the fight.

His blood began to boil. Two red suns appeared in his eyes, and his body began to emit an extremely threatening aura which seemed to be causing ripples in the surrounding s.p.a.ce. His eyes gradually locked onto Mammoth Barbarian Clan's Huang underneath. The other also quickly raised his head and looked at Li Yunmu standing atop the mountain in the distance.

Mammoth Barbarian Clan's Wuhang's expression turned grave. This is Li Yunmu?!

He was far different from what the intel gathered about him had suggested. He was even more terrifying and formidable than others had come to believe.

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