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Li Yunmu subconsciously stopped his hand. 

"Soul refining?"

"That's right, my departed master once was a World Master with a three sun heavenly world. Therefore, I'm a little bit knowledgeable about heavenly worlds. I have very good understanding of Soul Refining Heavenly World. My spirit was branded in my master's heavenly world, and after he died, I was liberated.

"Previously, I faked my death to kill you. I thought this heavenly world was born only recently, not expecting that you had already reached the lowest threshold of World Master. This being the case, your heavenly world is just perfect to receive soul refining. Li Yunmu, as long as you allow me to live, my soul will be refined to submit to your heavenly world, and I will offer everything I have to you. My only request is that you allow me to live."

Lin Jian had completely discarded his pride, being strangely attached to living. Li Yunmu had no clue why it was so important to him.

"System, the soul refining he's talking about, what does it mean? How credible are his words?"

Li Yunmu quickly began to think while questioning system.

[According to the scanning of his brain waves and heartbeat, there is a ninety percent chance that his words are true. According to the limited knowledge possessed by the system, Soul Refining Heavenly World should be an extremely high level agreement method,] the system replied after a long while. 

"What's the use of soul refining? And be specific. Also, why are you so attached to living? I'd think a person who is given the t.i.tle of blade overlord shouldn't be afraid of death?" Li Yunmu questioned him. 

"You've already entered the threshold of one sun World Master, but surprisingly you still don't know about the soul refining? Apparently, the guess of some outsiders is right, the mysterious Li Sect behind you really doesn't exist," Li Qinghong said with astonishment. 

Li Yunmu didn't reply to her. Whether the mysterious Li Sect existed or not, he didn't need to fear these two knowing about it. As long as they were in his heavenly world, they could not tell his secrets to no one. 

"Soul refining, if you use this technique, the mark of your heavenly world will be branded on my soul. From then on, my everything will be completely attached to your heavenly world. Whatever I do, including what I am thinking, won't be hidden from you. In fact, you will only need one thought to kill me. Only if there is a day when I, Lin Jian, will enter the Battle Sage realm and become flawless, only then my soul will be freed from the mark of your heavenly world. Otherwise, throughout my life, I will be a servant of your heavenly world."

Lin Jian paused for a moment, and then continued in a slightly depressed tone of voice. "As for why I want to live, that's because my enormous hatred hasn't been avenged yet. I'm not willing to die like this..."

Following Lin Jian's narration, Li Yunmu gradually came to know the b.l.o.o.d.y history of this person know by the t.i.tle of blade overlord. He hadn't expected that it would be so full of hardships. 

"I hadn't expected that you're from Bladewood, extraordinary, truly extraordinary. Then which Bladewood senior sage was your former master?"

Li Yunmu was startled by Blade Overlord Lin Jian's background. The legendary Bladewood wasn't a sect but something that surpa.s.sed it. 

In the six continents, apart from sects, there was still another type of power which stood at the pinnacle of the world. These type of powers were called transcendent powers. 

It meant they were existences which surpa.s.sed all the major organizations and clans. War G.o.d Temple of the Central Continent was one of these. 

Bladewood was another one of such transcendent powers. It wasn't affiliated to the Central Continent, though, but Higher Dimensional Continent. That place was the main disaster area, which was. .h.i.t directly by the Dimensional Shooting Star before the dark ages. Even to this day, countless dimensional beasts roamed freely on that continent. 

Some of them were weak, while some of them were terrifyingly strong. Thus, Higher Dimensional Continent had the lowest population among all the six continents. In this continent, ordinary people had no hope to survive, so each person who remained alive was extremely strong. 

These formidable people weren't ordinary n.o.bodies, and most were fluxers. Usually, ones whose combat strength was extremely formidable as well. And Bladewood transcendent power came from this Higher Dimensional Continent. 

According to hearsay, Bladewood was a sacred land within the Higher Dimensional Continent which wasn't under the threat of dimensional beasts. 

As for whether there were any rules for the transcendent powers, there were three of them! 

The first was that the people of the transcendent powers could only exist in the world, but couldn't appear publicly. 

They couldn't partic.i.p.ate or get involved in the power struggles happening in the six continents. Their members should only have one aim—attaining the peak of cultivation. 

The second rule to become a transcendent power was to have a Battle Sage. And he had to be alive, not be some perished ancestor. 

The third rule was that they must have ten Flux Sage or higher level existences as well as four Domain Sage existences to manage all aspects. 

Furthermore, when Li Yunmu asked which senior sage was Lin Jian's master, it meant which Domain Sage. After all, a Flux Sage who hadn't congealed his domain didn't have the qualifications to be called a senior sage, only Domain Sages and above could have the qualifications to be called such.

"My departed master was the previous generation's dark blade senior sage. He perished somewhere within the Seventh Dimension," Lin Jian answered calmly. 

"Then you turned your back against Bladewood? Are you being chased by it?"

"No, Bladewood doesn't allow its members to meddle in the secular world. I, Lin Jian, couldn't let go of my hatred, so I voluntarily separated myself from them. The reason I'm being hunted is because of my vengeance."

Li Yunmu turned silent for a long while, then finally decided. "Good, I will let you live because of your honesty."

This Lin Jian was certainly a fierce person. Being the disciple of the previous generation's senior sage of Bladewood, if he hadn't drowned in his vengeance, he could now be one of the contestants to reach the pinnacle of the world. 

Compared to the proud sons and daughters of heavens Li Yunmu had previously heard about, Lin Jian was much more terrifying. If his soul refining technique could be implemented, then why should Li Yunmu miss the chance of obtaining such an extraordinary follower? 

By now, Li Yunmu had discovered that he was destined to face a lot of obstacles to advance in his path filled with lots of enemies. It would be very difficult for him to overcome all of them on his own. 

Moreover, if he wanted to congeal twelve suns, then he had to develop what could be cla.s.sified as his own power. However, he possessed the system's deep knowledge as foundation, so it was extremely difficult for people with ordinary combat strength to catch his eyes. That's why, this Bladewood's Lin Jian was the perfect candidate to ally with. 

"Apparently I also don't have much of a choice. I want to live, so I will choose to brand my soul with the imprint of your heavenly world."

Li Qinghong, this clever woman, also understood Li Yunmu's personality and became aware that she wouldn't be able to have a lucky escape. 

"I will not force you, you both can make your choice,"Li Yunmu suddenly declared. If they didn't want to serve him, then even if both of them were the best choices, he would still prefer to go without. Nothing was often better than a shoddy version of what you needed. 

"Then I will begin."

Lin Jian was firm in his decision. He sat down, crossing his legs, and closed his five senses, then began to silently murmur the secret technique of Soul Refining Heavenly World. 

Li Qinghong hesitated for a long while, but then also followed in his footsteps and also activated Soul Refining Heavenly World secret technique. 

Shortly, Li Yunmu saw two small figures appearing above the heads of the two sitting fluxers. Once those small figures appeared, they were attracted by the pull of the sun and began to rise, soon entering the recently congealed first sun of Li Yunmu's heavenly world. 

The small figures were actually the soul imprints of the two people, in other words, the origins of their souls. 

Li Yunmu immediately understood that the words of these two were true. Using Soul Refining Heavenly World technique was equal to leaving their soul imprint in his heavenly world. They were now completely bound to him. Until the day they entered Battle Sage realm, their soul imprints wouldn't disappear. 

After comprehending everything, Li Yunmu was full of excitement. The acquisition of these two Halted Fluxers as subordinates was better than anything else he had gained from the hunt. 

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