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Chapter 53 - Automaton

──Floor B25.

Miranda who rode on the floor travelling device wiped the sweat on her forehead.

When she looked around her, it was a really astonishing situation.

「To think, that the "growth" will come to the whole group.」

It was Lyle who showed the sign of pre-growth first. He was wrapped in a blanket even now while lying on the floor without showing any sign of moving.

「……I want to go home.」

「Lyle-sama, it will be just a bit more so let's do our best.」

Novem was taking care of him with devotion, but there were the figures of other people who also became no good over there too.

Damian was holding on the magic stone while continuing to sleep with the white of his eyes bared and drool trickling form his mouth. Sophia was somehow carrying the puppets and Damian, but even that Sophia was showing the sign of pre-growth.

Novem called out to Sophia.

「Sophisan, are you alright? It will be just a bit more so let's do our best.」

「……I, it's really harsh but, I'll manage somehow.」

Clara was talking to Aria.

「Arisan, let's do our best a bit more. The surface is near.」

「……I, I know but this is really painful you know?」

There was difference in the degree and symptoms of their sign, but it was something rare for four people to arrive at their growth all at once. Miranda looked at Lyle.

「……I don't want to go one anymore. I want to become the floor.」

Lyle who was repeating hopeless remarks seemed to be the type who got their physical condition worsened extremely. His mental state also weakened and the content of his remarks were all hard to understand.

Miranda approached Lyle and crouched.

「A case this extreme is really rare you know, Lyle.」

She poked at Lyle's cheek with her finger, but he didn't react. It was hard for him to even move his body. Novem and Miranda were taking turn to carry him on their back until here.

But, Miranda was also surprised that Lyle was still guiding them even in his state.

Clara sighed.

「It will be better to contact the academy to ask them to take care of Professor Damian. As for the guild I'll go there to make the report. Lyle-san and others can go to the inn they're using──」

Miranda raised her hand when she heard that.

「My house is nearer from here. It also has some empty rooms, so let's bring him there.」

Novem made a slightly troubled face.

「But, that's──」

Miranda turned a smile at Novem.

「It's alright. Besides, you all can also keep using my house from now. The cost for the inn cannot be made light of right?」

Novem looked down.

「Let's talk about it after Lyle-sama and the others recovered. For now please allow me to take up to your kind offer.」

Miranda called to Lyle.

「That's how it is, Lyle. Have a good rest at my house. ……I'll have you take responsibility after all.」

Lyle was making a sleeper's breathing──.

──The house of Circry sisters.

What Shannon saw when she returned from the hospital was an unbelievable sight.

「──Aa, the world is really this beautiful! Look, the cute little birds are also talking to me.」

Aria who borrowed Miranda's clothes was reaching out her hand toward the sparrow that was perching on the window frame. But, the problem was that the borrowed attire was a dress.

The chest was really loose fitting on her.

(This girl, why is she coming to other people's house and wear Onee-sama's dress? What's more──)

When she looked at the sofa, Sophia was lying down there in a slovenly appearance while eating snacks. Her appearance that consisted of only underwear with a shirt on it caused this one here to look tight at the chest part.

「Aria, the little birds or whatever doesn't matter, so please go buy more snacks.」

(This one too why is she lazing around like this here! This isn't your home!)

When she returned to her home with Miranda pushing her wheelchair, there were other people lazing around there before she knew it.

Shannon asked Miranda.

「O, Onee-sama? Just what in the world is this?」

Miranda sighed.

「I understand what Shannon want to say. Even I never thought that I would be asked to lend my dress. Sophia also ate the snacks we stocked in our home as she pleased without asking.」

Sophia raised her upper body and then nodded without even looking guilty before speaking.

「Yes. They were delicious.」

Shannon screamed. Because she saw the bag of her favorite snack ahead of her gaze.

「Yo, you! You ate my snack too! Even though that was my favorite!」

Sophia started laughing.

「Is that so? Well, I already ate them all so I don't know which one that you refer to though.」

「You're annoying!! Shut up!」

When Shannon yelled while forgetting to even act as a frail girl, Miranda's hand propped up Shannon's back and urged her to stand up from the wheelchair.

「O, Onee-sama!?」

Miranda made the confused Shannon to face herself, and then she gently talked to her.

「Shannon, it's amazing that you realized the snack Sophia ate was your favorite snack.」

But, Shannon could see it. The mana drifting around Miranda was shaking in anger.

「Tha, that's, fro, from the content of the conversation and the smell……ouch! It hurths, Onee-hama」

Miranda pinched Shannon's cheeks while still smiling.

「I already know about your eyes. Also, this is also the last day for the wheelchair. Because from now on I will work you really hard. The special treatment is over. Do you understand?」

Shannon became tearful from the pain of her pinched cheeks while replying.

「I, I uhnderstandh. I unhderstandh ith! I'hm shorry」

When Miranda let go of Shannon's cheeks, she immediately hugged her. After Shannon was getting confused, Miranda let go of her for the moment and told her.

「Now then, this house will be noisy from today, so I'll have you work right away.」

Shannon pressed her cheeks with her hands and made a dumbfounded face.

「Eh!? Could it be, they're planning to live here!?」

「That's right. Also, Lyle and Novem──hm? Where is Lyle and Novem?」

Sophia seemed to head to the kitchen to search for food. Miranda asked for explanation from Aria.

Aria answered while twirling and dancing.

「Nn~, they said that they are going to Professor Damian's place.」

Miranda was surprised.

「They went out in that state?」

Aria stopped twirling and made a pose.

「Yep! He said something like, fate is calling for me! As expected from Lyle! Being called out by fate, that's lovely!」

Miranda pretended to not see Aria's action and sighed.

「Haa, this is troubling. Then, perhaps I should go out shopping first? Shannon, watch the home okay? Do everything you can to stop the two of them if they try to go outside.」

Shannon looked at the two. Sophia who was bringing a bread from the kitchen lied down on the sofa and started eating.

Aria was dancing a strange dance once more.

(I have to look after these people!?)

Miranda ignored the troubled Shannon and set out for shopping──.

「Let's not do this today. Lyle-sama, today is no good. Let's return to Mirandsan's house so you recover from your fatigue!」

I dragged Novem who was clinging on me while walking through the academy's corridor.

I came to the academy in order to meet Damian, but Novem wouldn't let go of me.

「I already rested enough. I spent tow whole days in Miranda's house remember? Novem, could it be you……」

Novem slightly averted her gaze from me. She looked like she was hiding something.

「Want to monopolize me for yourself! Isn't that right!?」

Novem looked dumbfounded, after that she faced me and nodded several times.

「Tha, that's right! Tha, that's why let's return, Lyle-sama! Let's do this another day!」

But, I told Novem who was like that.

「It's a request from you. I want to grant it, really. But you see, Novem. If I decide that it is today, then that is fate. Forgive me, please understand.」

Inside the Jewel the ancestors were roaring with laughter.

The six of them were all laughing hard.

『Just how can this guy be this positive huh』

『The normal Lyle should also learn from this.』

『Wait. My stomach hurts. I'm laughing too much my stomach is hurting!』

『Want to monopolize me. That line is good. Isn't it the best saying this time?』

『No no, it's still only starting.』

『The comment about fate is also nice. I'm looking forward when Lyle return back to normal.』

It was great that the six of them were having fun.

「No, I'm not talking about fate or anything like that! This is for Lyle-sama's sake, so please obediently come back home with me. You will shut yourself inside your room for several days again like this!」

Novem was clinging on me looking worried about something. I embraced her in my arms. When I carried her up in princess carry, Novem's face suddenly went red.

「Ly, Lyle-sama! Thi, this appearance is──」

「Be quiet for me for a while. Oops, this here is Damian's laboratory.」

When I stood in front of a large door, Novem was starting to struggle.

「Wait. Lyle-sama, I'm begging you so please wait!」

「What a tomboy princess. Stay like this for a while.」

I kept carrying Novem while opening the door and entered inside the lab. Inside there was a really splendid facility set up. Damian was putting inside the magic stone we obtained inside a half-spherical transparent dome.

「Excuse me. Is Professor Damian here?」

The people wearing white lab coat were directing their gaze toward me. Surprised people. Exasperated people. There were even people looking at me jealously among them.

Novem was covering her face with both her hands. Her face was red until her ears.

The coffin that we obtained previously──an object that was similar to it was being connected to the device by Damian he was doing some kind of work.

「Oh, Lyle. Your timing is the best!」

Damian turned around with bloodshot eyes. I put down Novem who had become quiet. I headed toward Damian and we high-fived.

At the surrounding, the people in lab coat were getting noisy saying things like 「The professor is calling a person's name!」 but, it didn't matter so I ignored them.

「This Lyle Walt is a man who won't miss the best timing. Now then, it seems you're preparing the activation there.」

Damian nodded and his fist knocked *kon kon* on the coffin.

「I'm just going to activate it after this.」

「Then, I'll also take the opportunity to bring out my own automaton.」

When I snapped my fingers, a magic circle formed and from there the coffin only was rising up. Compared to Damian's coffin, the make was similar but there was subtle difference.

Novem faced toward me and yelled.

「Lyle-sama! Don't you think that it's alright even if you don't do it today? Besides, we might be a nuisance for Professor Damian.」

When I looked at Damian, he shook his head.

「I have secured the necessary energy to activate it, so there isn't really any problem. Rather, this can only be done once so I intended to call for you when my preparation is finished. Besides, I'm also curious what kind of automaton is inside.」

Damian said that he was also waiting eagerly for this. He was connecting colored threads or rather wires to the coffin with practiced movement.

「You heard the man. Don't worry. If it goes wild and attack us, I will protect you.」

「Tha, that's not what I──」

The surrounding was sending me gazes filled with jealousy but I paid them no mind.

Damian continued the preparation and then he pushed the device's switch.

「Right, the preparation is over with this.」

The magic stone radiated red light, strongly illuminating the inside of the room red. The magic stone was gradually melting, and then at the end it vanished completely.

When the red light settled down, the two coffins opened their lid at the same time. *Pshuu*, that kind of sound that was like air gushing out could be heard.

The coffin's lid was opened and what was inside looked like a princess that was lying down on a bed.

Damian's automaton was a girl with long black hair. She was wearing a deep blue clothes with white lace added on the collar and sleeves. But, the trait that was standing out must be the ap.r.o.n no matter what. A frilly ap.r.o.n was put over the clothes that looked like a dress.

The one in mine was also the same like that.

「This is automaton? It looks like they are alive.」

White skin and blond hair. Her hair that was tied into twintail was growing out until around her waist. Her hair ends were curly, while on the whole her hair was straight and had quite the volume that made it looked fluffy.

The white lace on the collar and sleeves was the same with Damian's automaton, but this one was wearing a red dress that was reflected on the eyes vividly.

A frill was attached on the bottom of the long skirt. Her breast was creating a nicely shaped mound. The white ap.r.o.n was covering her shoulders and stomach and it was slightly shorter than the skirt's length.

「……Why are they wearing ap.r.o.n over a dress?」

In respond to my impression, Damian looked at a handwritten notebook while answering.

「Apparently this outfit was the standard for the servant or maid in the ancient time. Though it looks like there are several patterns to it.」

I see, it couldn't be helped if this was the custom of the ancient people.

「Then there is no problem. Now then, it doesn't look like they're waking up though?」

Damian handed a needle to me.

「It seems the contract is carried out with blood as the catalyst. It's written here that you can trickle a drop of blood to their mouth of put a bleeding finger inside their mouth.」

Contract using blood? How should I say it……in story or the like, any contract that was using blood as catalyst in most case would be done with the wrong sort. That was the conventional wisdom. Furthermore, there was also a picture book with the t.i.tle of "The Demon in Dress". The contract with the demon there was also using blood if I remembered correctly.

I looked at the sleeping girl.

「……Damian, that's no good.」

「Eh? Is that so? I've disinfected the needle properly. Are you going to use your own knife?」

It's not that. Just why hadn't Damian noticed it.

「Damian, it's already been decided from time immemorial that it's the prince's kiss that will wake up the sleeping princess. Blood is too boorish.」

Damian looked at me and made a baffled face.

「No, but this is the contract method. There is no way a kiss will do anything.」

I spread out my hands and proclaimed in this place.

「There is nothing impossible for this Lyle Walt! After all, I am the man who is chosen by fate! I'm not a prince, but I'm something similar. No, perhaps it can be said that I'm an existence that is even rarer than a prince instead. After all I'm special!」

And then I turned a smile at the worrying Novem before walking toward the automaton.

「Now, sleeping princess──it's the time for the wake up kiss.」

The Third was bursting into laughter inside the Jewel.

『Wake up kiss!! No good. I'm at my limit! My stomach hurtttt!』

When I kissed the sleeping automaton like that, the automaton's tongue slipped into my mouth.

This girl, she did deep kiss with my first kiss! Eei, I'm not gonna lose!

I also put my tongue into her mouth. Then, the automaton's eyelids slowly opened. Her red eyes were really beautiful. It felt like I would be sucked in by them.

The automaton pulled back her tongue, so I also slowly moved away from her.

「Yaa, how are you feeling, sleeping princess? My name is Lyle Walt……your one and only prince.」

Damian was extremely excited seeing my action. He immediately told someone nearby to write a record and then he praised me.

The ancestors were also guffawing inside the Jewel while hitting the round table with their fist repeatedly. They were also rolling around.

「Amazing, it's amazing, Lyle! To think that the automaton will really be activated with that kind of method! That's an amazing discovery!」

My automaton slowly lifted up its upper body. And then, she looked around while opening her mouth.

「Data link……can't be confirmed. Retry failed. Switching into activating independently. Network access, no reaction……signal to sisters……no respond. Confirming mysterious deficiency in system and data. Restoration impossible. Confirming illegal access. Confirming meddling to the body. Automatic check starting……」

The automaton was mumbling words that sounded like curse. It was gathering the gazes from everyone inside the room like that for a while. She was standing out more than me, but let's just considered it to be as expected from my automaton.

After a while, the mumbling automaton stood up from the bed. And then, she looked at me and her fingers pinched her skirt before she lifted it up slightly and bowed her head. It was an unbelievably refined and elegant gesture.

「Nice to meet you, I am automaton, type……oh? This is strange. I cannot recall my individual identification number.」

Her movement that was like a human was completely different than the automaton in my imagination. I imagined that it would be closer like the puppets Damian controlled. I imagined an automaton that would be self-a.s.serting more mechanically.

I never thought that it would be this elaborate and could be mistaken as human.

「Are you alright?」

The automaton smiled at me when I asked her in concern and she said.

「Yes. You perverted b.a.s.t.a.r.d who activated me with a kiss while I was sleeping. There are various missing data but, I'm alright. Can't you notice that just from looking?」

The Fourth was slightly creeped out by the automaton's behavior.

『That's her att.i.tude toward her master? Is this the common practice among the ancient people? More importantly, is this girl really an automaton? Isn't she human?』

I got curious and used my Arts to check, but certainly her internal structure was different from human.

「What, you aren't happy with that? By the way the kiss just now was my first kiss.」

The automaton covered her mouth with both her hands and made a surprised expression.

「My, how can that be! To think that my master will be a deviant who offered his first kiss to a sleeping girl, I'm so happy that I will cry. Allow me to call you goshujin-sama in my heart while calling you out loud as spineless chicken d.i.c.kwad who normally would kiss a sleeping girl.」

The Second was confused.

『Is this thing broken? Normally it would be the reverse. Even if you call him anything you like inside your heart, as expected it's no good to call the person himself chicken d.i.c.kwad right to their face. That's just an insult.』

I brushed off my front hair. And then I made a thumb up that pointed toward me.

「Do as you like. You are free to call me anything. But, just remember this one thing……that chicken d.i.c.kwad will show you how he fly in the sky at the future.」

Novem cautioned me.

「Lyle-sama, chicken cannot fly. Besides, a chicken d.i.c.kwad is a simile for coward……」

「I know. But, it's the problem of spirit. If I am a chicken, the around this time I will be spreading my wings in the blue sky! I'll be flying around already! I won't be called a coward!」

「……Flying and coward isn't related with each other.」

I turned toward Novem while making a pose. I felt the gazes of the surrounding gathering on me. As I thought, it was great to be the center of attention. The existence of me should be displayed to the world more.


「……You are」

The automaton who was turning red on the face since some time ago and looking at me while wriggling stared at Novem and suddenly her face turned serious. Her hands went inside the gap between her clothes and ap.r.o.n, and from there she took out a large hammer that made me wanted to ask how it was hidden there.

She tightly grasped the hammer with both hands. Its size wasn't something that could be swung around by the slender arms of a girl.

「──Heaven's punishment!」

The automaton kicked on the floor and she moved to swing down the hammer that she lifted up toward Novem. I sighed.

「Haa……this idiot.」

I moved between the two of them and hit the automaton's head.

「Ouch! Why are you getting in the way!? Chicken d.i.c.kwad, please permit me to attack right away!」

She put the hammer on the floor with tearful eyes and held the place I hit with both hands while appealing to me.

「Novem is a person who I love. She is important. Can you understand that? Come on, apologize.」

Novem looked at me and shook her head with a really conflicted face.

「If only Lyle-sama can display even just a tenth of this positivity normally.」

The automaton put back the hammer into her ap.r.o.n, and then she apologized at Novem reluctantly.

「Chicken d.i.c.kwad ordered me so I'll apologize to you. I hated you already just from a glance, but chicken d.i.c.kwad ordered me so I reluctantly! Reluctantly give you my apology.」

「Why are you talking condescendingly like that?」

Novem put her hand on her forehead, and then she nodded.

「……Please be careful next time.」

Damian was recording all that happened until now, and then he proclaimed loudly.

「Yosh, next is my turn. This is truly interesting. Besides, the words she muttered are also interesting. It will be necessary to investigate them. Now then, I'm planning to dedicate my first kiss to my ideal woman, so I'll use blood to activate this automaton.」

Damian p.r.i.c.ked his fingertip with a needle and then put it into the automaton's mouth.

「Hm, her tongue is entwining my finger, besides there is saliva? Were the ancient people fastidious in their work?」

Damian expressed his impression with deep interest. Then, the black haired automaton also raised her upper body, opened her eyelids and showed her red eyes.

「……Data link cannot be confirmed. Activated automaton confirmed. Asking for explanation.」

The difference from before was she was directing her gaze to my automaton.

My automaton's eyes shined red. Then Damian's automaton was also making her eyes shined. The two stared at each other. And then, Damian's automaton got up.

「I see, I understand that the presence situation cannot be understood. But, the master registration has been carried out. My master is──」

「Yeah, it's me. Rather than that there is something I want to──」

The automaton looked at Damian and covered her mouth with her hands. And then she started trembling fiercely and interrupted Damian's words.

「Please wait a second, goshujin-sama!」

「Eh, why?」

The Seventh talked from inside the Jewel.

『Is this one normal? Lyle, you got the broken one huh.』

Well, for me one that was slightly out of norm was better so there was no problem.

「When was the last time you washed your clothes?」

Damian looked at the clothing he was wearing. Stains from something spilled on it. And then frays. The lab coat was dirty and worn-out.

「……I don't remember.」


When the automaton shrieked, everyone jumped backward and strengthened their wariness. But, among that I was the only one who took a step forward. Because I wanted to do something different from everyone else!

Both Novem and my automaton looked at such me with a cold gaze.

「M, my goshujin-sama is dressed like this! Furthermore that appearance is even witnessed by the piece of junk who is smug just because she is a special model!」

Piece of junk? I looked at my automaton. She was slightly bending backward while puffing out her chest. She put her hand on that large breast and started boasting.

「I am the so called existence that is called as special model. My worth is different from the ma.s.s produced model over there. Even our price is at different level! My spec is double of her! I cannot accept being called a piece of junk. If I can speak my opinion, it's you who is an inferior product.」

Damian's automation changed completely from shrieking to shaking her head.

「Not even jealousy is welling up inside me even after hearing that boast from a junk who is calling her goshujin-sama as chicken d.i.c.kwad. However, this is horrible. Furthermore this room is also horrible. I will regard this as a sudden challenge for me to display my true capability.」

And then, she pushed Damian's back to lead him to somewhere.

「Then, first let's head to the bath, goshujin-sama.」

「No, that's why first hear my question──」

The automaton ignored Damian's resistance and led him out of the room. The expression of the automaton that I saw for an instant was ecstatic. I also could see her wiping her drool.

Damian's voice could be heard from the corridor.

「Oi, I'm still researching!」

「It will be over right away. It will be over right away! Now, please show me where the bathroom is! I won't do anything bad!」

「What do you mean you won't do anything huh! Hah! Could it be, this is the custom of the ancient people? In that case experience it will be……no, but that kind of experiment for me is……」

「Oh my! So goshuijin-sama is interested! Please leave it to me. As a maid I am capable of doing anything. I am equipped with various options. Surely I will be able to satisfy you! Goshujin-sama just need to count the number of spot at the ceiling, so there is no need to worry at all!」

The Sixth muttered.

『……He is going to be eaten.』

……I wonder why? I got the feeling that danger was approaching Damian. But, Damian was already gone, and my automaton had been activated so my business here was finished.

I turned around toward Novem and the automaton.

「Yosh, we are going home too. Everyone is waiting for my return there.」

Novem replied with a completely exhausted face.

「……Yes, that's right. Haa, are Arisan and Sophisan alright there……」

The automaton clenched her hands while looking really happy.

「My work place isn't it? Please leave it to me, I promise a comfortable living from morning until evening to chicken d.i.c.kwad!」

My automaton moved with a skip in her steps.

How should I say it, an amusing fellow just became a comrade.


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