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Translator: Kira    Editor: Nara, DCVoidsWrath, Lyncth

Chapter 1: First day in the Special Cla.s.s

The professor brought me to a room that was fully furnished with lavish chairs and furniture. My eyes wandered about the reception room when,

"ah, Chrono-kun.. I would be pleased if you would have a seat over there. The Demon King will be arriving soon." (Professor)
"Haa…." (Chrono)

I obediently sat upon the fluffy chair and waited around ten seconds. Outside of the reception room, I could hear the footsteps of someone running.

"Professor Dante! I came as soon as possible when I received your message." (Demon King)

The person who arrived was a little girl who smiled happily.
She had long ears and an impressive horn which was growing from her head.
The timing of this person's arrival indicated that she was no ordinary Demonic Being or so I thought as the professor named Dante bowed.

"I bid you welcome Maou-sama." (Prof Dante)

Ah, it seemed I was correct.

This long eared little girl was the Demon King.

I had been born and raised in the countryside all this time. As such, I didn't even know what the Demon King looked like, but I do feel that it's weird that this little girl is the Demon King.

As I was drowned in my own thoughts, the professor and Demon King continued their talk.

"This is the person who created the Demon King-cla.s.s dungeon, Chrono Arcon." (Prof Dante)
"I see. Well then, let's start with the introductions. I'm the 15th generation Demon King, Liza Malta Firanicos. It's fine to call me Liza." (Liza)

The Demon King Liza declared such as she extended her hands towards me.

"Uhm, I'll be in your care, Liza Maou-sama." (Chrono)
"It's fine to just call me Liza or Lizsan. Besides, I'll be calling you as Chrono. So just call me Liza." (Liza)
"Y-Yes… Understood, Lizsan" (Chrono)

She's quite the friendly Demon King.
I'm thankful that she doesn't have an intimidating aura and that she's easy to talk to. The Demon King glared at me as I was lost in my own thoughts.

"Chrono, I've heard that you've gone and created a ma.s.sive dungeon, that's true, right?" (Liza)
"Uh, yeah? I guess you could say that." (Chrono)
"Professor Dante, the shape of the dungeon is the same as reported right?" (Liza)
"Yes, a four hundred layered dungeon was created. His power completely overwhelmed a single Mother Core. As result, we had to replace it with a new one." (Prof Dante)

Upon hearing both the professor's and my explanation, Liza changed the way she looked at me. It was as if her eyes were scanning every part of my body carefully.

"The processing capability of a single Core is approximately three hundred Demonic Being's worth of magic with some allowance to spare. You're incredible.
Say, Chrono, may I touch your body?" (Liza)
"Eh? Ah, I don't really mind." (Chrono)
"Hn, thanks. Pardon me a bit." (Liza)

Liza approached me as she conveyed her thanks. She then touched my lips with her thin fingers and gently placed my body on her.

Even though she was just a little girl, I was troubled as to where to look as she was wearing a daring and extremely exposing outfit which enhanced her alluring body proportions.

I wonder why is it that all Demonic Beings are well-endowed regardless of having a large or small physique.

As I was looking for a place to look at-

"Well, this is amazing. I'm surprised." (Liza)

Liza let out a voice of admiration.

"I felt immense power gushing from him. His dormant powers must've been awakened during the Dungeon Creation event. That's what I've observed." (Prof Dante)

"Well, from Maou-sama's perspective, Chrono-kun's power is at an abnormal level right… Chrono-kun, how on earth did you obtain such levels of power?" (Prof Dante)

I too wondered to myself the same exact question as Professor Dante. I'm just an ordinary Devil from the countryside and ended up in this current situation.

"Did you receive any special training when you were a child?" (??)
"No. I led an ordinary life in the countryside. I spent my days helping at my parent's pharmacy and also hunted small dragons1 and beasts for dinner. That's ordinary right?" (Chrono)

It's supposed to be a common activity for every household. However, the professor rolled his eyes when he heard my explanation.

"Dragon as in that 'DRAGON2'?" (Prof Dante)
"Yeah. Just the small ones though. Sometimes they get lost around the edge of the village. It's very convenient y'know." (Chrono)

"Uhm…. wait a moment. Your countryside has dragons roaming around?" (Liza)
"That's right." (Chrono)

As the professor nodded, he then looked down at the names register.

"It seems that your birthplace is a village in the north called Atra. Did such ferocious monsters roam around there?" (Prof Dante)
"No, no. Dragons aren't ferocious at all. If you're able to erase your presence in the forest, you'll be able to escape from most dragons." (Chrono)
"Who the h.e.l.l are you…. What kind of lifestyle have you been living? Or more like, the countryside you've been mentioning is…" (Prof Dante)

Before the professor was able to finish his sentence, Liza b.u.mped into his shoulders.

"OK, let's put this to a stop! It's a fact that Chrono has amazing powers and like you, I too am interested in them. However, we didn't call him here to interrogate him on this, right?" (Liza)
"I.. I offer my apologies Maou-sama. It seems I've lost my composure." (Prof Dante)
"Geez. Sorry 'bout that Chrono. Despite him being like this, he's the professor in charge of your cla.s.s. Do get along with him." (Liza)
"Aah, yes. I don't mind at all." (Chrono)
"Then all is good and well. Well then, let's get into our main agenda." (Liza)

Upon saying that, Liza matched her eyes with mine.

"Chrono, would you mind entering the Super Special Cla.s.s?" (Liza)
"Eh? Super special?" (Chrono)

What's that?
I've never heard of it.

"In this academy, we have two types of cla.s.ses, the special and common cla.s.s right?" (Chrono)

I at least have the knowledge about the two cla.s.ses before coming to the academy.
As if to disapprove of what I've just said, Liza stared at me.

"Eh? Dante, you haven't explain it to him?" (Liza)
"Erm… This incident was quite sudden. Your Majesty arrived here just not long after we had. As such, I didn't have enough time to explain it to him." (Prof Dante)
"I see. Then let's explain this in a simple manner. The Super Special Cla.s.s is a secret hidden group where only those elite top scorers of their year would be invited. There are a lot of special techniques and powerful spells which are exclusively taught to this group." (Liza)

I see. To sum it up, there's one more hidden cla.s.s.

"Specifically, how is it different from the other cla.s.ses?" (Chrono)

"Apart from the result orientated Dungeon Creation, you'll have access to communicate with some of the administration staff in the academy. Well, in simpler terms, you'll have a free pa.s.s to skip cla.s.ses." (Liza)

Liza said that with a smile.

"Personally, I think with your powers Chrono, you'd be better off starting at the Super Special Cla.s.s. Currently you're sure to be enlisted into the special cla.s.s. However, in the Super Special Cla.s.s, you'll have the freedom to choose any cla.s.s to attend. Plus, it comes with a bonus of being able to skip cla.s.s without repercussions." (Liza)

Hmm… I'm attracted to the tempting offer of being able to be more lax.

In the first place, I don't wish for such a large dungeon. My academy life should be me attending cla.s.ses appropriate to my powers and slowly learning how to control them.

I heard that the lectures in the special cla.s.s are rather difficult….

That's why if the Super Special Cla.s.s enables me to have a more relaxing life, I don't mind attending there.

"If it's more relaxing, I would like to attend the Super Special Cla.s.s. Will I be a.s.signed to that cla.s.s starting from today?" (Chrono)
"For starters, you'd have to attend some basic lectures and also go through the orientation for the special cla.s.s. Only after that will you be a.s.signed to the Super Special Cla.s.s." (Liza)

So I won't be immediately admitted to a different cla.s.s.
If that's the case, there's no harm trying it out.

"Uhm, could I try experiencing the Super Special Cla.s.s for a little bit? If it's relaxing, I won't mind entering it. However, if it's not, I'd rather be transferred back to the special cla.s.s." (Chrono)
"Yup! No problem. There will be after school activities by the students from the Super Special Cla.s.s. I'll guide you through them!" (Liza)

Liza proclaimed so with a nod and looked at the clock in the reception room.

"Whoops, it seems like it's time for my next agenda. Well then, I shall be on my way. Bye bye, Chrono" (Liza)

As she said those words, Liza ran off while waving her hands.

"Lizsan has a rather extremely friendly personality." (Chrono)
"I wouldn't say so. It's rather rare for her to display a friendly demeanour such as the one she showed you. At the very least, she'd showcase her majestic disposition for the person on their first meet. Anyway, since the explanation is over, I will guide you to the special cla.s.s cla.s.sroom. I know I've been dragging you all over the place, but please do follow me." (Prof Dante)

"Aah, right." (Chrono)

And so, I'm finally able to head to the cla.s.sroom where my cla.s.smates are waiting.

1. Author uses the kanji 竜 which reads as ryuu, meaning dragon. Normally it would refer to the eastern dragon.
2. Author uses ドラゴン katakana this time.

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