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Yu Hao was thrown onto the bed. Zhou Sheng came over to kiss him, and just as Yu Hao thought they were going to do it, Zhou Sheng turned around and left.

Zhou Sheng tied an ap.r.o.n around his waist, gathered up the hot pot and prawn sh.e.l.ls, threw the rubbish away, and washed the dishes.

“Zhou Sheng.” Yu Hao said.

“Ai, what is it?” Zhou Sheng said, “I'm helping you fulfill your birthday wish, I'm busy now.”

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“I want to mate.” Yu Hao turned around and looked at the street scenery outside the landing window filled with resplendent lights and thought that this was too crazy.

“Mate, mate, all you do is eat and mate all day. What else do you know?” Zhou Sheng threw everything into the sink and decided not to wash them for now. He undid his shirt b.u.t.tons and got on the bed, “Strip ah!”

Yu Hao took his clothes off, then took off Zhou Sheng's clothes for him. The bedsheet and blanket was really too comfortable, and the room was nice and warm.

“Did you forget something?” Zhou Sheng said.

Yu Hao said, “Wait, what about my previous place?'

Zhou Sheng said, “Must we discuss that in bed?”

Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng looked at each other.

“You're much paler now.” Yu Hao said with a smile, “You're so handsome.”

Zhou Sheng has always had the figure of a sports student. He hadn't been basking in the sun much ever since summer vacation started, and after wearing suits for a few months, now that his clothes were off, Yu Hao had the chance to take a good look at him. Their new apartment was well-lit, which shone on him to make him look both slim and fair. He had exquisite and beautiful skin, while it was fully erect below and his hair had been trimmed to be very short. Yu Hao played with it a little. Zhou Sheng kissed him again, as if he was waiting for something.

“And?” Zhuo Sheng said, “You don't want your birthday present anymore?”

Yu Hao held Zhou Sheng's that and was a little confused for a moment, “Oh, is it this?”

Zhou Sheng blushed and laughed, “Wasn't this already yours in the first place?”

Yu Hao's face flushed completely red. Zhou Sheng said, “If you don't ask, you won't get it anymore!”

Yu Hao said, “My birthday present! Where's my birthday present?”

After Yu Hao said that, Zhou Sheng entered, and the two of them embraced each other tightly at that moment. Yu Hao was so happy he trembled a little.

Zhou Sheng didn't move, and just looked into Yu Hao's eyes.

“I wanted to open a shop for you in Beijing,” Zhou Sheng whispered and reached out to stroke Yu Hao's hair, “And call it 'Hao Yue Chu Sheng'.”

Yu Hao caressed Zhou Sheng's cheek, and at this moment, he felt great satisfaction. They forcibly suppressed the urge to break through the embankment and arduously continued this conversation.

“Then?” Yu Hao moaned, “Must we talk like this? Let's talk later! Hurry and move! Now!”

“But on the day of my presentation, I changed my mind halfway through the presentation.” Zhou Sheng's low and magnetic voice whispered next to Yu Hao's ear, “And now, I've brought you the gift.”

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Yu Hao could hardly bear it anymore, Zhou Sheng could actually restrain himself like this and not move. He gasped for breath as he asked, “What's the gift?”

“It's right here.” Zhou Sheng gazed at Yu Hao's eyes, licked his lips, then kissed it, “Don't you see it?”

“What is it?” Yu Hao had lost his mind for a moment as he hugged Zhou Sheng's waist, “It's……” He suddenly understood.

Zhou Sheng smiled, “It's me. I've resigned. Okay, I'm going to start doing you now.”

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“I……so we don't care about my other place now?” Yu Hao said.

“The landlady has already refunded the money.” Zhou Sheng said, “So there's no need to bother with her anymore.”

Yu Hao, “She actually gave you a refund?”

Zhou Sheng, “Otherwise what did you think I was so busy with the whole day? When you compare life with money, life would be more important of course.”

Yu Hao, “……”

“Does this house really cost more than 8,000? Where did you get the money from?”

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“Earned 60,000 after working for three months.” Zhou Sheng answered, “I gave you 20,000, so I still had 40,000 left. We can use the remaining few thousands as food expenses this month, and you'll get your salary next month, right? Expenses for all these daily necessities aren't too difficult to earn ba, it's not like we need to raise kids, what're you afraid of?'

Yu Hao, “Then you won't care about Yun Lai Chun anymore?”

Zhou Sheng said, “During that last meal, the old man arranged a blind date for me again, so I quit.”

Yu Hao, “Oh.”

Zhou Sheng, “What? What do you want to say this time?”

Yu Hao, “Of course not. I want to hit him, okay? This is a matter of principle.”

Zhou Sheng said with much satisfaction, “Un, trust me ba. I've already proven myself; I won't be any worse off than at home. At most it'll just be a little more tiring. As long as we're together, no matter how exhausting it gets, it will just be physical exhaustion. The heart won't be tired.”

Yu Hao turned his head and cuddled with Zhou Sheng who had wanted to do the same, then kissed him.

Yu Hao had a strong feeling that this all seemed unreal. In fact, from the day he left Zhou Sheng, he already had a hunch. That hunch had only grown stronger when he saw Zhou Sheng's presentation. It's just that he had never really trusted his gut much, and he didn't expect his hunch to turn into reality — Zhou Sheng and Zhou Laichun really did fall out.

Since Zhou Laichun had still arranged a blind date for Zhou Sheng in the end, then no more leeway could be given —— because Zhou Sheng had always only had one reason for accepting his father's arrangement, and that was to live a better life with Yu Hao. Zhou Laichun was actually foolish enough to cut off the motive for Zhou Sheng's will to fight from its source, so their negotiations broke down completely, and everything came to an end.

Yu Hao stroked the left side of Zhou Sheng's bare chest. His heart beat so firmly and forcefully that it was like a thunder that would wake the entire world.

“You're actually not nagging me.” Zhou Sheng was already ready to deal with Yu Hao's attempts at persuading him to go back, and he didn't expect that Yu Hao would accept it so easily.

Yu Hao said, “I've thought it through anyway. It's impossible for him to accept me. No matter how much money you earn, if we can't be together, then it's all meaningless.”

“We're together again now, how do you feel?” Zhou Sheng turned sideways and hugged Yu Hao, his long legs straddling his waist as he held him firmly in his arms.

Yu Hao said, “A familiar recipe, a familiar taste.”

Zhou Sheng laughed.

A familiar recipe, a familiar taste. On this night three months later, everything seemed so natural.

“I'm here again ——” Zhou Sheng was clad in golden battle armour as he stepped on multicoloured clouds. He rode his black dragon and landed in the middle of the arena.

The surrounding grandstand erupted into roaring cheers. Yu Hao opened his eyes and realised that he had appeared in Zhou Sheng's dream!

Over the past two years, Zhou Sheng never used the Golden Crow Wheel once. Yet on the day of their reunion, he didn't even let Yu Hao know before dragging him in.

“Come, Satan.” Zhou Sheng said, “I'll fight Tao Tie, cut all your c.r.a.p.”

“Zhou Sheng!” Yu Hao shouted from the VIP stand.

Dark Zhou Sheng wore the armour of a death knight and sat side by side with Yu Hao on the sofa of the VIP stand, with a gla.s.s of wine in his hand and a foot on the coffee table. He started laughing.

“Babe.” Dark Zhou Sheng said, “I finally see you again. Sit ba, don't get too excited.”

Yu Hao's wings dragged along the floor as he stood in the center of the VIP stand. Zhou Sheng's totem was suspended high above in the air in front of him, and it shone with a mystical light.

Zhou Sheng whistled to higher ground and pointed at the grandstand, signalling to Yu Hao to sit. The dinghaishenzhen in his hands pointed toward Tao Tie in the arena. Tao Tie was bound by numerous shackles stacked atop of one another.

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Yu Hao sat down slowly. Dark Zhou Sheng reached out and wanted to drape an arm around his shoulder, but Yu Hao's wings spread out from his back and shone with a dazzling light, stretching out straight and flicking away Dark Zhou Sheng's hand that was covered in black iron armour.

“I can let him win once.” Dark Zhou Sheng said, “Why don't we take this time now to have s.e.x?'

Yu Hao leaned back a little bit and raised one foot, which he placed on the coffee table. He looked sideways at Dark Zhou Sheng, and squinted slightly.

Dark Zhou Sheng said, “I am him, and he is me. Do you still not understand that?”

Yu Hao answered, “No. On the first day we met, the one I saw on the Great Wall was him, not you.”

Dark Zhou Sheng snorted arrogantly, a faintly perceptible smile hanging on his lips.

“Master of the dreamscape has decided to challenge Tao Tie.” Satan's voice resounded through the arena, “Will he be able to overcome his materialistic desires? Let's all wait and see!”

Tao Tie broke free of the chains wrapped around his body and roared up to the heavens. Zhou Sheng carried his jingubang on his back and revealed a smile.His jingubang swept back and forth as he performed a beautiful dance with it. Yu Hao put down the daggers in his hand, and placed them on the platform.

“Let's make a bet?” Yu Hao said to Dark Zhou Sheng.

“What's the bet?” Dark Zhou Sheng raised an eyebrow.

Tao Tie did a run-up and dashed in madly, while Zhou Sheng swung his jingubang and rushed forward brazenly——

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The clouds in the sky changed their colours for a short moment; a blood red sunglow burst through the huge gaps between them, and in that moment, the one that flew up was no longer the imprisoned Sun Wukong, and was instead the Great Sage who smashed the Heavenly Palace into pieces with his rod!

With just this one swing of his rod, Tao Tie shattered into pieces and disintegrated into countless, flying light particles; they swirled towards the black dragon behind Zhou Sheng. The black dragon bowed its head, and the Milky Way lights flew into its forehead, turning into a sharp horn!

Roaring cheers drowned the entire arena. Yu Hao looked sideways at Satan, then at the arena. He walked up to Zhou Sheng, who had a bright smile on his face.

Yu Hao abruptly woke up from his dream and saw Zhou Sheng drawing the curtains. He stood before the landing window, gazing at the gorgeous morning sun of Beijing after the snow.


Zhou Sheng whistled and smiled at Yu Hao, looking like he was in high spirits, then went straight to the sink to wash the pot inside it.

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Yu Hao said, “Wei!”

Zhou Sheng, “You want to mate again?”

Yu Hao laughed. He hugged the blanket and looked at his phone.

“You're really not leaving, right?” Yu Hao said.

Zhou Sheng, “Time is limited, there's no time to mix stuffing and make dim sum anymore. Make do with some frozen food ba, we'll make dumplings at home in a few days.”

Zhou Sheng took out shaomai, custard buns, and other such dim sum from the refrigerator and steamed them for Yu Hao's breakfast. He took out a hand-brewed coffee pot and filter paper and placed them on the table, then motioned to Yu Hao to brew it himself. He even bought this…Yu Hao hadn't made coffee in a very long time. He went to wash up and brewed two cups of coffee at the kitchen bar, just like what they did every morning when they were together.

“You're not allowed to leave my sight today.” Yu Hao said, “I keep suspecting that you're lying to me, so you can't take one step out of this house.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhou Sheng washed the dishes and uncovered the steamer. He placed the frozen food inside to steam them, “Then can't you just hide my ID and bank cards? Are you still afraid that I'd go take a plane now?”

Yu Hao thought that was true, so he went to search for Zhou Sheng's ID and money and gathered them all up. Zhou Sheng pulled a high chair over, turned on his phone and took a piece of paper, then started calculating living expenses as he sat in the kitchen. Yu Hao lay on the table beside him to watch. A call came, and the display showed 'Old White-Eyed Wolf'. Zhou Sheng just glanced at it once and said, “Blacklist him ba.”

Yu Hao tapped on the 'hands-free' option and picked up.

“Yu Hao.” Zhou Laichun said.

Yu Hao said, “Director Zhou, your sonny is in my hands.”

Zhou Sheng, “……”

Yu Hao, “How's the consideration for my conditions last time goin'? You din' call the police ba, we are all smart people, I know you mus understand it la.”

Zhou Sheng began folding a paper plane with a mischievous smile on his face.

“Let him answer the phone.” Zhou Laichun's tone was very calm.

Yu Hao, “I guarantee with all my integrity that he is absolutely safe right now. If you hand over the money and shares, you'll be able to see him.”

Zhou Sheng finally couldn't hold it in anymore, and laughed so hard he lay sprawled across the bar. He held the paper plane and casually threw it at Yu Hao. Yu Hao's nimble hands caught it, then he threw it back. He and Zhou Sheng were just like two children who could play with anything.

“Yu Hao.” Zhou Laichun said, “What on earth do you want?”

“You lied to him.” Yu Hao was finally solemn as he said, “That's the most vile act a father could ever commit against his son. Director Zhou, you're dishonest.”

“How did I lie to him?!” Zhou Laichun suddenly flew into a rage, “Which statement of mine wasn't the truth?!”

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Yu Hao said coldly, “That day you said 'if you really want to make decisions for your own life, then prove it with your own abilities.' He put in so much effort and did everything he was supposed to, but what about you? Have you ever given him the chance to make his own decisions in life?”

Zhou Sheng took off the lid, and placed the steamed dumplings, shaomai, and custard buns on plates. Then he opened the rice cooker and scooped out some century egg porridge. Zhou Laichun cursed on his side, but Yu Hao said, “This negotiation has fallen through, and we will never believe you again. You lack the most fundamental quality every businessman should have. Director Zhou, you have no honesty!”

“Yu Hao, your arrogance knows no limits! I've never promised you anything!” Zhou Laichun said, “Let Zhou Sheng answer the phone!”

Yu Hao said, “Don't give me all that nonsense! You're trying to skirt responsibility now? All your words, from what you actually said to what you left out, all implied this!”

Zhou Sheng revealed a 'what the f.u.c.k' expression on his face and gave Yu Hao a thumbs up. He spread the oil out evenly in the pain, cracked open an egg, and fried it. Zhou Laichun finally started scolding him out of exasperation and started to unleash a torrent of personal attacks on Yu Hao. But Yu Hao automatically screened out his words and coldly said, “Scold me all you want, I'll let you vent your frustrations a little. Once you're done, I'll blacklist you, so please go ahead.”

On the contrary, Zhou Laichun stopped talking.

Yu Hao waited for two minutes. Zhou Laichun hung up in anger, and it all ended.

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