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Chapter 795: Dependence

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Vigilante A took one last look at the peak of the Azure Mountain, and then vanished.

The mountain was already present and it only lacked streams and rivers for now.

However, was the Lunaette really suitable for habitation?

If reproduction proved successful on the Lunaette, the Human Biosphere Plan would then have an appropriate case study.

Bearing this thought in mind, Fang Ning and Sir System met the woman in white again.

They ran into each other at a sw.a.n.ky cafe in New Netherlands, USA.

The woman had opted for a choice of attire that was both modern and chic. Presenting herself as a metropolitan beauty clothed in a white dress, she attracted much attention from the people around her.

“A cup of your most bitter coffee, please.” She told the waiter.

“Please wait for a while.” The waiter replied politely.

All of the men in the cafe stole glances at her from time to time, much to the annoyance and jealousy of their female partners.

Some of the single men even tried to flirt with her.

Unfortunately, Vigilante A’s unannounced appearance in the cafe forced the men to restrain themselves.

Heck, it was already the end of the third year of Shenyuan. A man who often spent his time outside would have to be extremely out of touch with the world to not know about this individual.

“Are you going to have a cup of coffee as well, your Excellency the Dragon G.o.d?” The woman greeted him.

“I already told you the last time that all you Upper Realm deities should obey the laws of this realm, but obviously my words have fallen on deaf ears.” Vigilante A remarked coldly.

“Oh, and pray tell, which law have I broken?” The woman in white shook her head.

“Hiss…” Everyone else around them got up to leave.

Likewise, the men who tried to flirt with the G.o.ddess in white earlier ran as far as their legs could carry them.

Soon, the cafe was almost empty. Not even the cafe’s owner was to be seen…

The only person left was the waiter, who was still standing behind the counter and brewing coffee with his shaky hands.

The Era of Mystery had commenced for nearly three years. Those who were still alive and well followed three important and effective principles.

“Number One: Upon encountering something mysterious, move out at once.”

“Number Two: Upon hearing something mysterious, leave at once.”

“Number Three: Upon meeting a monster, summon the Dragon G.o.d.”

These three principles went viral on the internet a long time ago. Although there were many disadvantages to them, such as preventing a handful of individuals from becoming heroes, they did save many lives.

What occurred now was the second type of situation. To the Westerners, words such as “G.o.ds” and “deities” were similar to those mysterious beasts and creatures. Chulthu, the Devil and the Abyss were all the same. Ordinary humans were unaware of the related taboos and could get themselves killed for no apparent reason.

A good example was presented in a video that went viral some time ago. The poor little Eastern Taoist priest in the video died because of this reason.

The only thing that made this waiter feel lucky was the presence of the Eastern Dragon G.o.d in the face of mysterious events.

The Dragon G.o.d would never allow the murder of innocents to happen under his watch.

Right now, he could only brew the coffee stiffly whilst listening pa.s.sively to the ongoing conversation.

Vigilante A spoke coolly. “You’ve joined forces with some sketchy individual and attempted to interfere with this realm’s Heavenly Axiom. Isn’t that enough? There’s no use in lying. You should know there are many ways to detect lies in this world.”

“Haha, your Excellency, the individual who intends to converge is a person of this realm. He bears the Seed of the Heavenly Axiom and fulfills the requirements for the Convergence of Paths, so how can he be some sketchy fellow?” The woman in white seemed to be rather patient.

“Who would that be?”

“That’s confidential.”

Vigilante A got up and disappeared.

“Isn’t the bitter coffee ready yet?” The woman asked.

The waiter then placed the cup of coffee on her table with shaky hands.

After he left, Vigilante A resumed his patrol around the world.

Sir System could not stop nagging and picking on Fang Ning.

“Why didn’t you use your powers when you’re supposed to do so? Wouldn’t it be great if you used your Obsession to make her turn red?”

“Erm, it’s easy to do so if she were a monster, but…” Fang Ning shook his head.

“Hmph, you boring a.s.s humans, always giving excuses about righteousness. You didn’t do so just because you fancy her. Don’t forget you have a wife.” Sir System rambled on.

“Hey, I’m not that kind of person!” Fang Ning defended himself. “If danger was imminent, I would naturally do it. However, there wasn’t any sign of immediate danger, and this Obsession isn’t the best move. After all, I’m just a regular Joe, unlike you, you heartless, cold-blooded System.”

“Fine, I’ll keep an eye on her.” Sir System relented.

Fang Ning pondered for a few minutes. He could not act like some loser and he finally came up with another idea.

He suggested. “That Shang Qingshan fellow behaved rather oddly earlier. Usually, the mere mention of the Upper Realm deities would evoke fear among many, but he was the only one who was calm and collected, and even showed disdain towards the deities. He went so far as to call them ‘vagabonds’.”

“Oh, what does that matter? This shows that he’s savage, tyrannical and absolutely defiant. Aren’t such qualities character tropes used in the novels you read? They defy either the Heavens or the G.o.ds and don’t even appreciate a good System.” Sir System ranted again.

“You’re really simple-minded. If he were a mere brute, how could Shang Qingshan earn his place as the Master of the Azure Mountain years ago? There’s only an answer to this, and it’s because he knows something secret about the Upper Realm deities.” Fang Ning argued.

“Ugh, it’s still a load of rubbish! Anderson, the Bodhisattva Spirit King, the River G.o.d of Sky River; Who doesn’t know about the secret of the Upper Realm deities? The ones who have not descended are the toughest bunch. The longer they delay their descent, the more power they keep.” Sir System continued to brush off Fang Ning’s explanation.

“That’s why I said you’re foolish!” Fang Ning snapped back angrily. “Since we know about this, why is Shang Qingshan still so defiant? The answer is clear: He knows full well that none of the Upper Realm saints can handle him!”

“Oh, is that so? Well I’m not afraid either…” Sir System was displeased.

“Huh, what is it that you have, then?” Fang Ning gave a look of surprise.

“It’s simple. Earth is the only planet in the universe with Vitality. No matter how powerful the Upper Realm deities become, they cannot live without Vitality. However, I’m different. Vitality or no Vitality, I’ll still survive. The most I can do is to go to another planet.” Sir System justified.

“I see.” Fang Ning contemplated, then spoke. “I believe Shang Qingshan has a similar trump card. No, I’d better spy on this fellow. I have the feeling that he can give us a different result.”

“Do as you wish, but I don’t have the attention span to worry about this matter. You handle it on your own.”

“I shall handle it. With my large supply of pills, do you think I can’t influence a few disciples of the Azure Mountain?” Fang Ning smiled.

When Vigilante A departed, the woman in white stared at her cup of black coffee. She then vanished into thin air without taking a sip.

The waiter wiped his sweaty brow. He could not believe that he managed to survive such a tense situation.

Though, he was no longer that fearful now.

It seemed as if these so-called deities were also subject to the Eastern Pharos’ interrogation, and they did not dare resist him?

Were they just putting on a front?

Nope, they were extremely powerful. The videos circulating the internet proved this a long time ago, but the Venerable Dragon G.o.d was way stronger than them, thus he was able to control them.

Just like the history of humans, a great leader kept establishing new regulations throughout each ruling period, only that each period had a different ruler.

As he contemplated, he pulled out his handphone and tweeted about the day’s incident.

“I just had a close encounter with a mysterious deity of the Upper Realm…”

Later, the woman in white appeared on a mountain peak. She took out her phone and checked the news. A few minutes later, she came across the news related to her.

“What a bunch of boring humans…” Her phone disappeared and she shook her head in exasperation. She then gazed at the sky, as if she was talking to someone up there.

“You’re right, it looks like his weakness lies in the fact that he can’t simply make a move. He needs a valid reason for doing so.”

“Understood. I shall make the necessary arrangements.”

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