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With that, the Hundred Fish Feast was suddenly filled with an extremely awkward atmosphere. Before everyone knew it, the spotlight was on the Venerable Dragon G.o.d's marriage affair…

Evidently, the relationship between a man and a woman had nothing to do with differences between races, realms, and the trend of past and present…

"Everyone, eat up, quickly eat the fish, don't wait until the dishes turn cold." As soon as Tom the black cat noticed that the atmosphere was not right, it quickly brought it back to earth.

It did not want the topic to go in circles, whereby they could not eat the fish in the end, as everyone would start to talk about marriage…

Among everyone present, it was the one who was in the least need for a wife because it was not picky about food…

'Hmph, as expected, this cat is the most detestable one.' Chong Daqing, who was completely clueless of what everyone was talking about, was initially taking the opportunity to feast on the fishes, and was about to sweep them clean. Who knew, it was interrupted by this black cat again.

There was nothing it could do. Since the crowd had shifted their focus back to the food, it could only act more feminine, and could only chew slowly without hurry.

This was what was instructed by its old father many times…

Just as the crowd was about to dig in again, they realized that all the plates had been emptied. They were so clean that they reflected the faces staring at them…

"Hehe, I saw that you're having a bad appet.i.te. The Great Azure Dragon always said to find pleasure in helping others, hence I helped you finish some…" The great green insect buried itself under the snow-white napkin as it mentioned without even showing its head.

"Uh, it's alright. Thomson, bring out another hundred fishes." Vigilante A waved his hand and instructed proudly.

"Eh, Sir, are you in such a good mood after tormenting me? Why are you being so benevolent? You obtained those fishes through your daily travels." Fang Ning was extremely dispirited.

"Uh, no… It's because these will be billed to you, I've said this from the start." Sir replied right away.

"Hah, just as expected." Fang Ning no longer said a word, he went back to the System s.p.a.ce to cultivate.

He decided that he would suppress Sir System, and to at least cultivate to a state where his soul became real, and was not afraid of external objects.

'Now, this idiot is getting more and more out of hand, to the extent that it is interfering with my marriage matters as well. Where's the Heavenly principle? Where's the law?

'Can I not even take charge of my own body?

'What's the point of being a man? I might as well cultivate the helianthus book and be a eunuch!'

While Fang Ning worked hard, Sir System was enjoying the second round of the Hundred Fish Feast. Whatever it was, it had 10 thread disciples who were cultivating at the same time, thus it was not afraid that Mr. Rich Boss would surpa.s.s it at all.

This time, it was not Fang Ning who was eating. The great green insect immediately showed a bitter face.

The Venerable Dragon G.o.d appeared to be calm and elegant. Easily, fishes disappeared one after another…

'This despicable Great Azure Dragon, it actually eats so much?

'This is odd, he was clearly eating very little just now.'

Chong Daqing could win Tom the black cat in this but it could do nothing against Sir System. This was because the former had more ego, whereas the latter had none at all.

The others who were present did not find this strange at all, instead, they looked with sympathetic looks at this superior who was a boss, an owner, a good friend…

Earlier on, he seemed so relaxed when he responded to the question. In actual fact, it clearly touched his wound, and now he was evidently turning his sorrows into his craving for food!

Therefore, everyone put their chopsticks down at the same time, so that the host of the banquet could eat to his heart's content…

At the moment, Xing Xi who was serving beside had a confused look on her face. She did not think that this was actually the reason behind it.

'The Vigilante A who's reputable, has excellent qualifications, and is honorable even in the upper realm. I can't believe he's not allowed to be close to women due to his cultivation technique…

'This... This is really too common!

'There are mult.i.tudinous supreme techniques that have weirder and stricter requirements than this, almost all Buddhism cultivators are like this.

'Vigilante A is not so unique after all.

'However, if I can contact his real body, it'll be an entirely different story.

'His real body is a real descendant of a True Dragon!

'No wonder he's so fast in his cultivation. He's restraining his capability, and taking the opposite path. The more he restrains it, the faster he cultivates.

'That being said, in the future, the rebound will be much fiercer. No wonder Ling Yunzi insisted that Vigilante A will suffer a disaster in his relationship.

'The older, the wiser. Although Ling Yunzi's whereabouts are unknown now, his a.n.a.lysis of Vigilante A surpa.s.ses many people from this realm.'

Xing Xi looked at him with complicated looks.

'Somebody once said that he cultivates the Path of Heavenly Punishment, while somebody said that he cultivates the Relentless Path. These people have forgotten his real ident.i.ty.

'Dragon attributes are as such, and the True Dragon Clan from the upper realm is nothing but a p.r.o.noun as even carps have True Dragon bloodline. It's evident.

'Vigilante A is the only one who acts the opposite, he's indeed unordinary.

'For a figure like him, as compared to his qualities, his determination is the most terrifying one, yet this is the exact guarantee for him to go till the end.

'His potential is already presented clearly. If one can acquire it in advance, it'll be as easy as a pie to "ascend to Heaven" in the future.

'Looking at the few common talents at the Hundred Fish Feast now, their qualities are relatively good but when compared with mine, it's a difference of Heaven and Earth, other than that great green insect.

'Nonetheless, they're blessed by good fates. As long as they hold on till the end, each of them will turn into Buddhas, go on the path of immortality, and become G.o.ds and saints.

'An opportunity like this will only appear once or twice in thousands and ten thousands of years.

'Whoever is able to grab the chance will gain from it.'

When Xing Xi thought about this, she secretly made a decision.

As a matter of course, she was neither cabbage nor a white lotus. Her profoundness in evolving schemes around people was definitely incomparable. Furthermore, she would never fall for love at first sight, or be attracted by this b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Nevertheless, she had a high standard, hence she had no lame schemes like those commoners. She was planning for the future of thousands and ten thousand years to come.

Currently, in this situation, getting Vigilante A's heart was obviously the most important thing to do.

Therefore, she knelt down all of a sudden!

"Tss…" Everyone present was stunned. What was going on?

In the spur of a moment, what happened to this upper realm fairy with flourishing immortality and extraordinary qualities?

"I really am sorry, savior, I'm actually the second palace mistress of Liu Yun Palace from the upper realm…"

Followed by that was a purifying process…

When Fang Ning heard her, he immediately claimed credit for it, "Look, who said my Buddhist mantra is ineffective? Although Tom the cat is still hesitating, this little servant has already been purified by me."

"Yes, you should be credited for this, but so what? What can she do for me? I'm not a lame living being like you, I have no feelings whatsoever for beautiful ladies." Sir answered a.s.sertively.

"d.a.m.n it. I'm saying that you should make some pills that will speed up my cultivation, you can't make me render meritorious services for nothing." Fang Ning was mad.

"Wait here then, I'll make some for you right away." To his surprise, Sir System did not object this at all, it agreed to it right away. It looked like it was really hoping that Fang Ning would continue to contribute his remaining energy.

"That's more like it." Fang Ning was satisfied. It was too slow for him to cultivate on his own, cultivators would know.

Sitting in boredom for a night was simply tougher than cultivating to Legendary-level…

Fang Ning waited for some time before a System Notification appeared.

[The System employed Master-level alchemy skill, and created ten Natural Rebirth Pills, consuming large amounts of rare herbs and minerals…]

Appalled, Fang Ning asked at once, "Why aare there heavy metals inside, you're not going to kill me, are you?"

"Why would I, we both share the same body. These minerals are catalysts, you'll need them, just take them without worries." Sir was unconcerned at all.

"Alright then, I'll eat them." Fang Ning gritted his teeth as he replied.

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