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Chapter 1134: Father and Son

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“What sort of plans do I have? I’m very annoyed as well. G.o.d knows why they turned their backs on me,” Fang Ning said, saddened.

“This time you’ve wasted my ten thousand Heavenly Merits for nothing. These merits were all acc.u.mulated in the past; I was even fractured in the process of acc.u.mulating them.” Sir System fumed. “Otherwise, I can look for several kinds of artifacts if I talk less.”

“Artifact?” Fang Ning suddenly had an idea. “Sir System, didn’t you go look for the artifacts left behind by the G.o.d of Sleep after it fell? Did you find any that could control the time?”

“No,” Sir System replied crisply.

“There must be one. This is the world of the Immortal G.o.d after all. Something along the lines of staying in the cave for a thousand years or a day in the heavens is equivalent to a year on the earth — they’re all involved with time.” Fang Ning persisted.

“There’s truly no such thing,” Sir System said honestly.

“I don’t believe you. Go and search for it.” Fang Ning urged.

“Has the trust between the human and the System reached this stage already?” Sir System asked feeling wronged. “I precisely said that there’s no such thing. If I’m lying to you, you can allow Maxim to punish me.”

Maxim Notification: [The System is deliberately lying to the Host; it will be isolated for 72 hours.]

“F*ck…” Fang Ning was already speechless. “You’re indeed a shameless existence.”

While muttering, he went into the System s.p.a.ce and arrived at the System Storage Room.

The System Storage Room, at the moment, was already a colossus.

As the System s.p.a.ce enlarged more, the storage room increasingly became the focal point of the expanding unit. The other area, after all, did not have a lot of s.p.a.ce to hold things.

The storage room was currently 10 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide. Such a large storeroom never appeared on Earth before because it was mainly unnecessary and inconvenient to build.

“How am I going to find it in such a big place?”

While Sir System was being isolated, Fang Ning could only unlock the big lock on the door after much strenuous effort. He could not help but sigh when he looked at the a.s.sortment of goods inside the room.

“Master, I’ll help you look for it. I know the placements of the goods inside,” Heavenly Book baby said as it showed up out of the blue.

“Sigh, my baby is indeed caring. You’re much more generous than your System Daddy,” Fang Ning said happily.

Right before the moment of Sir System’s release, Heavenly Book baby took out a golden pillow from the System Storage Area after two days of Sir System being isolated.

Fang Ning looked at the System Notification.

[Artifact “Dreaming Pillow”, usage 3/3. Usage effect is “dreaming for a thousand years”. It can let a part of the world slip into a dream and evolve rapidly. A thousand years is an imaginary number; thus, the user can set the time of evolution. Look for the Incense of the Dreams G.o.d and you can restore once after lighting up a stick of incense.]

“No wonder Sir System is reluctant to let me use; it requires usage quant.i.ty,” Fang Ning said, suddenly understood.

“Yep,” Sir System finally got out of isolation and said melancholically, “Your b.l.o.o.d.y experiment is extremely unworthy of wasting precious usage quant.i.ty of an artifact.”

“Look at you. As they say, you can’t spend the money you earned when you’re dead. Isn’t the Heavenly Merits that you collected — from a fracture you suffered — the best example?” Fang Ning reasoned.

“You talk too much. I really feel like punching you,” Sir System said ferociously.

Fang Ning did not give a d.a.m.n about Sir System’s threat. He took the Dreaming Pillow, walked towards and stood before the EcoSphere of the enchanted boundary.

“How do you use this thingy? Don’t tell me I have to place it underneath the planet?” Fang Ning asked in surprise, “Sir System, you definitely know how to use it.”

“I do know how to use it but I won’t tell you how.” Sir System retrieved his confidence at last.

“If you don’t tell me, I’ll do my own research on it. I might use up all three usages if I misuse it once.” Fang Ning threatened.

System Notification: [The System is using Dreaming Pillow; the current usage quant.i.ty subtracts one usage. Please indicate the time which will elapse rapidly from the world.]

“How many hundred millions of years do you want the world to evolve?” Sir System asked.

“That’s right, do as I say. Let’s put it 5 billion years for now. This should be good enough.” Fang Ning estimated.

The large dragon could be seen holding the golden pillow. Meanwhile, a pink fog enveloped the entire simplified version of the Solar System in the enchanted boundary.

Fang Ning watched how the world changed swiftly; the planet was spinning in madness as if time was really flying away.

About a day and a night had pa.s.sed, the pink fog that shrouded the enchanted boundary gradually dissipated. Judging from the dissipating speed, it would probably take quite a while to completely dissipate.

“Hurry up and go ask your question. The Origin’s Consciousness of that world has already been born.” Sir System urged.

Fang Ning immediately became uplifted and prepared himself seriously.

“What are you doing? Don’t waste your time.”

“Stop talking nonsense, I have to pretend to look like I’m of higher cla.s.s. Or else it’ll be so embarra.s.sing…” Fang Ning said with logic.

After being mentally prepared, he approached the enchanted boundary with the large dragon’s body. He entered with an immense spiritual sense.

“Are you here?”

“Who are you?”

“I’m your father.”

“How do you scold people?”

“This is reality.”

Once Sir System heard this, he could not endure any further. “Mr. Rich Boss, is this the higher cla.s.s appearance you’re trying to portray?”

“Correct. I need to let it know that it’s my son. It, therefore, will answer my questions honestly.” Fang Ning justified.

“Uh, I think you’re doomed sooner or later,” Sir System said with pessimism.

“Are you having any issues? Father?” It asked.

“It’s unexpectedly sincere; there must be some sort of deception,” Sir System said in disbelief.

“Nonsense, it certainly sensed that it’s a brain in a vat. It’ll be odd if it’s dishonest. By the time the effect of the artifact vanishes, it’ll die,” Fang Ning said proudly.

“Oh, let me ask you something. From the beginning until the present, how much have you grown altogether? What did you go through to mature?” Fang Ning asked attentively.

“Oh, I grow with the means of absorbing the spiritual activity of living creatures. They reproduce and mature on my body. Once civilization rises and falls, it’ll eventually become nutrients that make me grow.”

“Oh, I see.” Fang Ning told Sir System, “Look, is your artifact wasted?”

“Rubbish. If you were diligent in the past, you’d have gotten the same conclusion if the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom didn’t die,” Sir System said with contempt.

“No, no. Did I not mention it just now? One can only learn the essence of what the book explains when they personally put what they read into practice,” Fang Ning replied seriously.

“Oh, you want to have a castration. You don’t have to find it as I can make it happen for you. You’ll be in serenity later on while cultivating.”

“…” Fang Ning had enough and condemned, “Stop pestering me. I want to experiment personally.”

Finished talking to the System, he spoke to the existence in the enchanted boundary.

“Do set up a G.o.d’s ident.i.ty for me; I’d like to play a game of civilization. You have to remember to inform me about the changing speed of spiritual power at all times. It’s best that you make a line graph out of it.”

“Understood, father.”

After completed speaking, the spiritual sense began to escape from Fang Ning and it was about to enter the enchanted boundary of the System.

At this moment, Sir System suddenly stopped and reminded him, “You better be careful. Don’t blame me for not reminding you if it kills you. A Sage once said that whoever approaches someone and considers him as their adoptive father, is not a good man.”

“Uh,” Fang Ning became terrified after he heard what was said; he subsequently clenched his teeth and said with determination, “I can’t always be such a coward. Whatever, I think Sir System should explore around the place. It certainly can’t fight against you. Just give me a report in the end.”

“…” Sir System was speechless.

Fang Ning’s soul then moved aside while the large Azure Dragon behind him shrank and went into the enchanted boundary.

Fang Ning was bored to death as he stared at the enormous EcoSphere. The pink fog enveloped on top was continuously dissolving, implying that the civilization was evolving quickly. The entire world was having a dream.

Useless artifacts truly did not exist but useless G.o.ds did.

The G.o.d of Dreams merely put this artifact aside and it ended up in the hands of the System. Placing it on his hands, however, could deduce the location of the Great Path.

Fang Ning was pleased with himself for a while, yet he wondered and became uncertain. Was it possible that he was smarter than the G.o.ds?

Impossible. Why did he have the confidence that he could do what those Saints could not achieve?

Because he merely relied on a Gold Finger that was entrusted? Was it possible that the Gold Finger on the Saint’s hands was weaker than his?

Fang Ning felt somewhat diffident, sensing that what he was doing could be pointless work. Like what the four Ancient Dragons said prior, his mission had probably ended already.

Although he was a father previously, he might become a son in the future.

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