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Kookie needs to find something Chinese to (temporarily) translate. Kookie has been bailing on her Chinese studies for too long but needs to practice for her Exams.

Many cliffhangers incoming, which of course means I have more chapters to do… Where did my leecher life go? D:

Admire the [Jet-black Saviour]-sama

After parting with Aura, I ran towards the town, where Weiss had headed to some time ago.

Unexpectedly, the town was no different and was operating normally as usual.
The one thing that varied was that everyone was looking at me.
Then again, I was in my [Jet-Black Saviour] outfit so it probably couldn’t be helped.

“U-um…… Might you be the [Jet-black Saviour]-sama by any chance……?”

Among the people watching me, one inquires timidly.
……I suppose I better not tell them that I’m the real one.
If they know I’m the real deal, my actions might be impeded in the future.

“No, I just admire the [Jet-black Saviour]-sama, you see?”

Even though I’m the real one, it seems to be better to lie here.
When I say such, I could hear voices of agreement saying, “as expected,” from the people around.
However, my outfit was still as such, so people couldn’t help peeping over here to catch a glimpse.
It’s probably better to temporarily head to the guild for now……
Right now all the adventurers have been recruited for the subjugation party so there shouldn’t be many people there.

I tried to take a route that lead me out of the public gaze as much as possible, and finally managed to arrive at the guild.
Just in case, I open the guild door quietly.


The guild was dyed in blood??
The guild master who had taken care of me in the past, and many familiar people wearing armour were lying on the floor.

“!? Hey, are you alright!?”

I imagined the worst case scenario of everyone possibly being dead, but then the guild master gave a moan.
When I looked closely, everyone seemed to be injured but fortunately there wasn’t a single person dead.
I immediately start healing everyone.
Apart from the guild master, no one else regained consciousness even after I healed them, so I go to the sole conscious person, the guild master, to confirm what happened.

“Guild master, what happened……?”
“……I thought an adventurer came, but he suddenly a.s.saulted us with a sword. Close combat isn’t really my forte, and I fell behind when I made a blunder……”

It’s just a guess, but she’s probably talking about Weiss.

“……And so, where is that adventurer now?”

If I don’t catch up to Weiss as soon as possible, the damage might spread even further.

“Yes!! That’s right!! He should be heading to the room inside the guild right now, but Asha and the king are on standby there!!”

If by any chance the king gets killed, it won’t just end in a serious affair.
And Asha-san’s there as well?
The moment I heard that, I single-mindedly ran to the guild’s interior without even asking about the guild master lack of movement.

When I was about to turn the corner in the guild’s long corridor, I heard some kind of loud noise from the interior.
Thinking that something was happening, I put myself on guard and a familiar person came flying from around the corner at that moment.
It was Asha-san, dressed in a receptionist uniform??
I cast a heal right away and catch her by a hair’s breath.

“Eh!? Nest-san!?”

Even in a black cloak, Asha-san immediately recognises me.
I thought her face flushed a deep red when she was in my arms, but then she immediately extracted herself from my embrace.

“Asha-san, where’s the king!?”

The fact that Asha-san came flying out probably meant that Weiss was already there.

“I-inside the room.”
“Got it!!”

I headed towards the room Asha-san had been in with full speed.
When I entered the room, Weiss was already swinging a knife down at the King.
……d.a.m.n! At this rate, the knife will hit him!!
I slip my body into the s.p.a.ce between Weiss and the King on the spur of the moment, and stuck my arm out towards the descending knife.
It might be because the poison was still in effect, I could tell that a foreign object had entered my body unlike before.
It seems that I was able to protect the king.

“Your majesty!! Please take this chance to escape now!!”

Weiss been taken aback at my appearance, whom he should have killed, and still hadn’t grasped the current situation


At my words, the king fled out the room in a hurry. I can be relieved for now……

“……What’s the meaning of this? I’m sure that time.. I thought I killed you but……”

Finally Weiss opens his mouth.
And I guess I should say I expected it, but he asked about the incident.

“Right, about that…… Yeah, I was playing dead.”

Weiss became shocked speechless at that.

“Well, that’s irrelevant right now, right?”
“……That’s true.”

Weiss and I quietly took a stance with our knives??

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