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Kookie gave up and is just colour-coding all the speakers from now on….. hopefully they won’t be too hard to see.

I can just jump off.

[~Report on Black Cloak~

Eyewitness reports exist of the person in question
Sighted location: Town
Moniker: Jet-Black Saviour


I was reading a report I just received.
It was information on Master Black Cloak, whom I greatly admired.

“As expected of him…… I can understand how he is the [Jet-Black Saviour].”

I was currently alone in the room. I lost my composure in front of everyone the other day, but I didn’t do so this time.
As one would expect, a king needs to behave with dignity.

“So [Jet-Black Saviour]-dono was sighted in town. Then I must go there!!”

But it wasn’t so simple to leave my position as the king. I suppose it was fine not to see the [Jet-Black Saviour] in person… no, that shouldn’t be the case!!
My means of heading to town were limited, but this time it should be fine to [travel incognito to inspect the town].
That day, I brought a minimum amount of luggage and departed from the castle with a small company of guards.

I was travelling incognito, so I put on a black cloak??

??????[Arnest POV]????????????????????????

“Alright, we finally gathered them.”
“Yeah!! Took quite a while too.”

After a whole day, we finally managed to find some party members.
According to what I heard, the plan is to leave tomorrow on a two night, three day trip. In that case, I should be able to make it back for the adventurer cla.s.s’s training.

“Which reminds me, we’ve yet to introduce ourselves despite being together all this time.”

It’s true that I don’t know anyone’s names even though we’ve been searching for party members together.

“Then I’ll go first. My name’s Weiss.”
“Um.. I’m Arnest. Most people call me Nest.”

Remaining were the two we succeeded in inviting. One held a large shield, and the other possessed a staff.

“Oh, I’m Cyan. As you can see from my equipment, I’m usually a Tank. By the way, this is my li’l bro.”

Saying that, he pushes the person beside him forward.

“Um.. I’m Gale. I can use [Wind Magic].”
“……Sorry, but what’s [Wind Magic]?”

The three look to me as if asking ‘why don’t you know that!?’
It can’t be helped, right? I’ve stayed in the village until now.

“Simply put, [Wind Magic] is magic that can manipulate wind. When wind acc.u.mulates, it’s even possible to cut things like a bladed whirlwind.”
“I-is it possible to fly!?”
“……It’s true that there have been several people trying to fly with [wind magic] so far, but I’ve never heard of anyone succeeding.”

What a shame. I wanted to look down on the town from the sky at least once though……

“Ah, but I have heard a story about an old, wise dragon who allowed his adventurer benefactor to ride on his back and fly around in the sky.”
“No, no, Galecchi. It’s not that easy to gain favour from an old dragon……”

I saw a little hope for an instant, but it seems the possibility of that is exceedingly low.

“Well, I was only a little curious.”

But I do want to try flying before I die. Worst case scenario, I can always just jump off from a high place while casting recovery magic.
……It’s scary so I haven’t done it before though.

After we chatting happily, we headed off to buy the necessities for our two night, three day trip.
While talking, I learned that Cyan and Gale were the same as Weiss and had recently come to this town, so I guide them to the shops.

“Firstly, what do you think we need?”
“Hmm, I guess we’ll need weapons and armour, don’tcha think? From the looks of it, you only have a knife. Right, Nest-san?”
“Yeah, because this is what I’m most accustomed to using.”

I’ve only used a sword a few times. And my use of a tree branch was also at the level of playing around.

“But don’tcha think it’s better to get a proper sword just in case?”
“I guess so…… Then let’s go to the weapon store first.”

We headed to the weapons store and after a spending some time, I ended up buying a lightweight sword that was good for beginners.

“We definitely need provisions.”
“When talking about long-lasting rations, it’s got to be Jerky, right?”
“Yeah, I like Jerky so let’s buy a lot!!”

The next place we headed to was the grocery store.

“Oh my, if it isn’t Nest-chan!! It’s been a while.”

Not only have I been coming here regularly, I also see her when she comes in for treatment for scalds from housework, so I’m already acquainted with the lady of the store.

“You’re not here with Aura-chan and the others today?”
“Yes, they’re taking adventurer cla.s.ses right now so we’ve split up. I came to buy preservable rations today because we’re going on a two night, three day trip. Do you have any recommendations?”

The three behind me watched our exchange with curiosity.

“Hmm, how about this? There’s also that, and this, and that one too.”

The storekeeper steadily arranges items on the store counter.

“Ah, this time I’m going in a party so please prepare enough for 4 people.”
“Oh, is that so? Then there is more.”

In the end, she continued to pile on the goods until the table was full. Well, this much should be reasonable for a two night, three day trip with 4 people.

“Err… Then I’ll take them.”
“Alright, it comes to 5000 En.”

It’s obviously discounted but that was most likely a service.

“Thank you as always. Tell me if you get hurt or anything, okay?”

…….The food we bought would be a burden so we left it to be picked up later.
The three were really surprised though.

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