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Kookie was bullied by Skype who got rid of all her friends. Spent all day troubleshooting with no fix. So now Kookie is friendless, unhappy and is posting less chapters than planned.

A/N: A friend drew a picture of the protagonist cross-dressing and gave me a clean copy of it.

Might you be a little tired?

……..When the sun set and the sky begun to darken, I came to the front of the castle once again.
Naturally, there were two guards remaining at the entrance.
I’m going to infiltrate the castle now but I need to make them lose vigilance.
I turned on all my charm and approach the guards.

“Hey nyaa~ Misters, might you be a little tired?”

???While I was cross-dressing.

In the end, I had make-up put on by Tré and for clothes, Aura said “my clothes aren’t s.e.xy enough….” so we bought clothes with s.e.x appeal (?).
The two gatekeepers were put in a good mood by me and relaxed their guard.

“Oh, a cute young lady came.”
“No, no, I’m not that cute….”

‘Cuteness increases just by being modest!’ is what Aura said, and I follow her advice.

“Rather than that, would you like some tea? To be honest, I made some excellent tea today, and I wanted to drink it with you misters…. Is that no good?”

Apparently the so-called ‘upturned eyes’ is important when saying this. Not only this, it was necessary for me to drink as well, so they wouldn’t suspect me.
Certainly, it would be surprising if someone suddenly offered you tea.

“N-no! Of course we’ll have some!!”

I prepare tea for myself and the two guards, and first drink myself.
Naturally, it was drugged with sleeping medicine but I whispered a quiet ‘Heal’ and succeeded in ridding myself of the drowsiness.
Seeing me drink, the guards also consumed the tea.

“I.. suddenly feel… sleepy….”
“Oh.. Me too….”

The sleeping drugs showed their effects and the two guards soon fell asleep.

Succeeding with the first plan, I infiltrate the castle and confirm the lack of guards, then change into the guise of the [Jet-Black Saviour].
But while searching for the Princess’s room, I realised that I didn’t know where the room was.

“Hey! Are you guys alright!? What happened!?”

At that moment, I heard a loud voice originating from the gatekeepers’ location. This is bad…. I never thought they would notice so early!
I panic and run away. I heard the sound of footsteps behind me but I ignored them and continued running.

I looked for the aforementioned room while running, but I couldn’t find it at all.
In the midst of that, I was finally caught in a pincer attack.

“You rebel! You have quite the nerve to sneak inside the castle, but that ends here! Receive our judgement!!”

While this was said, several guards sprung at me, but here I displayed the results of my experiment.
I nimbly retrieve my knife and chop off the arms of the people leaping at me, then flee once again.

“…..Eh? …….Uwaaaaahhhhhhhhh. My armmmm!”

I run while facing the guys rolling in pain and heal them.
They appeared to be dumbfounded when their cut off arms started regrowing but I didn’t have the time to care about that. I just continue running and focus on finding the rooms.

I must have been to absorbed in running that I ended up in an area without any illumination from the castle lamps.
It was bare except for a slightly old-looking door.
The Saint wouldn’t be here… or so I thought, but when I turned around to continue looking, I thought I heard some kind of noise from within the room.
That noise bothered me no matter what, so I opened the door.

” ..!!??”

In that instant, the person inside sliced off a part of my arm with a sword. It didn’t really hurt but I was certainly surprised.

“I won’t yield to you, whoever you may be.”

That girl was an extremely beautiful girl, with a voice I seem to have heard before????

??????[Tré POV]???????????????????????????????

“Master, take care….”

Just a moment ago, we took possession of the drugged tea and saw Master off at the entrance.
Even though he will get caught if he fails, Master is going to save the princess. Master really is an amazing person.
He’s also a kind Master to us slaves.
After he returns, Master might reward me for proposing the cross-dressing idea. Then this time I will definitely have Master wash me in the baths.

“Hey, Aura-oneechan, Tré..”

Lily called out, but she didn’t really help much this time so she might be thinking of something.

“You know? Master didn’t really have to cross-dress, couldn’t one of us have gone instead?”

…..It looks like the reward this time might have to wait.

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