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I Was Reaching My Limit


Translator: Kirisaki Shin

Editor: Dgtal12

Pr: "the dude with tentacles" frozen ink


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Author Note:

Last night I posted a story by mistake,

For you who didn’t read it before, here you go!


「It’s done!!」

I said so with much sense of accomplishment.

Today, because of my long absence, I treated so many people in the guild.

Because of the help from Aura and the rest, the number of people decreased somehow and I finally finished the treatment for the last person.

By the way, as the number decreased, Tre seemed to become tired, so Aura and the rest went home early.

That’s why I was preparing to go home alone

Even though I didn’t bring anything in particular, I lightly cleaned the desk  that I used until it became clean.

Since I will be indebted to it for a while, I should keep it clean.

Then, since it already looked clean to some extent, I greeted the people in the guild and went home.

「There were a lot of people today……」

I remembered what happened today and heartily said so.

It’s probably because I wasn’t in town for a while.


When I thought about such a thing, a sound came from my stomach.

Actually, I didn’t have time for lunch due to the number of people today.

That’s why, I’m very hungry now……….

I would be glad if Aura already cooked dinner, but it’s still too soon for that, so I didn’t expect too much.

I should have asked them to make dinner first before I let them go back.


But it’s useless to think such a thing now.

「I think it will be fine to eat something for a bit……」

When I thought so, I looked around.

However it’s not possible to do so at this place since there’s no shop where I could buy a meal around here.


At that time, I accidentally looked behind me.(PR: how does one accidentally look behind them)


When I looked back, there was a person falling down.

I went to the fallen person in a hurry.

somehow that person's back felt familiar.

She was wearing a uniform of the guild official and the color of her hair also felt familiar.

「Are, Asha-san?」(Tn: I changed it back to Asha since there’s a lot of people think that Asha is better than Asuha)

When I called her, her body trembled slightly and she slowly raised her face towards me.

「A-are you okay……?」

As I thought, the guild staff that fell down was my acquaintance, Asha-san.

I didn’t know why Asha-san was here or why she fell down in such a place, but for now it’s better to treat her rather than to keep thinking about such a thing.

There’s blood flowing out from the scratch and several wounds at Asha-san’s arms and feet.


Even though I was panicked for a bit, I was able to treat Asha-san properly.

「……Th-thank you very much」

After the treatment is over, Asha-san slowly stood up and said thank you to me.

「No, it’s okay, but why are you here?」

I didn't know where Asha-san's home is, but it shouldn't be around here.

However, Asha-san averted her eyes instead of answering my question.

Since I didn't know what that meant, I tilted my head.


But that’s when my eyes saw something.

「A-asha-san……, is that a bento……?」

I saw a bento at Asha-san’s hand.

「……Th-that’s right」

Asha-san nodded in response to my words while showing a hesitant look somehow.

「Ca-can I have that……?」

I asked Asha-san with a faint hope.

Since I was hungry and saw Asha-san’s bento in front of me, I was reaching the limit.

「…………Please go ahead」


Asha-san gave the bento in her hands to me.

I was surprised, I never thought I could get it, but I carefully received it as to not drop it.

「Th-thank you very much!!」

I was so happy that I ended up saying it so loud, but I didn’t mind it.

「Do-do you mind if I eat it now!?」

I asked Asha-san while pointing to a nearby bench.

「Eh, ri-right now……?」

Asha-san didn’t look good and had a shadow over her face.

「I can’t……?」

Because I was really hungry, I wanted to eat it right away, but…….

「……U-umm, please go ahead……」

Asha-san hesitated somehow, but still gave her consent to me.

「Let’s go there Asha-san!」

I took Asha-san’s hand and sat her on the bench that was set to take a break on.

「Then, I’ll open it okay……?」

I sat on the bench as well and looked at Asha-san who was sitting next to me.

Asha-san slightly nodded with a nervous look.

「Well then……」

When I slowly opened the lid, ーーー

ーーーーThere was nothing in it.

In short, the bento was already eaten.

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