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Will He not Coming Again Today?

Translator: Kirisaki Shin

Editor: "tentacular" frozen ink


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Author note:

Celebration of 3 months serialization!

For all the readers, please take care of me again from now on!

A-and, I’m sorry the end isn’t too good m(_ _)m


「……W-w-we have arriiiiiiveeeed!!」

Right now, we’ve finally made it back home.

I ended up saying it out loud in front of the door, but it can’t be helped, I think.

After all, it’s been a while since I came back home.

It’s also been awhile since I was invited to the party in the castle


When I go into my room, without thinking, I jumped into my bed.

This room is more comfortable than anywhere else, especially with a few items and furniture.

「……Bed is the best……」

Moreover, since I was riding in a carriage for a long time, I was really looking forward to lying down on the bed.

After all, a bed is better than the carriage.

I was in the mood to wrap up myself to sleep.


I forgot to tell everyone that we had returned to the city.

When the carriage almost reached the city, we were dropped off from the carriage earlier and went back to home.

That’s why I didn’t meet anybody in the city, let alone the guild.

「……Is it better for me to go……?」

I lay flat on my back on the bed and looked up at the familiar ceiling.


No, it’s already late at night, it’s better for me to go tomorrow instead of today.

When I look the darkness outside the windows, I fall asleep as it is.

(Asuha POV)

「Haa…… so today is also no good」

As guild staff, Asuha was looking at the two bento in front of her. (Tn: If I remember correctly, Kookie translated Asuha to Asha before. but I will use raw version because I think it’s better) (Ed: receptionist girl that nest ran away from a lot,  in case you folks forgot)

One is of course for her, and the other is for 『him』

It seems『he』went to the capital to do some business, but I still made a bento for 『him』.

And I ended up making 2 bento almost everyday since『he』was gone.

Of course, I leave it like always, but I wonder if he'll be coming back today. Then I end up preparing a second bento as usual.

But, today too, he won't be back after all…

I would never say it, but my heart understands.

「Good morningー. Asuhaー」

When I arrived at the guild, some of the other guild staff, like me, have already arrived.

「Good morning」

I left a brief greeting for my colleague who was sleepy, then began working.

『Good morning』


That was when I was sitting at the guild receptionist.

Despite the hustle bustle of the adventurers, I reflexively put my eyes off from the paper and raised my face to the voice that came into my ears.

And saw the person who just came into the guild.

I was somehow able to look at the entrance of the guild through the gap of the crowd adventurers.

ーーThere he is.

Even though it was only for a moment, I was able to see 『him』 around the door.

And at that exact moment, our eyes met.

As soon as『he』pa.s.sed through the adventurers, he was coming straight to me.

……Eh, what should I do……!?

I was trying to not let panic show through my face, but I wasn’t sure whether I was able to do it or not.

But this is too sudden, it made me panic.

At my feet, there is a lunch box that I poured in a lot of effort to make this morning.

Even though I thought that it will also be no good today, there is a bento that I made because of a feeling that he would be coming today.

But I ran into one problem.

……How can I give it to him?

I was staring at the bento at my feet.

「Long time no see Asuha-san」

Then, he greeted me without knowing the conflict within me.

「……Yes, it’s been a long time hasn’t it?」

I slowly raised my sight and returned the bento.

Right now,『he』ーーーNest was standing in front of me.

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