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Apparently this is a 4-koma in text form. I’m inclined to agree, it’s a gag series.
Feels like the t.i.tle is a little misleading….

It’s Checkmate!!

“So, let’s start….”
“Yeah, alright…..”
“The initial..! Emergency Family Meeting!!”

Right now we are gathered around a table in our newly purchased house. The reason goes without saying.
I am worried about who will do the cooking, cleaning and laundry. What I can do is probably the cleaning at most. I also think I can manage laundry if I try my best.
However, I definitely can’t handle the cooking. Back at the village, I lived at home so I relied on my parents for everything.
“Among you guys, is there anyone who can cook…..?”

How about Aura? Ah, it’s no good, she averted her eyes.
What about Lily! She has question marks floating above her head so she’s no good either.
I-it’s alright, there’s still Tré!

“I’m sorry, Master….. I’ve.. never cooked before so….”

Tré looked despondent at my hopeful gaze.

“Y-you don’t have to be so worried about it, Tré.”
“But.. from today on.. what should we eat…..?”

That’s it, what should we do about this real life issue? It’s a little far away to eat in town every meal.
Besides, I’m also concerned that we won’t have a balanced diet if we eat out.

“It’ll also take time if we employ someone now.”

It’s just like Aura says. Even if I buy a slave, there’s a lot of preparation to be done first.

“It’s checkmate!!”

We have no more moves. I’m in despair! Let’s go ask Asha-san! She might even make something for us!

“Master…. Actually, I came across this yesterday…..”

While I was thinking of asking Asha-san, Tré puts a leaflet on the table.

[We’re hosting a cooking cla.s.s!! Those of you who can’t cook, those of you who want to improve your cooking!! We will grant those wishes of yours!!]

I-is this from G.o.d, what good timing!!

“This is it!! Let’s all go now!”
“Eeh!? We have to go too!?”
“Of course! Because then we can have a rotation system!”

“Now then, I’ll be starting the cooking cla.s.s~”

We are now at the cooking cla.s.s. It looks like there are other interested parties besides us and there are quite a large number of people gathered.

“Today, we- what! The popular Arnest-san has also come today so welcome~!”

Oh, who is……i-it’s me!? I’m popular now!?
The nearby housewives’ eyes were sparkling with an ‘Oh my,’ feeling.

“Th-this is embarra.s.sing….”

With this and that, we continued attending the cooking cla.s.ses and managed to acquire a cooking skill to some extent.
Lily even makes our dinner now.
Tré was the only one who still can’t cook. I expected her to be the first to learn it but it seems she’s poor at cooking.
Tré still continues to go attend the cooking cla.s.ses now so I think she will eventually be able to do it.

Today is the day we go grocery shopping. Together with Lily, I buy one week’s worth of vegetables.
I met the inn’s postergirl-san midway but we managed to acquire our food without any particular problems.
Lately, I get a lot of bonus service from quite a lot of shopkeepers. They wave their hands while laughing and say that it’s in return for all the healing. As for me, I’m very happy about it.

“Nest sure is popular! Everyone is waving their hand for you!”
“No, everyone’s just nice.”
“Even so, Nest is still a popular person!”

We were chatting happily on the way home.

“It would be good if these days last forever!”

Really, it would be great if this daily life continues for a long time.
I ended up thinking such out-of-character thoughts.
Lily was in charge of dinner that night and as expected, Lily’s cooking was delicious.

??????However, none of us noticed the gradual approach of an oncoming  threat to our daily life.

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