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TL Note:
Basically, a yokai who sneaks into people's homes unnoticed.

Right now, my castle, the Counselling Room, was dim and quiet.
The closed curtains and the candle lights had set the atmosphere. All of this was something that Kokoro had arranged for me.
Furthermore, unlike how it was normally, the curtains arranged the room into a narrow square, as though sectioning it off into a third.

“That's right. It looks fortune-teller-like.”

The Cultural Festival Attraction that was being held in the Counselling Room is fortune-telling.
Donning a completely black mantle, I continued to wait for visitors.
While bothered by the blatant crystal ball before my eyes, I killed some free-time.

“Umumuh, uugh, hoah!”
“Master, they will not come so easily……”
“That's right, it's not like they'd come immediately, huh.”

Kokoro opened the curtains and entered. Since she can't knock, it couldn't be helped.
Upon looking at me, Kokoro smiled as though ringing a bell. I find being laughed at unpleasant, but amazingly it was a smile devoid of bad taste.

“That's right, I wonder if someone won't come by soon?”
“If you're free, then you should also go look around the Cultural Festival. I can do it, even by myself.”
“No, this fortune-telling is limited only during the morning, so I shall reserve my fun for when I'm with Master.”

Saying this, Kokoro went back out of the room. She was not just soliciting customers, for she also had an important role to play.
She is insurance that will immediately subdue them if something happens.

“They've come, Master.”

A voice secretly reached me from outside.
They've finally come, huh?
Suddenly the curtain made a quiet sound as it opened.

“Uum, the fortune-telling is here, right?”
“Yes, that's right. Welcome.”

I welcomed my first customer with a smile.
The girl that appeared was a person from outside the school, and a beauty just as intended.
Looking at her, she seemed to be a university student about the same as Kokoro, mature while still br.i.m.m.i.n.g with youthfulness, with beauty and adorableness perfectly coexisting. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were also so big that they could be seen over her clothes.

“Somehow, I was given this ticket and said that I could do it for free so I came here. You're a pro, right?”
“Yes, no matter what consultation you wish to have, it will not be disclosed, and I believe that is the key to finding a result that will be considered beneficial for you.”

While introducing myself, I received the woman's ticket.
These were held by the students standing watch at the academy's entrance, who had been under the suggestion to give them out only to people who they can confidently say is subjectively beautiful.
A famous fortune-teller was staying in this school, and would be picking his customers randomly amongst the visitors.
And the normal students would also repeatedly bring up the subject about a famous fortune teller being there to people who they considered beautiful. So that it would be unforgettably impressed upon them.

“Erm, I am called Kotori. Somehow, you're a lot younger than I thought you were.”
“I have confidence in my experience. I would like to prove that now.”

If it was a normal person, then they should come with the intent of trying it out because it's free.
In reality, however, the bird that was caught has now entered inside of the net called the Counselling Room.

“Now then, Kotori-san. First, please look at this pen.”
“At the……pen?”

Kotori obediently looked at the pen. It's not like I'm not motivated, but it's better to do just this for the first time.
Using this Cultural Festival, I decided to place an unspecified number of people under suggestion.
In the first place, this Hypnotic Ability is something that can be used by anyone. However, my actual experience using it still hasn't reached the double digits yet. Upon thinking this, I'm still a beginner.
In other words, it was special training of my hypnosis that also included a practical use of my hobby.

Returning to when I was first starting out, I used the hypnosis induction where I would shake a stick in a situation where nothing had happened yet.
Kotori's large eyes swayed, firmly looking at the pen light. Swaying to the right, swaying to the left, I shifted the focal point and consciousness of her eyes.
Gradually she ended up forgetting to blink. That was evidence which showed she was heading into the depths of her heart.

“Kotori-san, please close your eyes.”
“Right now, you are in a deep place in your mind. You are gradually descending down a staircase. Look, you can see that in front of you, yes? That is a very warm and gentle place, the s.p.a.ce that is the best for you. Now then, let's slowly go down to that place.”

Kotori swayed, bobbing her head as though nodding off. It seems that she's heading into her subconscious.
However, her rebellious heart still remains. Why are we going there? Certainly it is a wonderful place, but why do we need to go there?
So long as she still holds onto such distracting thoughts, she can't enter inside.

“Ok! Please wake up!”
“My apologies, my methods must be quite plain. Did you find it boring?”
“N-No, not at……all……”

I stirred her up once from her state where she was holding doubts.
Towards my apologetic smile, her heart wavered for but a moment.
In that instant, I pushed the back of Kotori, who was on the stairs, and made her enter her subconscious.

The suggestion was complete.

“……you are in a deep place. That is a very beautiful, pretty, and warm place. If you want to stay in that place, then——“

All that's left is to record the necessary matters into her brain and state the suggestion keywords.
However, this time I used the same induction tone as the Hypnotic Test to place the suggestion. I decided that the unspecified number of people will be unified by this.

“When you hear this sound, you will once again be able to fall into this place.”
“Yes……this place……again.”

In a complete change to earlier, Kotori showed a pathetic, unguarded smile.
Afterwards, I confirmed by pinching her body. There weren't any problems in particular.
Although it was a method I hadn't used in a while, I somehow managed to do it.

“Hey, when I touch you, you feel very pleasant, right?”
“Yes……it feels, very pleasant.”

While clutching Kotori's chest, I played with the pleasure suggestion.
I groped the heavy b.r.e.a.s.t.s of the woman who was swaying in an unsteady condition. Her pathetically drooling every time I ma.s.saged them once again gave me a sense of dominance.

However, I won't have s.e.x with this girl. As expected, I can't have intercourse with an unspecified number of people whose ident.i.ties I don't even know of.
Therefore, I will confine myself to mischief only.

“Next, please stand up slowly.”
“Yes……I will……stand up.”

Lifting her waist, Kotori slowly stood upright. As her eyes were hollow and dizzy, she was unsteady.
Similarly leaving my seat, I patted Kotori's entire body with a rustle. No matter where I touched on her soft body, it didn't feel bad.


Suddenly, when I touched her b.u.t.t, a faint voice leaked from Kotori.

“Is having your b.u.t.t touched embarra.s.sing? Please speak your thoughts honestly.”
“Yes……it is embarra.s.sing. But having it touched by someone is……very-“
“Pleasant. When I was a kid, I remember having my bottom wiped by mum……it was so embarra.s.sing and pleasant.”
“Is that so.”

I continued to stroke Kotori's b.u.t.t as though I were moving a mouse ball.

“So you like being ashamed of your b.u.t.t, right?”
“However, it might be good to have other people see your b.u.t.t. Can you raise the mini skirt that you're currently wearing just a little bit more? To you, that is a very wonderful act.”
“……yes, I will try……raising it.”

Kotori wrapped both hands around her waist and raised her own mini skirt up to around her navel.
Her current attire was in a state where the panties were pretty much visible like a s.l.u.t. Just from looking at it upright, the shape of the b.u.t.tocks could be clearly seen.

“Well then, let's try taking off your panties. If your b.u.t.t isn't properly visible, then you won't be able to feel good, see.”
“Yes……I will remove, my panties……”

Kotori removed her panties with slow motions.
With no panties, she was in a state where she was wearing a micro mini skirt.
I took a little distance and gazed at her. From under her skirt, I could see the colour of skin right in the middle, although only slightly.
These genitals that felt as though they were just barely out of sight was nice. If she were to crouch even a little, then it would be completely visible.

“Please spend your day in that attire today while you are in this school. It may be embarra.s.sing, but if you can do that, then the bad things that have acc.u.mulated in your heart will steadily disappear. By the time today ends, you will feel very refreshed.”
“Yes……I will feel refreshed……”

Kotori lifted her chin and flashed an enraptured expression. She's probably become happy as according to the suggestions.
Well, this is probably a way of repaying her for her kindness. Just by walking around the Cultural Festival in this state will allow her to be happy.
Of course, I made it so she would remain in this school until the very end. I'm looking forward to going around in the afternoon.

In the Counselling Room devoid of wind, I could hardly expected to catch a peep of the insides of her skirt.
However, it couldn't be helped that, in the face of her condition where I was able to confirm that skin-coloured shape even just by her walking around, my mouth contorted.

While gazing at the Counselling Room that had been restored, I folded my arms and nodded.
Originally it was hidden by the curtains, but the cleanup itself wasn't that difficult.

“Kokoro, are you ready?”
“Yes!! So, about the matter of lunch-“
“I'm not expecting that much so you choose.”

Kokoro gazed at a pamphlet with a cheerful gaze, having already fully enjoyed the Cultural Festival. She's a person who occasionally shows an expression that makes her look younger than me.
The fortune-telling was only available during the morning, and so all that was left is to enjoy the results.
Although I don't like festivals where people gather, such as Cultural Festivals, but when it happens within my own territory then I can also enjoy it like this.

“I hate festivals because my pride won't allow me to enter into a crowd of strangers.”
“Master! Would you like some Takoyaki?! It's really good!”
“It's rare for Kokoro to choose something, huh?”

Thanks to the suggestions, everyone was doing their utmost. The minimum amount of taste is likely guaranteed.
Nonetheless, I'm not a person who can distinguish the taste to that extent.
This time only is necessary for viewing the results of the hypnosis, but somehow I think that Kokoro's cooking is the most delicious. Of course, I'll never say so in front of the person herself.

“Let's go. For the time being, I want to put something in my mouth.”
“Then shall we go then?”

Locking the counselling room, Kokoro nimbly turned around.
After that, she jumped at my right hand and linked her arm with mine.

“It's still hot.”

This was also an experiment.
Kokoro and I walked with our arms linked. Unlike during Mai's time, there was a good balance.

“But it's hard to walk, huh?”
“It's for the experiment, Master.”

Upon moving far away from the counselling room off in the distance, people gradually began to appear in small dots.
The simple people who pa.s.sed by were able to recognise us for the time being.

“Yo, it's been a while, huh?”

I deliberately tapped one of the student's shoulders in a friendly manner.
However, the students whose name I didn't know seemed as though not to show a reaction towards my words.
The students couldn't see us in their eyes.

I scoffed, shaking and removing my hand from the man who ignored me.

“Kokoro, you said Takoyaki, right? They're over there, so go buy some.”

Kokoro separated from my hand. Heading there with a run, she went to go buy food from one of the food stalls that were lined up.
After shopping normally, she once again wrapped her body around my arm.

“Well, this experiment is neither a success nor failure, though.”
“But it's because the practice itself is the proof of the outcome.”

Simply, I only placed the suggestion that I wouldn't be recognised in the Cultural Festival from the afternoon thereafter. The students were both unable to perceive me and anyone else I was with.

“Now then, I guess I'll eat this, but-“
“There's a s.p.a.ce open over there.”

While being pulled along by Kokoro, I walked to the side of the food stall.
And so, without notice, I entered the back of the stall and sat down as though I owned the place.
Of course, no one noticed.

“Well then, shall we dig in, Master?”
“I feel like I understand why you chose to eat Takoyaki.”

Kokoro held the large ball of Takoyaki in her mouth and presented it to me.
Currently, the back of the stall was in a position where it wasn't visible to the normal customers.
However, it was clearly visible to the students. Of course, that's exactly why I was prepared to play.

“Thank you for the food.”

Opening my mouth wide, I gorged on the Takoyaki that flew out of Kokoro's lips. Overlapping our lips with each other, we vulgarly destroyed the Takoyaki with a schlick.

“Ish ho'!”

It's hot.
Thinking this, I tried to separate my face, but Kokoro suddenly held down the back of my head.


Sucking up the Takoyaki that was inside my mouth, she sloppily mixed it with her saliva before pouring it back to where it was.
Although it's annoying how things were going according to Kokoro's expectations, I couldn't very well spit it out and so gulped it down.

From there, Kokoro finally released that hand that was pressing against me.


With damp eyes, Kokoro smiled with drool and sauce stuck around her mouth. That elegant appearance of Kokoro's that had been stained this much was shown in the presence of the public.

“Master, look, there's some stuck to your cheek.”

Kokoro stuck out her tongue and crawled it over my face. I could tell that she was licking it up, but on the other hand I was becoming sticky.
To begin with, a part of me was a clean freak, and a part of me was also secretive. By all rights, this should be a situation that I find unpleasant.
The experiment this time also holds the meaning of verifying just what that sense of immorality is.


Because Kokoro desperately moved her tongue, the sauce and stuff that was stuck to her own face clung to my cheek. Towards the stupid service performed like a desperate dog, my cheeks loosened ever so slightly.
Although faint, it was likely that the both of us were a little high.
Doing stuff this boldly in front of the usually conscious students was a first.

After eating, I felt a mysterious sense of accomplishment as I smiled bitterly in the face of my own, slightly dirty mouth.
Incidentally, it wasn't that apparent at first glance since Kokoro licked it all up, but my chin region felt uncomfortable.

“I'm pretty sure the shower rooms are open, right? Oh……”

When I raised my face from the food stall, I confirmed the figure of a strange I was acquainted with.
They weren't a student of the academy, so upon seeing me, they smiled and greeted me.

“Ah, if it isn't Mister Fortune Teller? Is this your cla.s.s?”
“Erm, it's not my cla.s.s, for the time being I'm moving around as a stage man. I'm in that position, see.”
“Even though you're called a pro, you're still a student here, after all. Ah, it's not that I'm doubting you, you know!”
“Yes, I'm aware.”

I coincidentally ran into one of the many beauties who came to get their fortunes told. One might say that encountering them is also one of my aims.
The bottom half of the woman with well-arranged features was in a state of wearing a micro mini skirt with no panties, just as I requested.
Even though her attire was this bold, it appears that she unexpectedly didn't draw the public's attention. The pa.s.sing men sometimes glanced at her twice, but that was all.

“Ah, mister clerk, I'd like one Takoyaki!”

Apparently this woman came to buy Takoyaki. Well, that's only natural since she came here.
The payment counter was clearly installed in a place that obstructed me. Of course, I'm not complaining.

Placing my cheek on the table, I fixedly stared at the woman's large b.r.e.a.s.t.s.
Meanwhile, the woman finished settling the bill.

“Thank you very much. Well then, please wait a moment.”

The male clerk looked around, noticing that there was nothing prepared in advanced and so had nothing to do. It seems like it won't be done for a while, huh.
Taking advantage of that gap, I exposed the front of the woman who was in front of me. Her large b.r.e.a.s.t.s shook like water balloons before my eyes.


The woman did not notice. Even if she can perceive me, she is not able to understand what I am doing.
Pa.s.sing by the women who have had their fortunes told by me while playing pranks on them at the same time was this time's main event.


I tried to lift and shake them as though rolling water balloons in my palm.
Soft. Just what exactly is inside these for them to be this soft? A woman's chest is always a curious thing.

“Um, Mister Fortune-Teller, aren't you laughing?”
“I am doing no such thing.”

Faced with this situation, I tasted an unusual thrill.
Anyhow, a simple person had also slipped in amongst the people lining up behind her.
It couldn't be seen that well from behind, but it would be exposed even by looking at it from the side. I was playing around in the range where it would almost be found out.


My mischievous heart ended up swelling, and so I acted boldly.
I opened my mouth and licked the woman's nipple with my tongue.


The woman's body trembled once with a shiver, but that was it.
Time-wise, this is probably the limit.
Returning the woman's jacket to its previous state as much as possible, I left that place. Of course, I don't know how to put on a bra, so it ended up being slightly disordered.

The micro mini skirt coupled with her disordered jacket made it feel as though I had added the impression of her being a prost.i.tute to the woman.
Well, for today, I'll forgive you as an American Woman.


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