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Chapter 3
Episode 3   Krulcifer Chapter – Weak Point

Part 1

「──Err, is around here all right I wonder?」

Inside the ground of Academy at fort city Cross Field, night.

It was past curfew, in that time where originally people should be asleep, Lux was coming alone behind the school building where there was no sign of people.

It seemed the Lisha was working until late at night like usual, the atelier of Drag-Ride that could be seen at afar had small lighting leaking out from there.

Lux was waiting in that place following the instruction written in the request application.

Lux was busy because of the sudden turn since the campus festival, but because soon he would leave the Academy because of his duty, he wished to do the ch.o.r.es that the student requested him.

「But, as I thought this is strange huh……?」

Lux was shivering from the chilly air of night at beginning of autumn while tilting his head and talked to himself.

One of the written requests that was handed to Lux the other day had this kind of content written in it.

【Working area】 Secret

【Client】 Secret

【Work description】 For the time being, please come to behind the school building when it’s bedtime. I will talk about the work there.

Please, absolutely come without fail. If you run then I’ll barge into your room.

Through his life of doing ch.o.r.es for five years, Lux had also received several outrageous requests.

A request from doctor to drink a medicine that was in the middle of development.

A work from the weak-minded father who requested Lux to scold his son whose age was twice that of Lux.

Requests like capturing fierce beastpet that escaped and so on, it still caused him to feel headache when he recalled them.

He firmly rejected A request from an artist that wanted him to get naked as model.

But, as expected, he couldn’t really remember something like a request with the client’s name and the job description obscured.

At the very least, this had never happened even once since he came to this Academy and started to specialize in receiving request.

(I thought that this might be a prank or some kind of mistake though──)

With the inadequate explanation in the written request, originally it should be fine even if he ignored this, but,

『Please, absolutely come without fail. If you run then I’ll barge into your room.』

This part was strangely scary, so in the end Lux came here.

The possibility was low, but this might be a trap, so he was acting vigilant at minimum.

While he was standing quietly like that, before long the air behind him shook, *rustle* a small sound could be heard.

「Tha, thank you for waiting. You come here means that you accepted the request, right……?」

「Ah, good evening.」

When a girl in uniform appeared, Lux greeted with a smile.

The face of the girl whose hair hung down until her eyes looked a bit familiar.

Because her cla.s.s was different from Lux, there really wasn’t any point of contact between them, but she was a female student of the same year with him who was a civil official candidate.

Her name if he remember right was──,

「Err, I am, called……Nina. There is something that I, earnestly, wish to consult with you about a request……」

It seemed that the girl had a shy character, she was taking off her gaze from Lux and muttered with halting tone.

Perhaps it was also because of her shyness that her request had nothing written on it.

(I’m glad. It looks like it’s a normal request unlike what I thought……)

Lux was relieved. He made a soft

smile to rea.s.sure the girl and spoke.

「Yes. That’s fine but this place is cold, so how about talking inside the dormitory? Also, if possible please write just what kind of request it is inside the request form beforehand──」

「Tha, that’s no  good-!」

The moment Lux asked, the girl’s expression changed and her voice roughened.

「Thi, this is a secret request! Please don’t mention it to anyone! The reason I’m calling you to this empty place is also because of that-……!」

「E, err……?」

While Lux was bewildered, the girl walked toward him as though to pressure him.

Flame of cornered emotion was smoldering from the gap of her front hair. The glint of her eyes looked vaguely dark.

The girl talked with a terribly tense aura overflowing from her like a person who hadn’t drunk water for several days in the desert.

「I want you to teach me Krulcifer-san’s weak point. That──is my request!」


Lux’s mouth gaped open for a few seconds hearing that.

And then, the most bizarre odd job that Lux had ever received in the Academy began.

Part 2

「Co, come to think of it, does Krulcifer-san has something that you are not good at?」

「……What’s the matter, so suddenly? Lux-kun is asking something unusual that is unlike you isn’t it?」

「N, no, just a bit, for some reason, that’s……」

After school──at night after Lux finished his ch.o.r.es for the day, he was inside the library in the Academy.

He was there to receive supplementary lessons of cla.s.s work from Krulcifer that was being done periodically.

Lux who enrolled into the Academy still wasn’t able to completely follow the lesson’s content.

He had no problem with reading and writing, and fundamental knowledge thanks to the education he received at his childhood when he was living in the imperial court, but as expected at present he was falling behind in regard to curriculum other than technology and knowledge that was related with Drag-Ride.

Of course, he received consideration from the Academy because he only enrolled from midway and he got treated appropriately, and in these few months he had mostly caught up, but sometimes he would be given study lesson like this by Krulcifer who boasted top grade in the Academy because he had no reason to refuse her good will.

He was also busy from his usual ch.o.r.es, so he also done his study in this time.

They would study in the dining hall, parlor, library, and so on. It would depend on the time and situation.

Lux tried to ask Krulcifer while he was receiving her supplementary lessons, but she easily avoided the question.

「For example, is there a subject that even Krulcifer is not good with──?」

「There is none. Although there is difference from my preference, but I don’t think there is any subject where my grade drop because I’m not good with it.」

「It is, isn’t it……」

That prospect was cut down with a single stroke.

That was already obvious by the point of time she was able to teach her cla.s.smate Lux about all the subjects.

At the very least she had no weakness in regard of studying.

「Or perhaps──is there something in Lux-kun’s mind about me? It’s fine to tell me anything anytime if there is something that bothers you.」

「Eh, no, that’s not……!」

Lux was startled when Krulcifer responded with a smile that was filled with deep meaning and probed back to him.

Due to the case of the campus festival and Sacred Eclipse the other day, a change also occurred in Lux’s heart and he became somewhat conscious of the girls.

Thanks to that, his heart was beating even harder than before toward Krulcifer’s inviting gesture.

He became unable to concentrate due to the good will that she directed toward him.

Originally, this should be a fun time even if it was somewhat embarra.s.sing for him.

In spite of that, cold sweat was trickling on Lux’s back.

「So, sorry. I’ll concentrate properly so──」

Lux apologized in panic while pouring his attention at the book and paper in front of his eyes.

(Right now this is the limit of my effort……)

His appeal toward Krulcifer was over already.

It would be great if 『that girl』 could be convinced somehow with this but──.


He felt a sharp gaze like p.r.i.c.kling needle from behind.

It wasn’t just his imagination.

Since some time ago, he could see Nina’s face from the reflection of the library window in front of him, where she was peeking his way from her cover behind a bookshelf.


Lux pretended not to notice that and he solved the question before his eyes.

(Really, just how did it become like this……?)

He desperately concentrated in studying while recalling the happening just a day ago.

Part 3

「Krulcifer-san’s, weak point……!?」

Inside the Academy’s ground, behind the school building late at night.

In that place without any sign of other people, the second year girl student whose eyes were hidden by her front bang──Nina said such thing to him.

「……Yes. I don’t care whether it’s something that she hate no matter what or something that she is especially not good at. No matter what I wish you to teach me something that she will be troubled if it’s known, a secret about her shortcoming.」

Her voice was cornered and tense.

And then, an unusual tenacity could be felt from the fierce glint her eyes were emitting.

「Eerrr……are you, saying that seriously?」

「What? Is it no good?

「No, it’s not that it’s no good……. In the first place, why are you asking something like that?」

Krulcifer was an overseas student from Ymir Theocracy, but her pedigree was good and her grade was also great.

It was to the degree that she was standing out from the crowd even in this Academy.

That was why, no matter how good she was at dealing with things, it wasn’t strange even if someone was jealous of her.

But, from how scared the girl before him looked like, somehow or other it didn’t look like she was doing this because of resentment.

「That’s──it’s, e, errr, this is. I, it’s something that is extremely hard to say but……the, the poem that I composed……something like that got seen. A, anyway, because my secret got exposed to her, I won’t be able to feel relieved if I don’t know some secret of hers too!」

The girl pointed up her finger with a snap looking terribly fl.u.s.tered.

(When I wondered what is this about, it’s something like that……)

Probably Krulcifer herself didn’t pay that much attention about it.

「But, at the very least I don’t know about any weakness of Krulcifer-san, I can’t even imagine it.」

Lux answered honestly like that.

Nina glared at Lux with a gaze as though she couldn’t accept it.

「Then, please investigate it. I will also tried to look for it, but I didn’t find anything at all……. If it’s you who had even temporarily became lover with her, then perhaps you will notice something.」

Even though she told him that, honestly this was troubling.

(About that lover thing, in the first place it was a request to fake that……)

When doing ch.o.r.es, the thing that mustn’t be done the most was a work that stepped into the territory of 『someone else other than that client』 through that request.

It would be terrible if by doing his job seriously he was inviting unnecessary trouble instead.

Even if it didn’t become like that, he couldn’t do anything that would trouble his important friend Krulcifer.

That was why, he determined himself and refused.

「My bad, but I cannot accept that kind of request that will trouble other person like that. I will pretend to never hear this story, so if you can abandon this pursuit from here──」

「……Then, it can’t be helped, I will continue to investigate it by myself. I swear I will find it no matter what method I have to use. Even if I have to use a way that will be somewhat rough──」


The words of the girl who was clad in dark and muddy aura made Lux shuddered.

「I, isn’t that a bit bad, or I wish you will stop……」

He didn’t know if Krulcifer really had a weakness.

But, he felt a bit uneasy to leave this cornered girl to act recklessly like this.

(This is bad, if I just leave her alone, and some kind of problem happen──)

The fretful Lux immediately thought of a method to follow up.

「H, hmmm……. That, you see. Can I ask you to promise me one thing?」

「……What is it?」

The girl directed her eyes that were shaded by dark shadow toward Lux and let out a cold voice.

「If I accept that request, you yourself won’t do anything strange toward Krulcifer-san.」

「Are you going to……, accept the request?」

「If I can, add some conditions to it, then I will.」

Lux asked with a nervous look.

This query itself was half a gamble, but there was no other way.

「……Understood. Then, please do.」

After staring unblinking at Lux, the girl sighed and nodded before long.

After that, they talked just for a bit, then Lux parted from the girl and returned to his room.

Part 4

In the end, Lux exchanged several conditions with the girl while accepting the request.

The condition from Nina was for him to find Krulcifer’s weak point within several days.

The condition from Lux was that Nina herself wouldn’t attempt anything toward Krulcifer during that time.

And then, at the time Lux accomplished the request, she wouldn’t make any request like this anymore, and she also wouldn’t do anything rash toward Krulcifer.

「Fuu……. For the time being it’s going well, is it?」

Lux was falling on the bed in his room and muttered with his gaze casted down.

His bargaining with the girl was far more tiring than the usual ch.o.r.es, but he managed to arrange an agreement with her.

Of course, he couldn’t search for a weakness that Krulcifer herself seriously didn’t want anyone to know, so he was thinking to look for some unserious weak point that he could pretend to be something that would satisfy the girl.

Next if he could get the girl to accept it after hearing the weakness, then this request would be over.

「A weak point of Krulcifer that can convince that girl……」

Although he said that, but in reality he had no prospect.

But, at this time Lux was thinking that there was no need to think hard about it.


He was gradually pressed by the heavy weight that was his sleepiness and he accepted the sensation of his body sinking onto the bed.

Like that Lux’s consciousness became distant in the blink of eye.

Part 5

The next day was cla.s.s work like usual.

Lux woke up early at the morning, headed to the washroom, washed his face and changed into his uniform.

The ch.o.r.es at early morning were divided into several pattern types.

The work today was the cleaning up of the Academy ground.

He would clean up the surrounding of atelier, so he went to the kitchen to ask for tea which he would bring when going to wake up Lisha too while he was at it.

After making small talk with the waking up Lisha, Lux finished the cleanup of the surrounding and headed to the dining hall to take breakfast──.


He noticed the existence of a girl in the corner of the dining hall──Nina, and he recalled.

『Please find Krulcifer-san’s weak point quickly』

Such insistence was emitted as aura that oozed out from her whole body.

Lux was startled inside his heart while heading to where Krulcifer was at inside the dining hall.

She had started eating breakfast already, but her hands stopped when her eyes met Lux’s, and she smiled to him with an expression that was filled with deep affection.

「Good morning. You are early today too.」

「Krulcifer-san too. E, err, speaking of that, don’t you feel hard, waking up early in the morning?」

Pressured by the client girl’s urging, Lux quickly attempted his probing.

Feeling weak at the morning.

If he could Nina to recognize even something at that level as weakness then it would be fine, but──.

「It’s not a problem. When I was at Ymir Theocracy, I had to wake up even earlier and pray, so it has become a habit to wake up early since my childhood. This academy feels relaxing instead for me.」

「Ah, i, is that so……」

His first attempt failed.

(Well, I somehow know that from seeing how she is coming among the first people here at breakfast time, but──)

Lux’s eyes darted toward the corner of the dining hall once more.

As expected, the girl called Nina was looking at Lux with a dissatisfied expression.

「Co, come to think of it, Krulcifer-san you, is there any food that you cannot eat? The food in this dining hall is always delicious, but at Ymir Theocracy──」

「I have nothing I like or hate. Naturally I have some degree of preference, but I have no experience meeting a cooking that I cannot eat no matter what, I also have never experienced feeling disgusted from seeing the food’s appearance or aroma.」

「I, I see……that’s amazing, Krulcifer-san.」

He failed again.

It seemed there was no more weak point that he could probe in this meal time.

With breakfast tray in hands, Lux sat in front of Krulcifer once more and he also took his meal.

Regarding the skill in cooking too, rather than Lux who had experience doing odd jobs at bar or restaurant, Krulcifer was the one more skilled. It was already proved at the training camp in summer.

Her elegant table manner that didn’t make a sound while eating also looked perfect from Lux’s point of view.

By no meant she came here the first thing after waking up, her uniform and hair weren’t disheveled at all.

(Or rather, at that time I lost against that girl’s momentum and promised her without any consideration but……. Could it be, searching for Krulcifer-san’s weak point is actually a terribly difficult thi──)

Noticing that fact, Lux felt astonished inside his heart, it was then──,



Krulcifer who was sitting at his opposite suddenly lifted up her waist and leaned forward. Her face was coming closer to him.

Her looks were beautiful, like a fairy in fantasy.

Seeing it coming right in front of his gaze, he felt startled reflexively.

「It’s a bit dirty there, look.」

Quietly, the napkin in Krulcifer’s hand gently wiped Lux’s mouth.

The remains of red tomato sauce that was used in the breakfast was attached there.

「Ah, that……, thank you.」

Lux spontaneously turned red faced from embarra.s.sment. Krulcifer smiled with her usual cool expression.

「It’s fine to think, but it’s better to relax at least when in the middle of eating. I understand that Lux-kun is busy, but sometimes you will blunder at such thing you know?」

「……Ah, yes. I’ll be careful.」

Lux replied while feeling abashed.

(Wait, far from finding weakness. It’s me who got followed up by Krulcifer-san!?)

In addition, he even almost got seen through about what he was thinking.

(Perhaps this is really bad……)

The instinct of Lux who had accomplished many requests until now told him the sign of a protracted battle.

Or perhaps, this request might end up to be one of the rare requests that were impossible to accomplish──but.


From behind, the girl whose eyes were hidden by her front hair──the girl client Nina was gazing at him.

(Can I really do this? Soemthing like finding Krulcifer-san’s weak point within a few days──)

Lux hung his head down while slipping out a small sigh.

He was feeling the premonition of a long battle.

Part 6

「Say, can I ask you to find her weakness quickly……?」

The third day after he accepted the request, lunch break.

Lux shook off the invitation of the girls who invited him to take lunch together and came to behind the school building where there wasn’t any sign of people.

The one who called Lux here with the same letter without any sender’s name was the aforementioned Nina.

Her business was just as he expected, about the matter of 『Krulcifer’s weak point』 search that she requested.

At first, Lux intended to find something that Krulcifer wasn’t good at which wouldn’t bring any trouble even if it became known, and used that to tell the girl and convince her.

But, when he actually tried it, he noticed that this request was quiet an impossible problem.

Cla.s.s work, hand-to-hand combat, Drag-Ride, things related to strength, then her conduct and personal grooming as n.o.ble, things related to private life, Krulcifer didn’t show any opening at all in those things.

It didn’t even seem like there was any food or animal that she was weak against.

「Sorry. It’s harder to find it than I thought. If you can wait just for a bit more──」

「……Tomorrow. Because I won’t be in the Academy then.」


Lux was surprised hearing the topic suddenly changed.

「The students who are civil official candidate will have social field trip cla.s.s in the second block, so tomorrow I won’t be in the Academy.」

The girl continued with a faintly dark tone while anger and uneasiness spread out from her.

「If we don’t hurry, the content of the poem might get spread. Please find it before I return. If you cannot, I can only make direct attempt at Krulcifer next.」

「A, attempt you say, what are you planning to do?」

「I have no obligation to tell you who isn’t accomplishing your task……」

「I, I got it. I’ll find it out somehow, so──」

Lux soothed the girl who was clad with dark atmosphere while saying that and somehow got her to accept it.

「Haa……. I guess I’ll meet Krulcifer-san once more.」

After bidding farewell from the girl client, Lux whispered that with a weary face, it was then──,

「My, does Lux-kun have business with me?」

「Uwaaah……!? Wait, Kru, Krulcifer-san-!?」

Lux jumped on the spot when a voice suddenly addressed him from behind.

Right now it was after school, so he never expected that there would be anyone behind him from the corridor.

「It’s upsetting that Lux-kun is so shocked like that. What’s more, you were sighing like that even though you are going to meet me──Lux-kun is horrible.」

Krulcifer teased him with a jesting smile.

「Ah, so, sorry. Err, but I don’t feel reluctant or anything to meet Krulcifer-san, there is a bit of situation──」

When Lux tried to explain in panic, Krulcifer chuckled,

「You are feeling awkward to search for my weak point──is that it?」


Krulcifer guessed Lux’s worry right on the mark.

「Wa, wait a second. In the first place I──」

「It’s okay if Lux-kun keep the request’s detail a secret. I only accidentally heard when the girl just now was accosting you willfully. If it’s like that then it’s not a problem right?」


He was completely seen through.

Surely Krulcifer guessed that something happened from Lux’s action these several days and secretly followed him behind.

It was bad that it got exposed, but he also felt relieved somewhere inside.

「It looks like it’s a request from a civil official candidate girl from the neighboring cla.s.s isn’t it? But well, seeing that I have an idea what is this about, it’s difficult for me to act as complete victim here.」

「In the end, just what happened?」

「That girl dropped her poems collection before. I only mistook it as some kind of doc.u.ments and gave it a brief look. I promised not to tell anyone, but it looks like she cannot be convinced with that.」

「Sorry……. It’s, that girl looked really menacing, so rather than rejecting her request, I thought that I could do something somehow if I got in between──」

After Lux explained the circ.u.mstance, Krulcifer sent Lux an exasperated fixed stare.

「Lux-kun, please reflect on yourself slightly. There is no way that you who don’t really understand woman’s heart can possible do something like mediating the conflict between girls skillfully, right?」

「That’s cruel-!?」

It was right on the mark, so her words stabbed his heart deeply.

「Surely this is mostly because Lux-kun is being unable to overlook a problem that is right before your eyes, just like usual. But doing this isn’t good. At the very least, a problem that occurred from that girl’s own emotion isn’t something you should undertake as an official request.」


Perhaps it was just as Krulcifer said.

He thought of intermediating between the female student called Nina who made request to him and also Krulcifer so that she wouldn’t be harmed, but the result became complicated instead.

「……I’m sorry, Krulcifer-san. This is my bad.」

Lux hung his head down while muttering that. Krulcifer softly caressed Lux’s hair seeing him like that.

「It seems you are reflecting already, so how about we discuss how to solve this trouble? Also, it’s belayed but I should say my thanks to you. Thank you for feeling concerned about me. ──I’m really happy.」

Her gentle voice and warm gaze caused Lux’s heart to skip a beat.

Krulcifer usually showed a cool-looking smile, but when she showed him this kind of smile that was filled with deep affection, he felt that she was unbearably lovely.

(Wait, what am I thinking!? Right now we’ve got to discuss properly about this request……)

Lux suppressed the loud beating of his heart and straightened his back.

「E, err, then what should we do? At this rate it looks like it’s impossible to search for Krulcifer-san’s weak point, when that girl came back tomorrow, should I try telling her directly?」

「Let’s see. What to do about this I wonder? Certainly, it doesn’t seem like I have a weak point that I will feel troubled if it get exposed but still in the level that can be told to other people.」

Krulcifer put her hand on her chin and made a thinking gesture.

There was no way they could tell the girl about the secret of Krulcifer’s origin that was from Ruin, but it seemed nothing come to mind other than that.

「Let’s see──. Then, perhaps it will be interesting to test it.」

But, suddenly she began to stare seriously on the face of Lux who was beside her──at the end she let a chuckle slipped out and smiled.

「Come to think of it that girl, she said that tomorrow she will go outside for social study. Then, can I ask you to help me for the whole day tomorrow, to search for my weak point──」


Lux stared in puzzlement. Krulcifer returned a smile filled with implication toward him.

And then the next day, the search for Krulcifer’s weak point started, just as the original request demanded.

Part 7

──Inside the parlor when it was lunch break, a quiet sound could be heard.

Originally the room was for the use of guest and it was prohibited to use it, but in order to avoid the gaze of the other girls, Lux used the remaining time after finishing a cleaning request to spend time together with Krulcifer there.

「Yes, with this it’s check. Do you have any move left?」

「I’m beaten……」

‘Haa’, Lux hung his head down in surrender.

「Fuu, it’s unfortunate. This time we don’t find my weakness.」

「A, ahaha……」

Lux responded with a wry smile at Krulcifer’s words.

In order to search for her weak point, for the time being they began to think about various situations──which even included things like game and liking.

『I intend to look at myself objectively, but perhaps there are things that I actually don’t notice.』

Because of that, fundamentally this strategy was Krulcifer doing absolutely anything that came to her mind while Lux took the role of being her opponent.

An objective point of view and an opponent for comparison were needed.

By doing that, a new weak point might surfaced, but to be defeated until this much, Lux’s heart was in the verge of breaking.

「Even like this, I’ve played this game more or less from accompanying people through my ch.o.r.es, but……」

Lux tidied up the chess board and pieces while sighing.

It was as though Lux wasn’t a match at all against her in games like chess or darts.

Krulcifer had no opening even at games.

「But, if Krulcifer-san has no weak point even in game, then perhaps it’s no good already……」

「My, have you given up already? It’s fine to change your view point when you are cornered. For example──there is also something like weak point in body.」

「Wea, weak point in body……wait, don’t tell me──?」

Hearing what she said, Lux observed Krulcifer.

Her beautifully well-ordered features, her body line that while slender was drawing a feminine curve.

The uniform that really looked good on her, and the b.r.e.a.s.t.s that were pushing up just slightly──.

「……Lux-kun. Where are you looking at me right now? I absolutely won’t get angry so can you tell me honestly?」

She was absolutely lying.

The proof was how it was only Krulcifer’s eyes that weren’t smiling.

「I, I’m not──!? Or rather, I still haven’t think anything yet you know?」

「It’s fine, just try to say it. You were looking on my chest anyway right?」

「N, no well……that」

「I see. Thank you for speaking honestly. By the way it’s a completely unrelated talk but, I’ll give three times more homework than usual in the lessons I’ll be giving Lux-kun tonight.」

「Even though you said that you won’t get angry-!?」

「Yes, I said that I won’t get angry, however I didn’t say that I won’t retaliate at Lux-kun that is completely unrelated with it.」

「Isn’t that unfair!?」

When Lux yelled with teary eyes, Krulcifer brushed up her hair coolly.

「I guess. Then, I’ll forgive you Lux-kun if you teach me a weakness of yours in exchange.」

She brought her face closer and smiled, looking like she was enjoying it somewhat.

Honestly, it was really embarra.s.sing to speak about his weakness from his own mouth but, it couldn’t be helped.

「I, I get it. Then that, a weakness that I’m aware of is──……-!?」

Lux determined himself and took a deep breath before opening his mouth. Then Krulcifer’s index finger gently touched Lux’s lips.

「It’s fine to stop there. I was just joking.」

He was stopped along with a mischievous smile from her.

「More importantly, you shouldn’t talk about your own weakness to other people that easily. You are too honest about your weakness to those you aren’t on guard against. I’m worried, so be careful. From here on, we don’t know what kind of dangerous duty you will challenge.」


He was completely dancing on the palm of her hands.

Besides──she noticed.

This clever and discerning girl seemed to have vaguely guessed about that matter too from Lux’s condition these few days.

「Wait, it doesn’t matter about my weakness! In the end Krulcifer-san’s weakness──」

「I guess. Based from what I know there is none, but as I thought searching weak point of the body will be a nice point of view. Like being weak to tickles, or having stiff body, there are also things like that right?」


Unexpectedly that might be a blindspot.

If Krulcifer was abnormally weak against tickling, for a perfect girl like her, certainly that might be an interesting 『weak point』.

「Then──want to try it?」

Krulcifer softly brushed up her hair and presented her ear to him.

Krulcifer’s ear that normally was hidden behind her long hair.

Lux noticed a bit late about the meaning of her gesture that was exposing her ear.

「E, eeh!? Co, could it be I’ll be the one touching it!?」

「What are you getting surprised about? It’s meaningless even if I touch it myself right? ……Aa, could it be, that Lux-kun want to try touching another place more?」

Suddenly Krulcifer made a mischievous smile.

(Another place, don’t tell me──)

The moment Lux‘s heart skipped a beat,

「……I’m sorry that I make you having hope.」

「I don’t!? Just what kind of person do you think I am!?」

「This is Lux-kun we are talking about, so surely you are thinking about things like wanting to touch my b.r.e.a.s.t.s that are only slightly modest, or putting your hand between my thighs, right?」

「No, I’m telling you I still haven’t thought anything yet!? I was just surprised!」

「But, right now the sun is still high in the sky, and here is inside the school building, so let’s stop it? And──you won’t give it a try?」


Lux quietly reached out his hand beside Krulcifer’s provocative face.

And then, he slowly touched that nicely shaped earlobe.


Instantly, Krulcifer let a faintly surprised and m.u.f.fled voice slipped out.

(I never really have the chance to touch a girl’s ear even at my childhood, but──)

The surface was l.u.s.trous and squishy, giving a pleasant elasticity, pushing back on Lux’s finger.

The terribly flaky spot within Krulcifer who possessed flawless ability somehow made his heart beat fast.

「A, are you all right, Krulcifer-san?」

「……Ye, yes, I’m fine. I, I don’t mind even if you do it stronger.」

「Ri, right……」

Lux did as Krulcifer pointed out and put a bit more strength into his fingertips.

Within the soft texture, there was firm hardness that was like a core.

「Hah……, a, aah……. A, as expected, it’s really ticklish isn’t it……」

(So, somehow, it feels like it will be bad to continue this-……!)

The sigh of the girl that had vague sweetness mixed in it attacked Lux with strange impulse.

「Le, let’s stop here! That──, it doesn’t look like this is a weak point that is that easy to understand!」

「……That, might be so. It’s unfortunate. That we cannot find it again.」

「A, ahaha……」

That was dangerous.

Lux who almost got his reasoning melted with just a bit more let out a relieved sigh inside his heart while he patted his chest.

Even after that they continued to search for weak point, but they didn’t find anything even until the sun finally went down.

Part 8

「Haa……, in the end we cannot anything that seem like the right one.」

After dinner.

Lux and Krulcifer were discussing on the table of the library just before the time for light out.

This time they were testing for weak point of girls that Lux knew──, for example things like dark place or high place, but none of them appeared that they could be called as Krulcifer’s weak point.

Finally Lux too was completely exhausted and thought that they had exhausted all options, but──.

「──Come to think of it, it’s strange.」


Krulcifer suddenly tilted her head with her eyes still fixed on a book’s page.

「Why is that girl getting so scared like that? Certainly getting poems of her own making seen by other people might be embarra.s.sing, but it’s curious that she is getting that fixated just because other person saw them.」

「Isn’t she just that kind of type……」

Lux smiled wryly while recalling the girl client.

「Eh? Wait──?」

At first she didn’t say anything, but when he pressed her for the second time, that girl──if he remembered correctly the girl said 『If we don’t hurry, the content of the poem might get spread』.

When Lux told Krulcifer about it,

「It might be nothing, but that’s a bit curious. Come to think of it──the content of the girl’s poems was regarding romance. If I remember correctly, there were lines like the guidance of white lily, or the sublime tone something, or devoting the feeling……」

「I, I get the feeling that it will be better to not recall it in that much detail though──」

「……I see, so it was something like that.」

When Lux tried to stop Krulcifer in hurry, she let out a light sigh.

「Did you understand something!?」

「Yes, somehow but, I believe that I’m not mistaken. Lux-kun, you don’t need to do anymore work for this request. I will talk to her by myself.」


Krulcifer only said that and stood up from her seat, then she left the library.

After that there was only Lux left to stand alone there with his mouth gaping open.

Part 9

And then the next morning.

Lux was filled with trepidation inside his heart wondering how the girl client Nina would make her move, but that day a sheet of request form came to Lux unexpectedly.

【Work description】 I’m withdrawing my request, thank you very much.

The content consisted of only that sentence.

「──And then, in the end what happened?」

「It’s nothing really complicated. I only talked directly with her and solved the misunderstanding.」

Krulcifer said smoothly, but he wondered if the girl client who looked that cornered would be so easily persuaded like that.


「Are you unable to believe me that much?」

「N, no, it’s not that I cannot trust Krulcifer-san, that’s……」

「The love poem that the girl wrote was for a senior in this Academy. The content was suggestive, so the girl thought that it would be bad if by any chance the person the poem was directed at noticed it, that was why she panicked.」

「Eh……!? Wa, wait a second Krulcifer-san. You said it was for a senior in this Academy──don’t tell me」

There should be no male student other than Lux here.

When Lux almost said it reflexively, Krulcifer brushed up her hair coolly.

「Basically, in a girl academy where males are forbidden to enter, occasionally a girl who harbored that kind of feeling will appear. Especially here where there are a lot of gallant girls.」

「I, is that so……」

It was an unexpected story, but it felt like it would be better to not get deeply involved with it so Lux stopped pursuing further.

「I told her that I noticed the content of her poems that I picked up. And then, I promised her that I wouldn’t talk about her poem to other people, that’s all. As long as her anxiety of 『perhaps I got found out』, 『she might be telling others even now』 is just removed, then she won’t try to do anything anymore.」

「So, she was persuaded like that.」

「Yes. But, in exchange I also told her one of my secrets as compensation. ──It’s a secret about love just like hers.」


Lux raised his voice in respond to Krulcifer’s words that she said with a smile of implication.

「Co, could it be, even Krulcifer-san, is also harboring feeling toward that senior──?」


Krulcifer came to a stop and sighed in respond to Lux’s question. She directed an exasperated fixed stare toward him.

「Lux-kun, let’s start our usual supplementary lesson soon. Today it will be triple than normal.」


Lux cowered in fright at Krulcifer’s sudden declaration.

「……Even so, I’m finally aware of my own weak point.」

Krulcifer quietly muttered beside Lux who was preparing ink and pen in resignation.


When Lux tilted his head, the flawless girl smiled and said.

「It’s how I don’t want to show any weakness at all toward someone who I’m wishing that he will look at myself.」

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