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Chapter 504: She’s Awake

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When Xia Yanran heard Xiao Yi’s thunderous roar, her mind was dazed and she only reacted a few seconds later. “What son? Where’s the son from?”

Thinking of his abnormal behavior during the banquet and the hotel room last night, Xia Yanran’s eyes widened. Did Xiao Beast think that she was pregnant?

Oh my G.o.d, what made him think she was pregnant?

Looking at the handsome and stern man, whose lips were tightly pursed and anger shooting out from his eyes, Xia Yanran opened her mouth to say, “I’m not pregnant with your son.”

Unexpectedly, Xiao Yi’s expression became even more dark when he heard those words. The vein on his forehead started to jump and his hands clenched into fists, knuckles cracking in threat.

“You’re f*cking not pregnant with my child, then whose is it? Yi Fan’s?” Xiao Yi’s eyes were red and cold, like a blood-sucking devil who wanted to tear Xia Yanran apart.

Xia Yanran shrank her body in fright. “What do you mean’s whose child? I’m not even pregnant!”

The air in the room was filled with dead silence.

Xiao Yi’s lips were pressed together in a straight line.

He glared menacingly at Xia Yanran. “You. Are. Not. Pregnant?”

Xia Yanran did not know where he got the news that she was pregnant. She frowned and said, “After we have s.e.x every time, I will take the pill, how could I get pregnant?”

He did not like using condoms so she could only take the pill afterwards.

She had never thought of having his child, let alone being with him for a long time. If she had a child, she would be stuck and if she wanted to separate, it would not be easy.

Xiao Yi suddenly felt like a fool, being excited for almost half of the day, it turned out to be an absurd mistake.

“If you’re not pregnant than what is it with the pregnancy test you threw in the garbage bag?”

Xia Yanran did not expect that he was so free to even look through her garbage. She did not want to give Yan Hua up so she casually said, “It belongs to a female friend. She was bullied by a sc.u.mbag and her stomach was uncomfortable and felt like vomiting, so she asked me to buy the pregnancy test for her.”

Xiao Yi was completely silent.

Looking at his thunderous expression, Xia Yanran was terrified. She pursed her lips. “I have something on later, I’ll go back first.”

As soon as her feet touched the ground, a pair of powerful arms pulled her back to the bed.

Before Xia Yanran could say anything, her soft lips were kissed by Xiao Yi.

“What are you doー”

“You and having a kid.”

Xia Yanran said, “I don’t want to… Ah!”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d beast, can you be gentler! It hurts!”

“It hurts because of lack of practice. If we do more in the future, you will feel better!”

In a study with the curtains drawn down, the man’s tall body was seated on the easy chair, a cigar in one hand and the other hand on his forehead.

He had not rested for a long time ever since Nan Zhi was dragged down into the cliff by Gu Sheng and her whereabouts were unknown.

The window was wide open and the wind blew in.

Yi Fan walked into the study, holding a thin sweater and wanting to put it over the man but was stopped by the man with a raise of his hand. “I don’t need it.”

Mu Sihan looked at Yi Fan, his dark eyes were bloodshot. “Do you think she is angry at me for not catching her in time? It’s been so many days and she hasn’t even visited my dreams.”

At the beginning of the search, he himself also dived into the deep sea, searching over and over again, and even collapsed a few times from fatigue.

If it was not for Xiaojie, he did not know if could hold on…

“Young Master, both Miss Nan and Gu Sheng are not found. If something had happened, it is impossible not to find even a trace. They could very much be still alive.”

Mu Sihan also thought the same way but in a sea of faces, he did not know what things would be like when he finally found her…

After all, Gu Sheng was already crazy and distorted.

Yi Fan wanted to say something but Mu Sihan’s phone on the desk suddenly rang.

Seeing that it was Junyuan’s call, Mu Sihan immediately answered.

After ending the call, the expression on his cold and handsome face changed.

“Young Master, what happened?”

Mu Sihan’s dark pupils constricted. “The brat went into emergency.”

Mu Sihan and Yi Fan rushed to Renxin Hospital.

The brat was still undergoing emergency treatment.

Looking at the bright red warning light on top of his head, Mu Sihan punched the wall with his fist.

d.a.m.n it!

He could not find Nan Zhi, nor a suitable bone marrow for the brat.

If Nan Zhi came back and saw that the brat was hovering around life and death, she would be devastated.

The nurse came out and handed Mu Sihan a notice letter. “Young Master Mu, please sign this.”

Mu Sihan saw the words ‘Critical Condition Notice’ and his eyes turned red. He grabbed the nurse by the collar. “Who asked you to give me this to sign? If anything happens to the brat, all of you can just scram!”

Yi Fan pulled Mu Sihan, who had pushed the nurse to the ground, his eyes also red. “Young Master, don’t be agitated. Young Master Xiaojie is still undergoing emergency treatment, things might turn around.”

Mu Sihan knew that it was important to find a bone marrow suitable for the brat now, otherwise he would be in danger and it could not be delayed any longer.

A sc.r.a.ping sound entered his ears.

A smart looking woman dressed in a professional suit came over with some tall bodyguards in suits and leather shoes. She looked at the man with his jaw clenched and cold expression, and she said respectfully. “Fourth Young Master, Old Master has come to Ning City and wants to meet you.”

Mu Sihan looked over with cold eyes furiously. “Scram.”

“Fourth Young Master, don’t you want to save your son? You are from the Ye family and Old Master said that as long as you listen to him, he can find a donor with a suitable bone marrow from the Ye family for Young Master Xiaojie!”

Mu Sihan’s jawline tensed and his clenched and unclenched his fists. After a while he spat out, “Take me to him.”

Pain… Uncomfortable…

The bones in her body felt like it had been disa.s.sembled and reconstructed from scratch, it was so painful she could hardly breathe.

Nan Zhi’s eyes slowly opened a crack and the dazzling sunlight came in through the window piercingly, which made her close her eyes again.

After a while, she slowly opened them again.

She seemed to have slept for a long time.

Her mind was blank for a few seconds and she did not know whether she was alive or dead.

Her muddled thoughts gradually became clear.

That day, she was pulled by Gu Sheng and both of them fell off the cliff.

The roaring sounds of the wind in her ear and she was like a bird with broken wings, falling down continuously.

Her eyes widened in horror and the scenery on both sides of the cliff slid quickly past her.

Just when she thought she was going to die, the watch on Gu Sheng, who was grabbing on to her, shot out a rope and it nailed itself to the wall of the cliff. He then used one arm to hold her.

But the soil on the cliff was slippery due to the rain and the rope did not hold on for long, so both of them fell into the sea together.

Later, she could not remember clearly what had happened after that.

Nan Zhi raised her arm to press on her painful temples when the door to the room was pushed open.

Seeing the man coming in, Nan Zhi’s pupils constricted. “It’s you?” She was not in Gu Sheng’s hands now…

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