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Chapter 445: Warm and Sweet

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Nan Zhi did not expose him.

But through the details, she knew the man was Mu Sihan who had disguised himself.

Coming out from the restaurant, the three of them went to the wooden cabin villa.

In the evening, the man took the fireworks and sparklers the restaurant had given them to the beach.

He put the fireworks on the beach and lit them one by one.

Colorful sparks continue to blossom in the sky, brilliant and dazzling… Xiaojie was running around the beach and cheering excitedly.

Nan Zhi sat on the beach, looking at the fireworks blooming, with a slightly dazed expression.

After the fireworks, the man brought Xiaojie to play with the sparklers. Every time Xiaojie finished two sparklers, the man would help him light up two more so he was constantly running around waving two sparklers in the air.

Nan Zhi’s ears and eyes were full of Xiaojie’s happy laughter.

When they returned to the wooden cabin from the beach, the man helped to bathe Xiaojie. Although he was still clumsy, he was much more skilled than when he first started.

Nan Zhi sat in the living room with mixed feelings.

After Xiaojie had fallen asleep, the man came out from the room. He gestured silently to Nan Zhi, indicating that he was going to leave.

In Nan Zhi’s heart, a strong sense of bitterness spread out.

Nan Zhi lowered her eyes and nodded at him. She forced herself not to be reluctant in parting with him.

Perhaps he had brought Xiaojie and her here today was to leave a good memory for himself.

After all, he would soon become Xue’er’s fiancé.

Good times always pa.s.ses by in a flash, but the separation that had to be faced was inevitable.

The man’s tall body headed for the door.

Nan Zhi suppressed the urge to look at him, until the door was closed.

That moment, her heart felt like it was empty.

Today’s happiness seemed like they had stolen it.

Nan Zhi sat alone on the sofa for a long time. She stood up and was about to enter the room when suddenly, she heard a slight noise.

Nan Zhi walked to the door and opened it.

The man she thought had left was still there. He was leaning against the wall smoking.

He was apparently surprised to see the door open.

A pair of dark eyes looked towards her, as if he wanted to look deep into her soul.

Nan Zhi’s heart shook.

Her body stepped back subconsciously.

But the next second, the man said nothing, threw the cigarette b.u.t.t away, and strode towards her. His long fingers grabbed the back of her head, his fingertips threading into her hair and he cupped her small face, hot kisses falling on her.

His kisses were full of attachment, lingering desire and reluctance…

Nan Zhi struggled a little but the man held her head even tighter, making her unable to escape.

He kissed eagerly and deeply, as if he wanted to express his inner feelings through his kisses. Nan Zhi’s body shivered slightly, her breath was unstable and her eyes were red.

After kissing her for nearly five minutes, the man released her.

Turning around, his tall body stepped into the dark night and gradually disappeared from Nan Zhi’s sight.

Nan Zhi leaned against the doorframe, her fingers clutching her chest.

His breath seemed to be still lingering in her lips and she touched them, feeling his warmth against the cold air.

In a black car.

Yi Fan looked at Mu Sihan who was disguised with an ordinary appearance. The dim lights in the car fell onto him like a dense haze.

“Young Master, there are some leads on the matter.” Yi Fan reported his findings to Mu Sihan.

Mu Sihan tapped his long fingers on his knee, his dark eyes half closed, a cold smile on his lips. “Good. We’ll catch a rat in the hole during the engagement party!”

“Young Master, I heard from Junyuan that Miss Nan and Young Master Xiaojie are going abroad.”

Mu Sihan’s expression darkened, his eyes also darkening. “I didn’t want to involve her in this matter, but she didn’t show any longing, nor did she have any intention of s.n.a.t.c.hing me away. It really irks me.”

Yi Fan’s mouth twitched.

Young Master, your idea is so great that you even want Miss Nan to s.n.a.t.c.h you away from your own engagement.

He really did not want to say that it was lucky Miss Nan did not give him a good beating.

“In her heart, I’m always less important than that brat.”

Yi Fan’s mouth twitched again.

Was he really getting angry and jealous towards his own son?

“Young Master, Young Master Xiaojie is a piece of flesh that has come from Miss Nan’s body. Besides, she spends much more time with him than you do. It’s understandable that she would care about Young Master Xiaojie more than you.”

Mu Sihan glare at Yi Fan sharply with his dark eyes. “Shut up!”

He knew clearly that she had already seen through him today! But until the end, she did not say anything to him.

Was she that determined to be separated from him?

If one day, he let her leave the brat, she would definitely be desperate and unwilling.

But why was she so obedient now when he asked her to leave him? She was unwilling to even say anything more to him.

To the point she could cut her ties with him cleanly and sharply!

Time pa.s.sed quickly and in a flash, it was the end of the month.

Recently, Mu Sihan and Xue’er’s engagement had become a hot topic on the internet.

Mu Sihan had always been low-key and did not like to appear in the media. But this time, he and Xue’er’s huge engagement photo was published on the major financial and entertainment newspapers.

The engagement of S.G’s founding CEO and the young lady of the Mu family was so grand that it was hard to imagine.

Even on the LED screen of Ning City’s tallest landmark building were showing reports of their engagement.

Such large scale publicity made it difficult for anyone to ignore.

Nan Zhi tried not to let Xiaojie know about it, but he still found out from the conversation between two gossiping nurses.

He did not cry like she thought he would, but even comforted her.

“Pretty Zhizhi, let’s ignore him forever. If he’s marrying another woman, you should get married with another man. Anyway, I have two uncles who are more handsome than him. If that’s not enough, I’ll protect you when I grow up.”

That moment, Nan Zhi felt really warm.

But in the evening, after Nan Zhi had fallen asleep, she suddenly woke up and found that Xiaojie was not by her side and got very anxious. Later, she found him sitting on the toilet, his shoulders shaking.

In the end, of course he would be upset.

Nan Zhi and Xiaojie left a day before Mu Sihan’s engagement.

Accompanying them were Junyuan and Xia Yanran.

Xia Yanran’s relationship with Xiao Yi had become more and more strained and that man had only become even more perverted. In order to hide from him, Xia Yanran handled the procedures of going abroad secretly.

She did not know how long she could hide from him, but if she could even hide a day from him then it was better than nothing!

The four of them arrived at the airport.

Nan Zhi stood in the hall where people came and went, recalling when she had brought Xiaojie back from abroad. She had never expected that she would be leaving again so soon.

Although she would come back again, she still felt a bitterness in her heart.

After Xia Yanran had gotten their boarding pa.s.sess, they went through the security checks.

While waiting to board, Nan Zhi received a multimedia message from an unknown number.

The picture must have been taken secretly. The man was wearing a hand-tailored black suit, inside was a black shirt with a tie. He was standing in gorgeous engagement banquet hall talking to Yi Fan. His hair was combed neatly, his features exquisite, and looked handsome and lively, just like how people were when they experienced a happy event.

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