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The eight immortals of the upper cave, Ancestor Lu is the first among them!

The eight immortals of the upper cave were the eight legendary immortals. They were saints of the human world and were skilled in all sorts of magical techniques. Among them were Tie Guaili, Zhang Guolao, He Xiangu, etc...

But the strongest one out of the eight immortals was none other than Ancestor Lu, Lu Dongbin.

Because Ancestor Lu had cultivated the sword immortal Dao that was also known as the number one combat technique within the heavens and earth!

Lu Dongbin with his Daoist t.i.tle as the Pure Yang Child became famous due to his cultivation as a sword immortal.

The sword immortal faction originated from Ancestor Lu. Everyone called him the Sword Ancestor or Sword Immortal.

And according to one of the most ancient legends, it was said that Lu Dongbin was one of the Daoism Heavenly Emperors. His t.i.tle was the Donghua Emperor, and he entered reincarnation because mortal desires stirred his heart.

All in all, Lu Dongbin could be considered a first-tier immortal in the Huaxia Mythological System. He was on the same level as the Great Sage Equal to Heavens, Sun Wukong; Erlang Deity, Yang Jian; and Third Prince Nezha.

Was this man also a cultivator of a paragon mythological path?

Feng Lin's eyes flared with surging battle intent.

At this moment, this Lu Zhenyang was in the state of one with the sword. His entire person transformed into a thin beam of sword light that arced through s.p.a.ce like flitting shadows. He evaded through the gaps created by Feng Lin's attack.


Feng Lin's cudgel force flowed forth in waves, forming a tight circle that was completely seamless, forcefully dissipating the sword qi torrent.

However, he didn't have the time to relax!


His eyes narrowed. He suddenly saw a faint white scar appearing in the s.p.a.ce enclosed by his cudgel attacks. This white scar was like a gap. At the next instant, a figure like a fish in the sea shot out; the beam of sword light was aimed right at him.

The sword was already three inches away from the center of his brows. The sharp intent seemed unbreakable, capable of completely slashing everything before it into pieces.

Feng Lin could clearly sense the absolute coldness from the sword edge. It could break through everything. An intense sense of danger rose in his heart.


(I won't be able to block this sword attack!)

Feng Lin instantly made a judgment.

This was such a sharp attack. Most probably, he wouldn't even be able to block it even with his stone monkey body.

At this moment, the entire world seemed to stop.

At the moment between life and death, Feng Lin didn't have time to do too many actions. He could only act on instinct...

Grow! Grow! Grow!

His body abruptly expanded in form, growing taller by a head, and his position shifted slightly.


The sharp sword penetrated through his body, causing his blood to flow.

"Mhm?" Although this sword attack succeeded, Lu Zhenyang's expression was one of puzzlement. This attack that would surely succeed was targeted at the vital part, Feng Lin's forehead. But now, his sword had only penetrated Feng Lin's shoulder. This off-target attack had surpa.s.sed his antic.i.p.ation.


Two fists suddenly blasted toward him from the left and right.

Lu Zhenyang didn't have time to think too much. His body swayed slightly as he entered the gap in s.p.a.ce once more, transforming again into a beam of light.

Feng Lin pressed one of his hands onto the wound on his shoulder. His expression turned extremely gloomy.

At that moment of imminent peril, he had used the transformation technique of the Heaven Earth Law Manifestations, growing taller by a head to avoid his vital part from being struck.

However, the danger wasn't averted yet.

Feng Lin stood in his original location as he stared in all directions.

Monkey King Domain!

His six arms each folded hand seals as he focused on guarding himself. The magic hand seals manifested runes that formed into great corporeal barriers.

At the next moment, formless spirit force emanated outward, sweeping through everything. It was tough for anything to avoid his detection.


Another light sound rang out.

Feng Lin suddenly saw his previously invincible Monkey King Domain being broken as a figure shot through s.p.a.ce, arriving at the area one meter away from him.

A pair of eyes filled with emotionless coldness appeared in his vision, and a beam of sword light shot over, piercing forth directly.

In an instant, Feng Lin suddenly got the chills as his hair stood on their end. His heart felt a piercing pain as the sword qi drew near.

The sword qi was already so terrifying at a distance, how much more terrifying would it be if it managed to pierce him?


Feng Lin punched out frantically. Two powerful punches blasted over.

The fists and sword collided.

Lu Zhenyang instantly retreated backward.

But Feng Lin felt a piercing pain in his fist. His fingers were dripping with blood and his wound was so deep that his bones could be seen. His expression couldn't help but turn gloomier when he realized this.

(Sky Evasion Sword Art?)

(It is truly powerful indeed!)

This sword art was rumored to be a sword art pa.s.sed down by Lu Dongbin himself to the mortal world in the legends. He wanted to direct people to the path of immortality. It emphasized the art of evasion and had the unfathomability aspect of ghosts and demons. It was extremely suitable to slay devils and demons.

Lu Dongbin Mythological Path was undoubtedly also a paragon mythological path. Could it be that this Lu Zhenyang managed to discover the cultivation art of the Sky Evasion Sword Art through the mythological memories?

If this was the case, things would really be troublesome.

Controlling the sword, flying in the sky. Of all martial arts in the world, speed was invincible.

Pure strength might be able to suppress everything, but Feng Lin's strength hadn't reached the extent where he could destroy the entire swath of s.p.a.ce yet. He wasn't able to prevent this unfathomable sword art from evading through the gaps in s.p.a.ce.

For a time, Feng Lin was forced into a pa.s.sive state. He was helpless to retaliate.

The spectators were all in a climax, letting out roars of excitement.

"First time! This is the first time Spirit Slayer Lin Feng is in a position of absolute disadvantage! Upon facing Sword Immortal Lu Zhenyang's immortal sword, he is completely helpless and can't even retaliate…"

"How powerful, Lin Feng had been victorious throughout all his fights. Seems like this time around, he has finally encountered an opponent he couldn't defeat!"

"This time, he would surely lose if he doesn't unleash all his abilities!"

"So what even if he unleashed them? An adept challenging an elite adept. Him being able to go to the 9,000th level is already a feat that surpa.s.ses everyone's imagination."


Countless distracting voices echoed in his ears, many of them were filled with contempt for Feng Lin.

Maybe, these people were jealous when they saw how easily he cleared the previous levels. Now that he finally encountered a difficult opponent, they were silently feeling joyful in their hearts.

Even the host was influenced.

Yet, Feng Lin ignored everything; he didn't care for their comments at all.

Why should he explain his actions to others?

Right now, his three pairs of eyes were staring at the sword silhouette that kept evading into the gaps in s.p.a.ce, flickering in and out of existence. His heart sank to the bottom of the valley as he was trying to rapidly think of a solution.

Swish, swish, swish~

The sword light kept flashing. His opponent clearly understood the essence of guerrilla warfare. He would hide and attack with a highly devastating blow, showing no mercy at all.

Every time he appeared, Lu Zhenyang would target Feng Lin's vital parts. Things were extremely dangerous for Feng Lin.

Even though he was intentionally on his guard, he wasn't able to dodge all the attacks and was injured repeatedly.

The many wounds he suffered would eventually add up. Even his stone monkey body, which had undergone tempering, was slashed open and bleeding as well.

Through all the attacks, Feng Lin was still incomparably calm, staring carefully at the flashes of sword light before him as his thoughts spun rapidly.

The speed of sword immortals was always number one!

Feng Lin couldn't touch his opponent, nor could he pursue him. He could only wait here and get attacked pa.s.sively.

If he wanted to break this situation, there were only two methods. The first was to attack with overwhelming might and make it so that his opponent had no place to evade to, forcing his opponent to receive his attack head-on.

However, this wasn't realistic at all.

Right at the start, his cultivation realm was one major realm lower than his opponent. If he wanted to compare strength, his amount of genetic force wasn't as vast as his opponent.

In that case, only one solution was left. And that was…

To be faster than his opponent!

Comparing speed?

Feng Lin mumbled to himself. His thoughts flashed as a beam of light shot out from his heart.

Sword Immortals were known as one of the fastest types of immortals.

Thus, to the vast majority of people, being faster than a sword immortal was simply the fantasy of a fool.

However, Feng Lin knew that in ancient myths and legends, Sun Wukong was also famed for his speed.

He had an idea!

His eyes flashed as he recalled the previous wondrous bout of comprehension he had.

The entirety of his Monkey King Domain was now focused beneath his feet. The basic particles of cosmos were drawn over from the surroundings and congregated to the extreme before abruptly exploding forth.


A magnificent burst of flames trailed behind his feet.

A figure executed a somersault, rising through the air and transformed into a beam of light that moved with lightning speed, pursuing after the flying sword which his opponent had transformed into.

Feng Lin had activated the Somersault Cloud!

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