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Chapter 265: Shamans and Demons

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

Feng Lin stared at the two holographic screens as he sank into a look of contemplation. This drew the attention of the Greek sisters.

“Why? Are you interested in the two of them?” Yana walked over and asked.

Feng Lin nodded. “Their abilities aren’t bad, and they are precisely skilled in long-range style and energy-eruption style that we are looking for. If we can recruit them, our overall strength will increase greatly.”

“Oh?” Upon hearing his words, Yana and Aris exchanged glances, feeling excited.

Given Feng Lin’s judgment, his a.n.a.lysis wouldn’t be wrong.

They walked over and as expected, they also discovered the unique characteristics of these two.

Firstly, for that barbaric-looking young man had totems imprinted in the form of tattoos all over his body. He was bare-footed and only wore beast skin shorts. He was running freely on the plains, just like a hunting leopard that was filled with a wild primordial aura.

The young man had a huge bone bow in his hands and shot out arrows so quickly.

The enemies and beasts who were hit by the arrows were all petrified before they disintegrated from within, like they were under some sort of curse. This was an extremely bizarre and terrifying ability.

The power of shaman curses!

Feng Lin’s eyes gleamed as he sank into thought.

“Yi? What a strange name!” Yana furrowed her brows. She had a look of trepidation on her face when she saw the bizarre power of that bow.

What a ferocious and brave character.

This was already the Interstellar Era, yet this person’s aura was still filled with wildness like a warrior from primeval times.

Although his attack methods seemed primitive, the power he exuded was terrifyingly immense.

Yana was also someone who used arrows. Thus, she could see how bizarre Yi’s archery was. Hitting targets accurately at a hundred paces away didn’t count for anything. But when you added the power of curses into the mix, it was going to be extremely troublesome to deal with. Although it was somewhat sinister, such attacks weren’t extremely rare.

The most shocking thing was the fact that there seemed to be a strange law infused into the arrows. She had the feeling like the moment he fired his shots, his arrows would never miss. No one would be able to evade them.

She used her hacker skills to break the data vault of the Cultivation a.s.sociation. These battle videos were taken from students who had partic.i.p.ated in the prior examinations held by Cosmos University.

With no exception, the enemies of this young man were all cultivators.

However, under the arrows of this young man, those people tried all sorts of methods but they weren’t able to evade the arrows at all. All of them died hopelessly.

Was this young man using a sureshot technique?

“Terrifying, truly terrifying to the extreme!”

Yana then took a deep breath and turned her gaze to the second holographic screen.

The fox-masked young man had a strange smile on his face. His figure shimmered in and out, like he was capable of melding into the shadows. Inauspicious black qi emitted from him.

His figure was actually graceful and elegant, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a strange charm.

All his enemies seemed to be mesmerized as their movements slowed and a dazed look could be seen in their eyes.

After that, the black demonfire erupted forth. It ignored all logic and was actually ice-cold, freezing his enemies into ice crystals.

Yana’s eyes shone with golden light as a blurred look appeared in her eyes. However, she instantly recovered and her expression was as though she had just seen a ghost.

She was a female, yet she was actually charmed by that man for a second through a video recording?

When did this happen?

In fact, she started to doubt herself.

She, who was a woman, her charm actually couldn’t be compared to this man?

Bizarre, fearsome!

The two sisters had heavy looks on their faces, finally understanding the terrifying aspects of these two candidates.

“Investigate the current situations for the two of them. Check if there’s any accurate info on them already joining the other teams,” Feng Lin spoke.

Yana nodded. Her fingers tapped on her microchip and very soon, she received the updated information. “These two like to go solo, and they haven’t joined any other teams yet. However…”

Upon speaking halfway, she stopped.

“What?” Feng Lin curiously asked.

“There are some problems with them,” Yana spoke in a heavy voice. “For Yi, the information stated that countless teams have sought him out before, but all of them were rejected by him with no exceptions. I wonder if he is looking for something specific or he just loves to go solo.”

The resting period was to allow the exam candidates to recover to their peak states, as well as to give them time to form a team.

Yi was extremely strong. However, after four to five days had pa.s.sed, he still had not joined any teams yet. There should be a reason behind this.

Feng Lin couldn’t guess his reason, but he didn’t mind it as well.

To a cultivator, cultivation was the most important thing. It was also their greatest desire.

He knew that his knowledge was a great temptation to those who walked the Huaxia Shaman Path. No other rewards would be more tempting.

He was going to exact an open scheme and wasn’t afraid that Yi would reject him.

Feng Lin simply smiled with confidence.

“What about the second one?” He asked again.

Yana’s face turned cold. “This Su Li…no one invited him; he is like a jinx. According to my information, those who wished to form a team with him all died mysterious deaths due to unlucky circ.u.mstances. He is simply the embodiment of trouble.”


Feng Lin’s eyes narrowed slightly. Interesting!

Although these two candidates had many strange points about them, he wouldn’t give up on recruiting them so easily.

If he wasn’t wrong, these two should be walking on the shaman path and the demon path respectively. Their potential was immense. If he could recruit them, they would provide great benefits to the team. Their entire team would be like a tiger that was given a pair of wings.

From the techniques they had displayed, Feng Lin guessed that they could be walking on Houyi Mythological Path as well as the Nine-tailed Fox Mythological Path. These two were among the strongest in the shaman-types and demon-types pathways.

Shamans and demons, in the myths and legends, these two groups were natural enemies. Their abilities were very different but because this was precisely the case, the two different sources of abilities worked very well together. It was like a perfect combination.

Shaman warrior Yi was clearly an archer. Although he used cold weapons, his archery was extremely fearsome and had bizarre might. His long-range attacking abilities were very powerful.

As for that demonic person, he was different. A single tail from him could produce black demonfire. Three tails meant that he could use three different types of energy. He was precisely the energy-eruption type.

The two of them could complement their current team perfectly!

“Let me handle the communication. I will personally invite them.” Feng Lin made a decision.

“Do you really want to invite them? Their origins are a little strange. If you invited them over without careful consideration, we wouldn’t know about their characters before it is too late,” Yana suggested.

“Don’t worry, I’m confident. No matter how strange their origins are, as long as they come to our team, they wouldn’t dare to act inappropriately.” Feng Lin smiled lightly, his voice filled with immense confidence as if he had acquired their Achilles heels.

After knowing their contact info from Yana, he didn’t waste time and immediately activated his id microchip and sent a message to the two of them.

Where did Feng Lin’s confidence come from?

The two of them felt puzzled.

Many people had tried to recruit Yi, but Yi remained unmoved.

What qualifications did their small team have to make Yi agree?

There was no need to say anything more about Su Li. He was a walking jinx and brought bad luck to the people around him.

Feng Lin wanted to recruit these two? This was basically impossible.

The two sisters didn’t feel that Feng Lin’s chances were good. They felt that he would fail for sure.

Feng Lin didn’t bother too much. He continued to browse the information of the other candidates and then his eyes lit up.

These candidates were like treasures that had been hidden away from Feng Lin’s eyes. He was like sifting through the sand for gold.

Those who could partic.i.p.ate in Cosmos University’s exam would definitely not be your average joe. They had to pa.s.s many trials to get here. Each of the candidates would have high potential.

Very soon, Feng Lin spotted another potential candidate.


Name: Tu Guiyao

Age: 18

Background: Huaxia Star Republic, Yellow Earth Planet

Vitality stat: 592


The holographic screen showed a muscular young man with skin as tough as rocks. His muscles were compact and he was over three meters in height, resembling an earthen stone giant. His fists punched out unceasingly, causing the ground to tremble as he pummeled his opponent in violence.

“The earth was trembling. Hmm, so he has the power of gravity and can control earth and stone to a certain degree…” Feng Lin’s eyes flashed. This short video already allowed him to a.n.a.lyze the abilities of this giant. His body was clad in a stony carapace that was incomparably tough. It also allowed him to tunnel through the earth with ease, aiding him if he needed to flee. The overall strength of this man wasn’t bad.

“Grandpa Earth? Or Tu Xingsun?” Feng Lin had some speculations. The abilities weren’t bad, but the potential of his mythological path seemed to be on the lower spectrum. The mythological paths of the other candidates couldn’t be compared to Houyi Mythological Path or the Nine-tailed Fox Mythological Path in terms of quality.

If this was in the past, he might have paid some attention to this man. But now since he had two better candidates to consider, he naturally didn’t care much about this Tu Guiyao.

What was important was the fact that this earthen stone giant preferred direct attacks, a path of brute force and violence. This stacked with Aris’s abilities. Since they didn’t really need him, they might as well give up on recruiting him.

Feng Lin continued to browse.

There were too many geniuses with all kinds of abilities.

Also, in terms of mythology and legends, the huaxia system was one of the most complex out of all of humanity’s myths and legends. The huaxia system could be split into shamanism, dao, G.o.ds, demons, ghosts, and devils…

Each of these sub-cla.s.ses had different unique abilities, and there were simply all sorts of genes that branched off from the sub-cla.s.ses.

Given Feng Lin’s proficiency in mythology, he could roughly understand the abilities of these candidates. However, he wasn’t able to get more detailed information unless he interacted with them personally.

But even so, their general mythological path was still clear to him. In any case, none of the other candidates was comparable to the first two he had picked earlier.

When he was browsing, the sound of footsteps suddenly rang out from outside, moving nearer to them.

“Who?” The Greek sisters felt bewildered. The three of them had never interacted with outsiders. Who would look for them?

Yet, Feng Lin sensed something. A mysterious smile appeared on his face.

Speak of the devil!

Aris warily went to open the door, and a strange guest walked in.

This man had a black cloak clad around him, a lanky figure, and a height of over two meters. His arm that was revealed outside showed bronze skin that had tattoos of totems. His entire body seemed to be filled with explosive energy. Somehow his back was bent like he was carrying something that was covered by the cloak.

“Who are you?” Aris’s eyes were filled with hostilities. Her combat instincts made her sense an intense threat from this man. She was like a tigress with its fur standing on its end.

The black-robed man tensed. He spoke in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Are you not the ones who invited me here?”

Yana frowned. She sent out a strand of her mental energy over, yet there was some sort of barriers erected by the black-robed man, blocking her from scouring his thoughts.

She couldn’t help but be surprised. She was already an elite cultivator and her mental force had greatly increased. Yet, she actually failed?

(Who is this person?)

The two sisters stared at the man. The atmosphere got increasingly tense.

A light laughter suddenly broke the tension.

Feng Lin walked over. “Don’t be nervous, this is a valued guest whom I invited.”

He didn’t care about the startled looks in the eyes of the two sisters. He directly revealed the ident.i.ty of this person. “If my guess isn’t wrong, you should be Yi right?”

“You are Feng Lin? Do you know me before this?” The black-robed man took off his cloak, revealing a young man with bronze-colored skin. His eyes were cold, and they stared like a hawk at Feng Lin, as sharp as arrows, as though his gaze could penetrate everything.

It was actually Yi.

Feng Lin truly managed to invite him over. How had he done so?

According to the information she saw, Yi had never accepted invitations from any other teams.

The Greek sisters exchanged mutual glances. Although they had interacted with Feng Lin for a long time, they still felt that he was cloaked in mystery.

“I don’t know you, but I know your mythological path,” Feng Lin replied to Yi’s question.

“…” After a period of silence, Yi spoke in a heavy tone, “How can I trust you?”

“I’ve stated it very clearly in the email. Don’t you trust me? If I didn’t guess incorrectly, your mythological path should not be whole, right? Your knowledge about it is in bits and pieces. What if I can tell you everything about your mythological path?” Feng Lin smiled.

The two of them gauged each other.

Aris had a confused look on her face.

Yana seemed to have thought of something. Her expressions changed, turning into one of shock.

She thought of what had happened before when she first met Feng Lin. He had instantly managed to guess her and her sister’s mythological paths back then.

Could it be that this Feng Lin was very well-versed in the mythologies of the Ancient Earth Era?

Although Feng Lin had given many hints, Yi didn’t reply straight away. He frowned before speaking in a heavy tone, “I don’t believe you. Even my clan doesn’t have the complete record for the mythology path I’m walking on, let alone you. In any case, whether your words are true or false, I will know once we fight. If you cannot even defeat me, how is it possible for you to know the complete mythological path?”

His desire to fight could be seen on his face. He radiated an aura of wildness.

(Ultimately, he wants to fight against me?)

Feng Lin sighed silently.

These geniuses were all extremely proud. It wasn’t so easy to convince them. Even if Feng Lin had precious knowledge about myths and legends. Everything was useless if no one believed him.

Between cultivators, strength was the only thing that counted.

Without strength, they wouldn’t even have the authority to speak.

(This is fine as well. Let’s talk using strength then.)

He believed that Yi would have no more objections after their fight.

“Sure. But wait a bit,” said Feng Lin.

Yi felt puzzled. “Why?”

Feng Lin calmly continued, “Because there’s one more person coming as well.”

The sounds of footsteps actually echoed out at this instant.

A strange fragrance permeated the air like that from a hundred flowers, causing one’s soul to be mesmerized.

“Demonic human?” Yi’s voice was filled with hostility, waking everyone from the mesmerized state.

“Shaman warrior?” Another voice as charming as bells rang out.

A graceful and lithe figure with a fox mask appeared before everyone. Behind him, his three tails took form, spreading out in the air as he stared straight at Yi with no hints of wanting to back down.

The hatred between shamans and demons existed since ancient times. Was the mutual hatred something pa.s.sed down by the genes they awakened?

It seemed like the mythological genes still hid some secrets that Feng Lin didn’t know of.

This was the first time the two of them met, yet the atmosphere now was so cold. It was as though both of them wanted to fight each other to the death.

However, they also knew that the exam would soon start and this wasn’t the time for them to fight. They knew what was important. If they fought a life-and-death battle and got injured before the exam, that would truly be stupid.

“You say you can guide me down my mythological path? Is this true?” The fox-faced youth snorted coldly, ignoring Yi. He directly turned to Feng Lin.

“That’s only natural.” Feng Lin nodded. “Now, before my team of three, I will reiterate what I said in the email. As long as the two of you join our team, after the exam ends, I will tell you the complete mythological path for each of you. We can sign a contract now. With interstellar laws as protection, it would naturally be effective.”

The youth with the fox mask fell silent as he contemplated.

“If everything is true, signing a contract is naturally no problem.” The youth snorted with arrogance. “However, the prerequisite is that you have to prove you can defeat me. If not, everything you said is just bulls.h.i.t.”

“I knew you would say that.” Feng Lin sighed again. “The two of you, please come with me.”

He led the two of them to a vast cultivation room. He turned to calmly face them and extended his hand with an inviting gesture. “Which of you first?”


As the sound of his voice faded, an arrow shot through the air.

The sharp aura instantly locked onto Feng Lin’s forehead, not allowing him to evade.

This was a sureshot arrow, with a 100% accuracy rate.

It was fine if the arrow didn’t leave the bow, but once it left the bow, it would make sure to strike the target and exterminate the target’s soul!

Note: Houyi was an ancient character in chinese legends that shot down nine suns.

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