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Chapter 228: True Meaning of Battle

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

Tyrant Aura Battle Statue!

The army of aberrations came in waves, flooding over like the tides.

The sisters were engulfed by the tides. But right now, a giant half-transparent divine statue appeared before them, creating a zone of protection around the sisters.

Tyrannical aura churned, forming half of the body of the divine statue. This statue was like a battle G.o.d from Greek mythology that descended into the mortal world. It had a malevolent look of anger and its fists were like mountains, punching out in all directions. The impact it caused made the entire ground tremble.

Under the heavy fists, those aberrations were crushed to a pulp, blood flowing everywhere.

Chi, chi, chi…

Yana’s eyes gleamed with golden light. Behind her, a pair of hands manifested and had a bow in their grip. The bow fired arrows non-stop, in quant.i.ties that were as dense as rain.

Those monsters were struck by the arrows, and their eyes dimmed as death overtook them. They just slammed helplessly on the floor.

Their consciousness was crushed as they lost all traces of life.

However, there were countless aberrations, as many as water droplets in the oceans.

The two of them gradually felt that they wouldn’t be able to persist much longer.

The gathered black-colored tyrannical aura started to dissipate as the battle statue grew more and more illusory.

The huge consumption of mental energy caused Yana to turn even paler. Her face was completely white, devoid of blood.

“When can that brat finish the queen off?” Aris panicked as she stared at the depths of the mother nest in frustration.


A human and a monster, Feng Lin brandished his metal cudgel and fought frenziedly against the aberration queen.

With every strike, a nearby aberration would be reduced to a pile of meat.

The more intense the combat was, the calmer his expression would be. A feeling of enlightenment then rose in his heart.

(What was the true meaning of battle?)

(To fight and to battle!)

(To battle and to win!)

This was the most suitable combat method for Sun Wukong.

This monkey was birthed by the heavens and nurtured by the earth. When it was born, it was extremely weak. And once it had some achievements in its cultivation, it was summoned by the heavenly court but was only given a useless official post that was known as the protector of horses.

Hence, due to a fit of rage, it rebelled against the heavenly court, taking all the G.o.ds and buddhas as its enemy, wreaking havoc through the three realms.

Not only was it powerful, but it also had no fear in its heart.

The more powerful his opponent was, the stronger it would be, allowing it to unleash boundless combat strength.

This was the dao of battle!

Feng Lin gradually understood the true meaning of Sun Wukong’s Mythological Path. He had to verify his dao through real combat.

This small-scale queen had a gigantic body and an incomparably terrifying face.

Feng Lin directly rushed forward and wielded his cudgel arts, flowing from one stance to the other in an extremely smooth manner.

As he slowly understood the true meaning of fight, battle, and win. He also grew more proficient with the Great Sage Cudgel Art. He didn’t use any particular stances but allow the stances to fuse together as he unleashed them according to the need of the moment, allowing him to erupt forth with his full potential.

The more intense the combat was, the calmer Feng Lin’s heart grew. His heart was like a stretch of clear and still water; there were no ripples within.

His cudgel arts grew increasingly violent and slammed out with the force of a storm against the queen, causing explosive sounds to echo out loud.

That tough armored sh.e.l.l trembled from the power. Feng Lin’s strength grew increasingly mightier and right now, blood could be seen from the gaps between the armored scales of the queen.

No matter how much guard-types came, all of them died to Feng Lin’s cudgel.

But Feng Lin knew he couldn’t fight a protracted battle.

The queen was the mother of all aberrations. Its vitality would surely be extremely high, and it would have strong regeneration abilities as well.

Feng Lin’s destructive prowess and the queen’s regenerative ability—both achieved a strange balance.

Although his cudgel arts were fierce, he had no way to give the queen a critical deathblow.

(Things are troublesome now.)

Feng Lin frowned.

Not only was the defense of this queen shockingly high, but its vitality was simply too much. Unless he could unleash enough power to cause utter, ruinous destruction of the queen, overwhelming her regeneration, it would be very hard to deal a fatal blow.

But this was precisely something Feng Lin, who was proficient in material attacks, lacked!

There was not much time left; he had to end this battle as quickly as possible.

There was a limit to his physical strength, but the aberrations in the nest seemed endless. If things continued to delay, he would definitely be exhausted to death.

Feng Lin’s mind rapidly spun as he thought of new ideas, looking at the location the queen was at.

The mother nest was a huge cave that had been dug in the interior of a mountain. The queen was located at the deepest layer, and this position was very near to the peak of the mountain.

He instantly thought of an idea. His body flashed as he arrived below the queen.


His spirit force frenziedly flowed into the metal cudgel as it lengthened rapidly.

Thunder Tyrant Fist!

Lightning and thunder crackled in an incomparably violent manner as the aberrations were blasted to the point of retreat.

On the surface, this attack looked as mighty as before. But if one paid close enough attention, the punch force was gradually weakening. Earlier, her punches could directly crush the aberrations into piles of meat. But now, her punches could only send the aberrations flying. The claws of the aberrations were broken and looked pathetic, but they remained alive.

Unknowingly, the number of aberration corpses under Aris’s feet had already piled up so much that it could be a small mountain. Although she was as fierce as a reincarnated war G.o.d, she couldn’t help but reveal a fatigued expression on her face.

Yana panted even heavier than before. She had completely exhausted her mental energy, and her eyes started to dim. Evidently, she had no more strength to continue fighting.

Over one hour had already pa.s.sed since they started their plan. The aberration army simply kept throwing bodies at them, surrounding them tightly and quickly exhausting their strength.

“Did that brat fail?” Aris panicked.

Within the deepest layer, the sounds of battle still rang out. Clearly, an intense fight was still going on.

“He only knows how to brag. If this brat cannot kill the queen and if this situation continues on, we would all be burdened to death by him.” Aris shouted. “Elder sis, let’s leave!”

“No way.” Yana thought about it and shook her head. “Feng Lin went alone to a.s.sa.s.sinate the queen. He’s leaving his life in our hands. This is a type of trust, we cannot let him down. If we left now, wouldn’t we be betraying the alliance we made?”

Aris’s tyrannical aura weakened gradually, and her battle statue’s zone of protection also diminished slowly. Their situation was extremely dire.

Aris’s body trembled violently. She could feel that her strength was almost completely exhausted. “That brat has overestimated his own strength! What does this have to do with us? He insisted on entering the nest at this time to a.s.sa.s.sinate the queen and caused us to be besieged by the aberration army. By persisting until now, we have already done all we can. If we don’t leave at this instant, we would never be able to leave!”

“No! Since we agreed to ally, we are considered comrades. We will advance and retreat at the same time. If not, how can we still talk about trust?” Although Yana looked weak on the surface, right now, she displayed an iron-like resolution. She completely disagreed with her sister.

Seeing that she was unable to persuade Yana, Aris grew more and more frustrated. She grabbed her sister and carried her while speeding away. “Before mom died, she told me to take good care of you. I will definitely not let you put yourself in danger!”

“Release me quickly!” Yana kept on struggling but she was helpless to resist.

Aris’s tyrannical aura gushed out, transforming into a giant fist that opened up a path forcefully for them to leave.

Upon seeing that the sisters wanted to flee, the aberrations all roared excitedly. They surged forth with even more momentum.

Aris kept slaughtering the aberrations. Her entire body radiated a b.l.o.o.d.y aura, as she was doing her best to protect her sister.

However, the number of aberrations kept increasing; there was no end to them.

The two of them could tell that they were going to be completely surrounded in a moment.


A scream filled with grief and agony rang out from the depths of the nest.

The queen was filled with despair.

Those aberrations suddenly paused as if someone had cast a spell which froze them on the spot. At the next moment, they all turned and rushed toward the location of their queen mother without hesitation, completely ignoring the greek sisters before them.

“What’s going on?” The greek sisters stood there in a daze. They glanced toward the chaotic depths of the mother nest as puzzlement appeared on their faces.

(Could it be…)



The earth trembled and a huge deafening blast woke them up from their daze.

Right now, they could see a gigantic iron pillar extending up, moving toward the ceiling of the cave.

It resembled a huge monster over ten meters tall that kept shooting upward.

The pillar continued to grow rapidly, akin to a heavenly pillar that wanted to pierce the sky.

The reproduction organ of the queen was too large. She had no way to move at all. Her body was pinned by the pillar, and a moment later, it pierced through her, breaking her armor.

Upon seeing that their queen was in danger, the various aberrations naturally hurried over.

Feng Lin activated his Stone Monkey Gene and fortified his defense while unleashing punches with crushing force, forcing the aberrations to retreat.


The mountain peak crumbled and the entire s.p.a.ce shook.

The deepest layer of the mother nest that was located at the peak of the mountain now had a hole penetrated through its roof.

The gigantic body of the queen was exposed to the frost which was below a negative hundred degrees. It let out screams of pain as its body rapidly hardened and ice crystals appeared on her skin. She was quickly being frozen.

The bitter chill gushed forth from the roof, and no matter how tough the armored bodies of the aberrations were, they were only ordinary creatures and not transcendent ones.

Under the invasion of the cold, even Feng Lin felt his movements growing stiff, let alone them.

The aberrations let out screams of terror as ice crystals appeared around their bodies. They were frozen from the inside-out.

The frost continued extending outward. The aberrations all stiffened and weren’t able to move anymore. They collapsed onto the ground and turned into ice statues.

As for the aberration queen, she was howling in pain, but the volume of her voice grew smaller and smaller. She too, gradually got frozen into an ice statue.

Under the forces of nature, no matter how high a creature’s vitality was, they were nothing but a larger ant.

Everywhere the cold pa.s.sed by, the surroundings would become a h.e.l.l of ice.

Feng Lin broke the ceiling of the mother nest using his metal cudgel. He borrowed the force of nature to kill the queen mother.

After the queen died, the remaining aberrations that had yet to be frozen hurried and fled for their lives. Without the queen directing them, they could only flee in panic.

The greek sisters saw the demise of the queen aberrations, and they were dumbfounded.

Feng Lin slowly walked over. His body was still radiating a baleful aura, and he resembled an Asura that just killed his way out of a battlefield.

“The queen has already died. Why are you guys not killing the remaining aberrations?” Feng Lin asked. After that, he immediately acted, ruthlessly killing the aberrations near him.

Each of his blows would finish off an aberration.

Only after some time did the greek sisters come back to their senses. They hurriedly started to hunt the remaining monsters too.

The situation in the nest turned into chaos.

These originally terrifying aberrations were now like lambs waiting to be slaughtered. They had no way to resist at all and were easily killed.

Large batches of facehuggers died one group after another the instant the queen was killed.

For some of the lower-graded aberrations, under the dual shock of their queen’s demise and the cold, they were completely helpless and couldn’t fight back. After just a short period of time, the ground was littered with the corpses of the aberrations.

The ones doing the attacking and defending reversed instantly.

Feng Lin and the two sisters were like tigers hunting their prey, killing many of the aberrations with the ease of pulling out weeds.

All of these were points for them. The more points they had, the better their scores would be. This was simply like a banquet for points collection.

Although they were taking lives, Feng Lin’s group didn’t hesitate.

Aberrations were a type of terrifying biochemical monsters that hunted the lives of others to survive. In pangs of hunger, they could even eat their kin. There were no points in leaving such monsters alive.

In any case, killing lives were actually saving lives!

The three of them naturally showed no mercy. It was like they didn’t know fatigue and grew numb to the killing and harvesting. They didn’t even know how much time had pa.s.sed by.

Corpses were everywhere in the mother nest, and the rotting smell in the atmosphere intensified.

Yet, they felt satisfaction in their hearts.

All of these monsters were points and they were harvesting them.

The remaining aberrations fled frenziedly in panic. The other aberrations all seemed to have sensed something as screams and roars filled the mother nest. They were running with their lives on the line. Feng Lin’s group followed closely behind the aberrations as they hunted to their heart’s content. Finally, daylight could be seen streaming through in the distance.

The sun had risen!

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