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"Who do you think you are?!" Zoe shrieked at the top of her lungs as she dragged Raigon's functioning arm out of the dark alley. 

Her heart raced as a galloping horse as she shook off the lingering memories she had just witnessed a few minutes ago. 

What could have taken place if they had gotten into a taxi as soon as they checked out of the restaurant? If they did not walk a few meters away from it and considered moving to the other side of the lane? If they didn't cross it?

His enemy might have left him powerless and abandoned at the edge of a frigid dark alley with no one to help him. He was disposed to experience hypovolemic shock from severe blood loss and sooner or later, die!

"You're not superman, for goodness' sake!" She blurted out as she threw her head in a frenzy with her eyes shut as tight as a drum. 

In haste, she tilted her face and look daggers at Raigon who glanced up at her with puppy eyes. She turned backward and tromped at an even faster speed.

A corner of Raigon's lip twitched upward. He didn't know if Zoe's intense agitation annoyed or amused him. He looked everywhere to confirm if the spy had escaped. 'I hope he understood what I meant,' he uttered to himself through gritted teeth. 

Nevertheless, he was curious who Lady Zhou was. He was not familiar with that surname in the City. She may be a villager on this island. And if she was, it was not him who was in danger, but Zoe. Raigon narrowed his eyes and clenched his fist at the thought of someone hurting her.

He followed Zoe's directive act until they reached Erin. She was paralyzed at the intersection of the major road and the back street, yet flabbergasted at the horrendous scene she had just seen.

"Red! Oh, Red! What happened to you?!" Erin cried out in a tearful voice as they approached her. She ran over her hand around him, checking out if he got hurt or anything. Zoe let his bender go in a flash.

She grabbed her bag from Erin who has been holding it for her when she entered the gloomy pathway to check on Raigon. Still fuming, she charges head-on at a breakneck rate. Raigon and Erin tried to keep abreast of her.

"Um, I guess you could really call me Red now." He chuckled and gave an uncomfortable glance at Erin as he scratched his hair with his working extremity. He was referring to his white long sleeve shirt soaked in red blood. 

Erin grinned back at him in affection. Though it seemed strange, he amazed her at how he could appear as dashing as he was now in front of her with a bleeding limb. 

'I wouldn't mind it even if you lose your benders as long as you'll always be by my side,' Erin whispered to herself in a cheeky note while a.s.sisting him as they walk.

After a while, Zoe stopped in her tracks as she saw a bench nearby. It was under a tall metal streetlamp casting an artificial glow to the street below. It was the perfect location for what she was planning to do. She swiveled back and motioned Raigon to come near her with a flutter of her hand.

He obliged in an agile motion and shuffled to the bleacher. Instead of following him, Erin decided to look for a taxi. As much as she loved to stay with him, it would be better for them to get out of that place.

She waved her hand at Zoe and exclaimed, "I'll just walk ahead and wait for a taxicab, all right?"

Zoe nodded back at her. She continued to demand Raigon to come to her. This time her palms were quicker as if she was fanning out the boiling waters within her. 

Raigon felt weird as he was on her way to Zoe at her strict command. He was used to people coming to him with a wave of his authoritative hand as the Prince of Terra. This was his first time someone called him in such a manner. 

To him, she was in every respect a queen at that very moment. He narrowed his eyes as he visualized her wearing a phoenix crown with a Diyi embroidered with long-tailed pheasants and circular flowers, summoning him to approach Her Majesty's presence with her fiery eyes and turbulent temper. 

Raigon's shoulders shook as he controlled his laughter.

"It's not funny. Not funny at all," she said in a serious voice and clamped her lips as Raigon at long last reached her spot and was now standing right in front of her. 

She looked up at him as he was taller than she was and glared at him as if she was challenging him with a no-blinking challenge. Raigon stared back at her but without intending to, his eyelashes fluttered as Zoe's lovely face mesmerized him.

"That's too bad. Because all I want to do is make you smile," he uttered in a deep but soft voice while grazing his eyes on Zoe's lips. 

With sincere intentions, he wished to see them curved skyward every time. He thought of how Zoe might have been broken many times. She deserves to be happy. 

With no warning, she slowly lifted her dainty hands upward over his chest and onto his shoulders without batting an eyelash. Raigon's heartbeat went erratic at Zoe's response. 

Her fingers creeping up on his skin with only a piece of cloth in between tickled him. Her hands grasped for his broad and st.u.r.dy shoulders.

He imagined that her hands would continue caressing him from his shoulders to his neck, pulling his head towards her and kissing him with pa.s.sion. He wanted to grab her waist right then and there and pull her towards him. 

To his dismay, Zoe did the exact opposite. She pushed his shoulders downward at lightning speed, making him slumped on the bench and yelled at him, "SIT DOWN!"


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