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Chapter 1060: The Last Big Gift (1)

In reality, Ling Tianya had been gambling the entire time. She knew that there were bombs that had been placed in the mansion, however, she didn't know exactly where they were. She could only pretend to be Mandy, come to the banquet hall and make w.a.n.g Manpeng anxious in order to delay things, allowing Tao Dayu and the others to take care of the bombs.

However, she hadn't known that there would be a slip-up in the middle. The servant had noticed w.a.n.g Mandy in the dresser, causing Mandy to rush into the hall and disrupt Ling Tianya's plan.

Therefore, when faced with such a situation, she could only counter every move and play mind games with w.a.n.g Manpeng. There was no other way.

The bomb that had been placed in the infant carriage looked the same on both sides; it was just that the front had an extra red light. Before Ling Tianya returned to the banquet hall, she had taken a small red light from amongst Tiny Rice Ball's toys and had taped it onto the back of the timer. At that time, she didn't think much of it and only thought that it might come in useful.

However, she hadn't expected that the thing that she had taken from one of Tiny Rice Ball's toys would become the most important thing in defeating w.a.n.g Manpeng.

w.a.n.g Manpeng laughed in anger, his eyes red. “Now, I really regret it.”

“What do you regret?” Ruan Zeyan asked in a low and cold voice. It was clear that he was still angry at w.a.n.g Manpeng for humiliating Ling Tianya.

“I regret not killing Ling Tianya all those years ago. I was reluctant to do so and didn't think I could bear it. Instead, I merely took her memories. In reality, to Ling Tianya, my reluctance was undoubtedly worthless.” w.a.n.g Manpeng's gaze became fierce. “If I had known that it would turn out like this, I would have hardened my heart! I should have killed Ling Tianya!”

w.a.n.g Manpeng's words were from the bottom of his heart. Right now, he really wanted to kill Ling Tianya.

Ruan Zeyan tightened his arm around Ling Tianya, and his eyes caught w.a.n.g Manpeng's. There wasn't a hint of retreat in his gaze.

After w.a.n.g Manpeng's short outburst, he looked at Tao Dayu and those people and smiled mockingly. “Ling Tianya, you certainly are intelligent, and you're very good are using other people's hearts. However, did you really think that I just brought over a couple of people to place bombs? When you do anything, you must have both hands prepared. Didn't that b*tch Gui Mei tell you how many people I had with me when she helped you escape?

Hearing w.a.n.g Manpeng mention the name Gui Mei, Big One's body stiffened.

w.a.n.g Manpeng suddenly began to pace around the room. “The Ruan Family's mansion was built with mountains on one side and rivers on the other. The feng shui is good, and the place derives glory from an ill.u.s.trious son. What a pity that there is no one else around you guys except for your family. Do you know how that makes things convenient? It's convenient to ambush you and hide!” w.a.n.g Manpeng laughed. “My people have already surrounded this place. When I don't leave, they will rush in. You guys have so few people. I'll see how long you guys can fight back for!”

w.a.n.g Manpeng's words made the guests, who had finally calmed down, once again become anxious.

Mrs. Gu leaned into the arms of the real Gu Zhiqian. “What can we do? Before, those people all had guns. If they really rushed in, wouldn't we all be killed instantly?”

Gu Zhiqian hugged his mother and quietly consoled her. Old Man Gu glared at Mrs. Gu. “This is all your fault. How can you not even recognize your own son?”

Mrs. Gu felt wronged. However, over these years, she had acc.u.mulated the habit of depending on someone else's whims to live and didn't dare refute Old Man Gu's accusations.

Gu Zhiqian looked coldly at his grandfather. “Don't say that everything is my mother's fault. Weren't you also unable to recognize me? Weren't you the one who gave him the position of head of the household? What does my mother, a woman, know!”

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